NOVEMBER 7, 2021 NICARAGUA WILL HELD A PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION, ON THE RESULTS OF WHICH THE FUTURE OF THE COUNTRY WILL DEPEND. We write about the current processes in Sandinista Nicaragua, a country that has come to the period of presidential elections, on behalf of the internationalist independent community. We are not pursuing any other goal than trying to make our contribution to protecting the sovereign rights of the states of the South American continent to independently manage their internal political issues. But what are the goals of the democratic community, foreign policy state structures and the media of the United States and Europe in relation to this country? – When the controlled information space is filled with reports of violations of democratic norms and human rights by the Ortega government, which is taking “brutal measures” against Nicaraguan opposition activists on the eve of the upcoming elections … The capitalist elites are particularly worried about the fate of the Chamorro family, who own numerous assets in this Central American country, whose people continue to slide towards the extreme poverty line caused by the global economic crisis and pandemic.

However, as is known to the human rights bourgeois intelligentsia of the Southern Cone, who regularly have the material opportunity to attend democratic forums and conferences held not only in Latin America, but also in the United States (often in Miami), he is “a victim of political repressions of the Daniel Ortega regime” Ja Christian Chamorro, now under house arrest, is not only the owner of the assets of the popular and most influential news agency La Prensa, but also the head of a large Foundation named after her mother, neoliberal ex-president Violeta Chamorro. But this outstanding journalist, who also receives large sums of scholarship in journalism awards, has not been seen in any of the projects designed to help the majority of the population of her country. At the same time, as we learned from her personal website, this woman – a nominated “master of journalistic style fighting for democratic values” – receives money for the activities of her Foundation, the source of which is the Washington office of the Eisenhower Foundation. The North American nongovernmental organization sponsors “International Journalism Fellowships,” which are awarded to neoliberal political figures and journalists such as the right-wing liberal Peruvian activist Vargas Llosa and the current capitalist alternative to Sandinism, the Nicaraguan Christian Chamorro.

First, it should be noted that, according to its official Charter, the Eisenhower Foundation, “a public organization founded in 1956 by US President Dwight D. Eisenhower,” deals with issues of professional, cultural and educational exchange between peoples in order to consolidate peace and achieve mutual understanding.” Here I would like to make a small digression in order to ask a natural rhetorical question. Did the children of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, who were burnt in the fire of an atomic bomb test launched over Japan by order of the 34th US President Eisenhower, who founded this Fund, appreciate the consequences of “mutual understanding and cultural exchange between peoples” in 1946? Perhaps, at present, the successors of his foreign policy, the current leadership of the Eisenhower Foundation, are trying to correct the mistake by investing in the humanistic activities of the Nicaraguan oppositionist Chamorro and other supporters of the neoliberal development of Latin America? But, based on the information that independent activists in Latin America managed to obtain, the answer to this question is also negative. The conclusion from the facts set out below suggests itself obvious: in Nicaragua, representatives of the influential Chamorro family serve the interests of the neoliberal bourgeois classes striving for power in the country. Naturally, on the pages of La Prensa, the incumbent President of Nicaragua, Daniel Ortega, is presented in a very unfavorable light, whom the opposition compares to the family of the dictator Somoza. Also owned by the Chamorro family, the pro-capitalist information resource La Prensa has for several years been leading a line of discrediting the project to fully launch the Nicaraguan Canal, attracting expert opinions from ecologists and economists, often living in the United States. The Chamorro family is apparently very concerned about the future of their country, which in no case, in economic cooperation with China, should create a strategic alternative to the Panama Canal, on which the interests of official Washington are locked…

The informational reason for the massive attack on the actions of the Sandinista authorities is also obvious: on the eve of a fateful and, possibly, a turning point for the country, the struggle for power can severely hit the Nicaraguan society, splitting it from within. Yes, we are perfectly aware of all the mistakes, possible inconsistencies with the revolutionary Sandinista course that have taken place in the last two years of Ortega’s presidency. At the same time, in Nicaragua today there is an objective independence of the state, its economic, military and territorial resources, which exceeds all negative aspects, from the imperialist expansion of North America. We all remember the unpredictable successful attempt at a criminal coup d’état in Bolivia, led by the progressive oppositionist Jeanine Agnes, which almost turned into a social catastrophe and final colonization for the country. Former Bolivian President Evo Morales, who in 2006 chose the socialist vector of development for his country in 2006, but who for 12 years held a tolerant position towards the internal oligarchic opposition, found himself completely helpless in 2019 at the time of a coup d’état. Daniel Ortega, today is carrying out rather mild administrative measures against the main representatives of the Nicaraguan liberal opposition and his opponents. However, these are sovereign internal political processes in an independent country. We must not forget that the latter not only violate the law, but are oriented towards the capitalist path of the country’s development – and, naturally, towards the full integration of Nicaragua into the space of the global market, and depending on the political will of the White House. The restrictive measures imposed on the opposition leaders of the political “Civic Alliance” are seen by the majority of the population of this country as adequate. After all, Nicaraguans, who, according to independent polls, tend to prefer a future with a Sandinista government as a percentage. Perhaps because they are today the only alternative to the forces that prefer to pull the country towards the capitalist choice. The “younger brothers” of the North American capital from the European Union did not abandon an attempt to interfere in the internal affairs of Nicaragua: the Spanish Foreign Ministry expressed concern over the “detention and deprivation of the rights of Cristiana Chamorro and the continuing oppression of journalists and independent media in Nicaragua”. No less radical the situation was commented on in Washington: State Department spokesman Ned Price accused the Nicaraguan authorities of attacking democracy and independent media, and also called for the “immediate release” of Christian Chamorro and her associates”. US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken, visiting Costa Rica in early October, also criticized the actions of Mr. Ortega and said that “Nicaragua is moving in the wrong direction.” Without delay, the US State Department, which is probably very concerned about the future fate of the Nicaraguan people, called on the US Department of State to release Christina Chamorro, a permanent Eisenhower Foundation scholar from the United States. In addition to this, in connection with the arrest of Chamorro, Anthony Blinken – the hawk of President J. Biden unequivocally hinted at President Ortega already something reminiscent of a warning threat from the “big brother” – “Think … You have now entered a very erroneous political path!” The leader of the opposition Civic Alliance, who is under house arrest, by and large, after the dictator A. Somoza, and her mother, ex-President V. Chamorro, is the third Nicaraguan political figure openly supported by the top leadership of the United States and officials of international European organizations. But Biden and Blinken, who defended Nicaraguan economic swindlers subjected to Ortega’s “anti-democratic actions” in the form of house arrests imposed on them, if you trace their political preferences and actions of the past twenty years, take a completely different position with regard to thousands of other Latin Americans. We are talking about the disenfranchised citizens of the American continent who are being subjected to truly brutal repressive measures in countries with reactionary regimes, which the White House has given all possible support at all levels. Moreover, regardless of which of the US political parties was more influential on Capitol Hill. Before the elections in the United States, everyone in Latin America understood that it would not matter at all for the fate of their peoples whether Republicans or Democrats would be in power. Both during the reign of Barack Obama and during the presidency of Donald Trump and his successor J. Biden, the dictatorial inhuman regimes of Colombia, Chile, Panama and several other countries, which constituted the US outpost in South America, remained the main allies. For this reason, the “humane” power elites of the United States, Canada and the EU preferred to turn a blind eye to flagrant violations of democratic norms, associated not only with the arrests of the left and independent opposition, but also with the murder of political activists, as well as with the massacre of thousands of peaceful peasants, “sympathizing with left-wing extremists”. The international organization Human Rights Watch, again locked in Washington, stubbornly keeping silent about the massacres of civilians in Colombia and Chile in 2019-2021, today actively echoes the above representatives of capitalism, fiercely defending a supporter of neoliberal reforms in Nicaragua, arrested for trivial financial machinations. HRW’s Latin America director Jose Miguel Vivanco rejected the legality of the Ortega government’s actions. “This is a blow to any hope for fair elections in Nicaragua and a critical test to determine if the Biden administration can help protect human rights and democracy in the region ?!”, – Vivanco wrote on his Twitter account. It is worth noting that the current director of HRW, Miguel Vivanco, at one time also actively supported such political figures as Juan Guaido in Venezuela and Jeanine Agnes in Bolivia.

Again, capitalist human rights and other democratic institutions do not express any negative opinion towards the right-wing, almost fascist regimes of the Chilean oligarch S. Pinera and the same representative of Colombian big business as A. Uribe and I. Duque. A few hundred political prisoners in Chile during demonstrations, to which we can add more than 30 dead and 400 blinded, doesn’t matter much? And dozens of those killed, hundreds of those detained and injured in Colombia? …Or do you have to have money for the European Union and the United States to worry about freedom? Aren’t the youth and poor of Latin America human? It seems to us, it is true, that the concerns of Europe and the United States have a strong, distinctive odor. And speaking of freedom and care, what about Julian Assange? The same politicians, before currently putting pressure on the Nicaraguan government, resenting the illegal arrests of opposition activists, after the military dictator Anastasio Somoza, who drowned Nicaragua in blood, gave their vassal full political and economic support. Very soon, the facts will be revealed that for the United States in this situation today the anti-communist Chamorro is an object of targeted investment that can make Sandinista Nicaragua another resource appendage for TNCs. An independent journalistic investigation by the internationalist communist community on this site continues.

And here one more question must be asked: against what exactly are investments and apologies of transnational capital directed towards Nicaragua? And why so suddenly, suddenly, after long pauses of relative silence about events in this country, the hegemonic neoliberal and angry right-wing media stopped criticizing Venezuela and focused on Nicaragua. To do this, we will use some facts from the analysis of the authoritative Spanish researcher Juan Gonzalez, as well as the figures contained in the report of Carlos Fonseca Teran, secretary for international relations of the Sandinista National Liberation Front. J. Gonzalez, citing in his analysis many numbers and indices illustrating the state of affairs in Nicaragua at the moment, points to the complexity of the political and socio-economic background against which improvements and economic growth still occur: “The progress of the economy from 2007 to the beginning of 2018 the year was truly impressive and unique in the region. However, the attempted coup d’état in April 2018 and the violence unleashed in the guarimba led to an economic downturn, which began to overlap with the global crisis created by the Covid-19 pandemic. But in spite of everything, the volume of the gross domestic product increased by almost 10% in the first half of this year. And this is the best indicator in the last 15 years. Further growth is projected this year – from 5% to 7%. On November 7, 2021, two ways of understanding public affairs in Nicaragua will be examined. On the one hand, in the country that defeated the Sandinista Revolution, there are liberal parties that seek to place the state at the service of the ruling classes and transfer the wealth of Nicaragua into the hands of the North American capitalist elite. On the other hand, in this country, despite all the efforts of the imperialists of the 20th century, the political paradigm of Cesar Augusto Sandino, who believed that politics is a service to the people and will continue to invest all efforts in achieving higher levels of social justice, equality and the redistribution of wealth, prevails. leaving no one behind and defending the welfare state that no subsequent government dares to dismantle.

We communist internationalists are already prepared for the fact that over the next few days we will undoubtedly hear the most barbaric lies against President Ortega and the Sandinista Front in the popular corporate media of the civilized world. Politicians in the United States and the European Union will do the same. As always, they practice interfering in the internal affairs of other countries and intervene in every election they can, in an attempt to mobilize votes – almost always with blackmail – in their own interests. And we are ready to rebuff such lies at all available levels.

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