Over the years, the Spanish right in Europe has worked on a political vision that ensures not only their internal positioning (including the demand for neo-Francoism), but also their dissemination in Latin America, which they want to involve in their goals. At a time when we, modern followers of Marxism, paralyze our movements with fear, isolationism, accusations of opportunism or political sectarianism to each other, the participants in the great right-wing revenge are consolidating in the world. Supporters of the revival of fascism on the planet are already actively creating intercontinental projects, providing international financial capital with a reliable ideological support in a society weakened by the crisis.

Mexican senators, politically conservative and “progressive right”, met behind closed doors in early autumn with Spanish representative Santiago Abascal of the neo-Francoist VOX party. The purpose of the meeting was to discuss the potential contribution of Mexico City to the formation of an international “anti-communist front”. Mexican senators are far from the first in the Western Continent to stake on the revival of fascism in the modern world of crisis. The hawks of the North American Congress, fed by the transnational capitalist class, along with the Pentagon and the intelligence structures of the world hegemon, do not hesitate to use the most low-standard methods. Purpose: to promptly form in each of the Latin American countries a political environment that would be an obstacle to the progressive integration policy of Latin American countries, their desire for independence from international corporations. For a decade in a row, a group of reactionary Republican congressmen, the core of which is a native of a family who fled from socialist Cuba, an energetic politician from Miami, Marco Rubio. Republican Senator Rubio, through whose intermediary financial flows were carried out to the ultra-right Colombian armed group AUC, involved in the murder in Colombia of thousands of civilians and FARC combatants who signed peace with the federal authorities, who laid down their arms, but became victims of gangs because of their unchanged political views. In fact, these Colombian “death squads”, coordinated locally by the right-wing ex-President of Colombia, Alvaro Uribe, are no exception for Latin America in the 21st century. Similar to them are still active in countries such as Honduras and Brazil, their contingent consists of ultra-right volunteers and militants who graduated from the School of the Americas. The goal of the paramilitarist formations is to intimidate the population that sympathizes with the representatives of the Latin American Popular Fronts of Resistance, which exist in every country whose people do not want to vegetate in the “backyard” of international imperialism.

In relation to the countries of the left turn, a fifth column operates on the American continent, implementing the “soft strike” strategy developed in the second half of the 20th century by the political strategist J. Sharp: tested by the Serbian right-wing organization Otpor, these methods are now quite successfully applied in Venezuela. Bolivia, Nicaragua and Cuba. To implement it, the performers rely on anti-communist and neo-fascist forces in the countries of the continent.

For years, Spanish conservatives, who see salvation in right-wing ideology, have worked on their political project to unite new caudillos from Spain and Latin America. Their “diplomatic representative”, Santiago Abascal, was in Mexico to secure the signing of the Madrid Charter by Mexican politicians, through which the establishment, whether explicitly or secretly of right-wing political views, plans to carry out “defense of freedom and democracy” throughout the so-called “Iberosphere”.

Here it will not be superfluous to remind the reader that modern Francoists in Spain have powerful supporters and supporters, some of whom are united in “The Movement” – the headquarters of this movement, coordinated by their ideological leader Steve Bannon, who also led the election campaign of Trump and the President of Brazil Bolsonaro, is located in Brussels, and the military headquarters and the militant training school are in Italy, in one of the ancient Catholic monasteries. It is under this ideological leadership that the coordination of the emerging international community of right-wing revenge-seekers is being carried out, whose political vision of the “Iberosphere” is ensured not only by their internal positioning – including the unexpected “demand” among the Spanish establishment for “Francoism”, but also by their unification with the ultra-right Latin America. Moreover, the activities of which continued in many countries of the continent, almost without interrupting the neo-fascist continuity, from the second half of the twentieth century. Also, speaking of Francoism in the modern world, one cannot fail to mention one significant circumstance in capitalist Russia, which has long been developing under President Vladimir Putin in its radical anti-communist and crypto-fascist tendencies. At the pompous wedding celebrations of the heir to the imperial family of the Romanovs that took place this fall, the great-grandson of Caudillo Franco Francisco Luis de Borbon Martinez-Bordiu was invited as an honorary guest with the assistance of the Russian Foreign Ministry.

The role of the think tanks of the emerging Transnational Right Front (let’s call this phenomenon so) is performed by three funds that have large-scale funding and broad influence in the international masses, disillusioned with the neoliberal economic paradigm of defenders of capitalist privileges. These are FAES, the Foundation for Analysis and Social Research, chaired by Jose Maria Aznara; FD – Foundation Disenso, whose patrons include Santiago Abascal, President of VOX; and FIL, the Foundation for Freedom International, led by the famous for his reactionary views Mario Vargas Llosa, a Peruvian writer now living in Madrid whose turn towards neoliberalism deserves to be associated with Atilio Boron’s devastating book The Tribal Wizard. In the programs of all three Foundations – “the promotion of the values ​​of freedom, democracy and the rule of law, associated with a free market, private entrepreneurship and “Western humanism”. People involved in the “think tanks of the Transnational Front” are often engaged in academic activities, have publications and their own networks, such as Alejandro Armengol, a publicist from Miami who has worked for many years against the “Fidel regime”. Among the areas of activity in which they are engaged is the support of various educational projects. One of the largest, launched last year, is the new Free University, operating in Santiago de Chile and free of charge attracting people from prosperous Latin American families to its curriculum who want to join the ranks of the defenders of the capitalist way of life from all sorts of “left forces”, “advancing in Latin America on traditional values​​”- that is, on the privileges of the ruling classes.

So, it is clear that at the heart of the rhetoric of the fighters for freedom and traditional values ​​is confrontation with a common enemy. It is with him that the reactionary vanguard of capital, uniting in the international community, is destined to conduct an active ideological struggle. This main enemy is left-wing forces. The main target now is the new left, including the moderate left centrists, such as the Mexican President Obrador, or the Argentine Kirchnerist Fernandez, who replaced Macri. The economic levers behind the modern supporters of Reaction and Revenge are absolutely clear: this is, first of all, the security of enterprises of transnational capital that successfully profit from the resource-rich Latin American subsoil – under the protection of North American and NATO military bases. Even the center-left, bourgeois-democratic governments are a “serious obstacle” to this community.

The immediate strategy of the international right-wing revanchists is to unleash a multi-level struggle against the progressive Latin American forces that strive to turn “left” and prevent enterprises belonging to the largest TNCs from extracting super-profits from Latin American oil, gas, copper and lithium. Indeed, in those cases when left-wing politicians come to power in Latin America – for example, the Bolivarian socialist ruling party in Venezuela, MAS in Bolivia, or – so recently, successfully transforming Ecuador from a banana republic into a country that briefly became “socialism XXI “, with training centers and scientific towns, – the authorities of TNCs, as a rule, have to make room and step aside, along with the nationalization of natural resources and the elimination of North American military bases. However, the “socialist” Ecuador under the leadership of the “upstart” Rafael Correa very much interfered with the plans of the global market – that is why, as another scenario of the “soft blow”, the plan of L. Moreno’s government to turn to the right, right, side was carried out. Thanks to this, of course, the investments of large international corporations, necessary “for the economic development of a market economy – the foundations of democratic transformations”, were returned to Ecuador. At the same time, the restoration of the Manta military base, desirable for the Pentagon, took place. Today, under the current president-banker Guillermo Lasso, Ecuador is actively developing and consolidating local neo-fascist militant groups into the united front La Supermacia Blanca (“White Supremacy”), also integrated into the international coalition of the Iberoamerican right. So, on September 26, 2021, a rock group with openly fascist lyrics called N.S.I.C (Spanish for the slogan “We are not damned Indians!”) Gave a concert in the arena of La Libertad quarter in the center of the capital Quito. Juan Alberto Chicaiza Nasimba Bulldog, one of the leaders of La Supremacia Blanca and the leader of the N.S.I.C group, clarified a few points about the fascist ideology in the country: One of the most striking moments was that there were many photographs of Hitler and former President Carlos Arroyo del Rio at the concert. According to Bulldog, the former president of Ecuador was an ally of Hitler’s espionage service in World War II and sympathized with Nazi Germany, Fascist Italy and Imperial Japan. “In the Ecuadorian neo-Nazi group and La Supremacia Blanca, we only admit handsome men and women, not Indians. We are not Indians, we are Aryans”, explained Bulldog. The main dream of the White Supremacy in Ecuador is to destroy all the ugly Indians, so they support the migration from Venezuela to the country in order to improve the Ecuadorian race.

Serious resources have long been involved in guarding capital on the Latin American continent – both foreign policy, in the form of international organizations of the OAS, the interstate forum PROSUR and the Lima group, and the military, in the form of a large and continuing expansion of the military contingent in all countries – the US Southern Command.

However, for some reason, ultra-right politicians see that this is not enough – the veins of Latin America must continue to be opened, giving super-profits to the leadership of transnational capital. It becomes more and more obvious to them that for the freedom-loving peoples of the “Iberosphere” the capitalist choice is no longer so attractive, because the economy, driven by the neoliberal paradigm, led to another capitalist crisis, which most of all affected 90% of the world’s population who do not own shares in large corporations. They need to correct this state of affairs at the grassroots social level with the help of the right international front.

In the summer of 2021, on July 9, the FIL Foundation initiated the IV Ibero-American Atlantic Forum with the title: “Democracy and Freedom in Difficult Times”. Its active participants were such political actors known in Latin America for their ultra-right views and – often illegal deeds as Mario Vargas Llosa, Mauricio Macri, Isabel Diaz Ayuso, Enrique Krause, Sergio Ramirez, Jose Luis Martinez-Almeida, Roberto Ampuero, Alvaro Vargas Llosa, Giulia Vilanova, Luigi Echeverri, Leopoldo Lopez, Gerardo Bongiovanni, as well as Colombian President Ivan Duque, Uruguayan President Luis Lacalle and Chilean Sebastian Piñera, who is still in the role of President of the country, and Ecuadorian President Guillermo Lasso. It goes without saying that the main content of the Atlantic Forum “Democracy and Freedom in Difficult Times” was a set of stereotypical populist clichés about freedom and democratic values, reduced to “the priority of private enterprise and a market economy”.

The founding document reached by the FD is the “Madrid Charter”. The Concept Manifesto “In Defense of Freedom and Democracy of the Iberosphere” was launched on October 26, 2020 and was widely circulated and commented on. It was signed by numerous “Ibero-Americans” from different countries, including several Ecuadorians (such as Otto Sonnenholzner, Lenin’s Vice President Moreno and Henry Kronfle of the PSC), no doubt identified in the national political right. Also appears Dora de Ampuero of the Ecuadorian Institute of Political Economy, who also appears as an organization that adheres to the FIL, primarily in Spain, but also in Ibero-America and even the FD speaks of the “Iberosphere”, a community of 700 million people who “Share a common history of culture”.

In addition to consolidating common goals between VOX and PAN, the Charter concentrates on three central ideas:

1. The common identity of the “Iberosphere” as “a community of free and sovereign states that have a deeply rooted cultural heritage.” This is the traditional version which, in addition to supplanting the identity of Our Latin America (Jose Marti), while continuing to support it “Iberian”, ignores the different historical perspective that was born from the relationship that was once established between the empire and the colonies. There were no conquerors-“liberators” of peoples, no colonies in equality of life with the metropolis, but there were economic and social relations of inequality in development, which established the initial accumulation of capital in Europe on the basis of the subjugation and exploitation of colonial Ibero-America.

2. Protection of the “rule of law, the rule of law, separation of powers, freedom of expression and private property”, an issue that, according to the vision, documents and position adopted both by the three mentioned pillars, and by “individuals” and entities that identify themselves with the Charter , is associated exclusively with one type of economy: neoliberalism. Thus, when it is written that “protecting our freedoms is a task that falls not only on the political sphere, but also on institutions, civil society, MASS MEDIA, academia, etc.”; and that “the future of the countries of the Iberosphere must be based on respect for democracy, human rights, pluralism, human dignity and justice”, in line with the experience of neoliberalism in Latin America and the conservative and right-wing governments that imposed it on the region, that the “state of rights and freedoms” caused the most disastrous social outcomes in modern history, with an arrogant concentration of income among the elite of economic groups willing to exclude alternatives to their power.

3. The Charter finally believes that the common enemy that must be defeated is “communism”, “a serious threat to the prosperity and development of our peoples.” In the case of Latin America, it is clear that “it has been captured by totalitarian regimes of communist inspiration, backed by drug trafficking and third countries. They are all under the auspices of the Cuban regime and initiatives such as the São Paulo Forum and the Puebla Group. ” This is an “ideological and criminal project” that seeks to penetrate other countries and continents. In short, these are the old concepts of the Cold War, renamed naposy, which is reminiscent of the 1960s with the Alliance for Progress, the OAS as an instrument of the United States and direct and long-term American interventionism in Latin America, precisely to overthrow any “communism” that led, in the 1970s, to the establishment of the terrorist military dictatorships of the Southern Cone, which not only devastated all democracy and freedom, but also violated human rights, without hesitation.

As you can see, there is a well-developed right-wing international. In addition, to complete the picture, we must add work done by another think tank: the Inter-American Institute for Democracy, of which Oswaldo Hurtado is on the list of institutional advisers. In May 2021, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs organized the “Forum for Democracy in the Americas”, which invited Presidents Carlos Alvarado Quesada (Costa Rica), Mario Abdo Benitez (Paraguay) and Nayib Bukele (El Salvador), as well as former presidents Mauricio Macri (Argentina), Andrés Pastrana (Colombia), Luis Guillermo Solis (Costa Rica) and Osvaldo Hurtado (Ecuador), addressing OAS Secretary General Luis Almagro. Former President of Ecuador Lenin Moreno was the keynote speaker with his worldwide sympathetic and renowned “academic” speeches; and in August he was a central figure in the Dictatorship of Cuba and America colloquium, where he delighted his followers.

Thus, the Latin American right has a favorable international friendly climate and support. Their struggle for “freedom” applies only to the capitalist regime under the neoliberal model. And it is ready for a long struggle, hindering the construction of social economies and states oriented towards the interests of the people. A historical situation that confirms the polarization in which the political, economic and social life of Latin America finds itself between the “liberal” project of private interests and the project of freeing the population from this domination.


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