Only in the 21st century the CIA declassified documents about their work in Southeast Asia in the 1960s and 1970s, the essence of which is the instructor and economic support for the terrible genocide they have initiated against the Indonesian communists and their families in Indonesia. They carried out punitive operations, which resulted in the death of thousands of civilians, squadrons of carabineers and paramilitary power structures of the Indonesian nationalist authorities. Although it is not necessary to read the declassified documents of the CIA to know that during the entire 20th century, it was under the professional leadership of the North American imperialists that the most reactionary regimes that committed terrible crimes against their people came to power in many countries of the third world. But information about this was carefully hidden until a serious mass civil confrontation began in the country, or a civil war that was monstrous in terms of the number of victims, which the world liberal press neutrally referred to as “hot spots of the planet”.
Even in the same Soviet Union, with all its seemingly internationalist swings, this information almost did not penetrate, and if it penetrated, it often remained unenlightened by Soviet periodicals and passed unnoticed. After all, we should not forget that the political line of the CPSU was at odds with the line of the Communist Party of China under the leadership of Mao Zedong, which soon became the main generator of anti-imperialist popular movements in the countries of Southeast Asia in this part of the world, exerting a progressive influence on neighboring countries. As a result of the quiet confrontation of the policy of the Communist Party of the USSR with the revolutionary ideology of Maoism, which already swept the 1960s and 1970s, the entire Asian region (even in Malaysia, whose government remained in the UK for a long time, could do nothing with the danger on the roads of the country, to which the red guerrillas broke through), was the lack of information and international support for the movements of the Red Resistance, which gave full freedom to the overseas imperialists who, by the hands of local reactionary nationalist forces, created, in parallel with the “witch-hunt” in the US itself, unleashed a regional anticommunist struggle bu …
Echoes of a large-scale anti-communist genocide in Indonesia in the 20th century. crossed the boundaries of time (in the 21st century) and space, penetrating into the countries of America and Europe, and very much inspiring the local nationalist and neo-fascist public. Suffice it to recall that in the last year of the presidency of the centrist Salvador Allende, on the eve of the State Coup in Chile in 1973, the ultra-right-wing radical groups in the cities of Santiago and Valparaiso painted the walls of the administrative buildings with a symbolic threatening appeal “! JAKARTA!”.
The bloody anti-communist terror of Indonesia – became for the forces of the right radical reaction of the capitalist world a certain symbol that inspired him – for further analogical actions …

In the current September days, two volunteers of the organization were sent from the Caucasian headquarters of the International Combat Social Action “SOUTH-EAST STAR”, at the preliminary request of the command of the New People’s Army of the Philippines, to our lilipad-base, – in one of the abandoned mountain villages of the South Caucasus. The purpose of this political mission is to provide temporary shelter, support and contacts with his organization, Comrade Comandante SUJARNO MALAKA, who was in contact with us. As we were informed by military comrades from the Philippines; comandante Sujarno, is a militant of the Combat Wing and a modern leader of the underground Communist Party of Indonesia. Comanadante Sujarno, rightfully so, can be called “the Asian Che Guevara”: the beginning of his long revolutionary path – he dedicated to supporting the militant insurgency of the revolutionary formations of Indonesia and the Philippines. Sujarno Malaka, who for several years bore his internationalist duty to support the activities of the revolutionary groups of Indonesia and the Philippines, also left his biographical footprints – in the communist movement of Nepal, in the Naxalite Resistance of India and other countries in Oceania, Indochina and even Africa. He studied foreign languages and the foundations of communism in North Korea.
Today, on the fabricated nationalist lobby of the Government of Indonesia, a criminal case for the commandant of Sujarno – his political and class opponents are trying to achieve the status of an “international terrorist” – at the level of Europe and the United States. But, fortunately, these processes are not so fast and, so far, – do not apply to all countries of the European continent. And, in this period of time – we have the opportunity not only to find out the truth about the true, inhumane state of affairs in the Philippines (where, incidentally, the infamous President R. Duterte has also announced a hunt for the head of Comrade Sujarno Malaka), in Indonesia, Malaysia and other countries known to him, but also – to tie, torn away now fractions of the revolutionary internationalists of Southeast Asia – to the rest of the world of the Resistance of Europe and America.


1. Our comrade-in-arms and Comandante Sujarno, knowing your revolutionary combat biography – with a huge geographical scope, we first want to ask – how and at what age did you decide to choose your heroic and dangerous path of the militant Resistance in such an anti-human and despotic part planets – like Southeast Asia? What and who influenced the choice of such a bold life?

I’ve started during 1998 with fellow students as back then a small study group that was named Pemuda Revolusioner ( Revolutionary Youth ) who started studying Marxism-Leninism.

During the crack down of the revolution that was backed by the US government many of our comrades were arrested during this period of time due to the findings of Marxist-Leninist materials we had in our rooms, During the period. Our influence to forward towards armed struggle was after I had spend several years in the people’s war in the Philippines together with my wife.

I’ve served both the NPA/PLA in both Nepal and Philippines to gain experience on the basis of armed struggle and this had pushed the PKI to establish the TRI ( Indonesian People’s Army ) to further our struggle into an armed revolution.

2. Comrade Comandante Sujarno, our first question to you, which has already become traditional: today fate threw you into our closed camp in the South Caucasus; but as a militant revolutionary internationalist who has participated for many years in the informal “People’s Interstate Resistance” – various countries of Southeast Asia, the ASEAN member countries – you are still firmly of the opinion that in Indonesia, the Philippines and other Asian countries, radical social and political changes? What are the main problems of the countries of the “Asian triangle” of Oceania and, conjugate, with them – Pakistan, Nepal, India? .. Can you generalize them – into one big problem?

The biggest problem in these regions especially the Asian countries is our entire economy and our geo-political system is based on a so called marionette regime or in short a government basically controlled by the US/EU Neo-Colonialist forces who up until today control our government and our economy.

It had been during the period of President Sukarno we had actual true independence a socialist state under the guidance of Marhaenism, After the fall of Sukarno like in Philippines our countries had been used for mining and cheap labour and prostitution for the western colonialists. Basically creating a government like Marcos and Suharto under the illusion they were fighting the evil communists.

Now after more than 70 years our countries undergo mass poverty/exploitation most of us can’t imagine living in, while during my youth having seen children with their mothers and father going through the trash to just look for food and most forced to sell their own bodies or even worse going to the middle east to be abused as cheap slaves to the west and middle eastern bourgeoisie.

3. Comrade Sujarno, how effective, in your opinion, is the isolated, multi-year, bloody struggle in individual countries, conducted for years against the ruling classes; an underground communist organization in Indonesia – against the regime of President Djokovi and the authoritarian ideology of “pancha sila”, rebels from the New People’s Army of the Philippines – against the bloody regime of Rodrigo Duterte; The Naxalite movement – in India – and so on. Isolated resistance – in individual countries for years does not achieve victories. Perhaps it’s time to overcome opposition isolationism – and the “united revolutionary communist front of Southeast Asia” – to integrate into a functioning International to act further on a specific strategic joint program, already having international support for the ideological associates of Europe, South America and South Asia?

Well basically this is the reason as I had said the reason why the PKI had been trying to set up the IMRP ( International Meetings of Revolutionary Parties ) to establish a more internationally bonded organization like during the formation of the Soviet Union with the 1st Internationale, when during this period of time, we had comrades from abroad being able to assist one and other in their struggle.

As in this time and age many of us struggle to even get the basic finances for weapons and uniforms and we end up with rags and out dated weapons, We strive to being able to strengthen the workers movement on a greater scale to set up an international organization to fight the imperialist forces.

These days as I had noticed many Communist Parties no longer support one and other in these harsh times, instead like the KPRF they induldge into the same position as the capitalists to establish a coalition with the enemy into a parliamentary system, We had criticized for many years parties like KKE/KPRF and so on due to their contradictions on leadership within the party.

For me I used to be a rice farmer before I was elected chairman of the PKI, and we continue to uphold the principle of leadership within the party to be one of the people. Our main aim if we are successful is the full establishment of the people’s council an government in which the masses must decide and discuss what would be good for the country on people’s stages all across the country.

Or in short a collective leadership a nation build on the people, without the parliamentary system which would eventually corrupt itself over the years.

4. Then it is a logical question, comrade Commandante Sujarno: do you see the prospective and possible consolidation of the left radical resistance of the countries with which you have a revolutionary comradely connection to the united “Red Coalition of Asia”, which will be ready to integrate into the Internationalist movement of Europe, the South Asia and Latin America – “SOUTH-EASTERN STAR”?

We would see a way to cooperate in the near future when it benefits the broader extent of the international revolutionary movement towards an international armed force to fight and defend socialism on a broader extent to benefit the revolution within our ranks.

5. The issue is directly related to the Philippines – as a geopolitically significant state of Asia and its odious scandalous President Rodrigo Duterte, a famous political intriguer known for his illegal political career and international scandals, as well as for the inhuman punitive struggle against drug trafficking in the country, in which thousands of innocent people suffer Filippinos: you, as a fighter of the New People’s Army, are informed of the internal criminal activities of Duterte, which, according to our information, he Is it under the guise of a “noble state affair”? And what, in fact, is hidden behind the activities of Duterte?

Well what we know about Duterte so far is like Suharto in Indonesia and like Jokowi in Indonesia they are both a puppet of the United States a scheme to let the world and the people believe there would come change to the political situation by making false promises of peace talks and an revolutionary government.

At the end we had been labeled terrorists by the state, and been we had been put on the hit list by the ruling class, it’s slowly started to unfold that Duterte had been selling the country to the highest bidder and literally sold Pilipinas to foreign governments.

It started by selling one part of the country to a high ranking billionaire in Macao and selling several islands to build casinos , with this he slowly shown his true face on what his agenda was doing with the nation and what to expect for years to come.

Duterte in fact, is the modern day Marcos of Pilipinas and an ongoing facist dictator who will eventually take over the country and create an puppet state to those who have money to buy his country and his people.

6. The next question also concerns the political figure Rodrigo Duterte: 5 years ago he actively cooperated with the bourgeois ruling classes of the USA and the European Union, cooperated at the level of military partnership with NATO … In 2016-2018, we saw a sharp aggressive turn of the president, when he began to openly insult the US president, to negatively speak out to the representatives of the EuroSoviet. On the other hand, Duterte began to intensify geopolitical ties with the Eurasian Bloc – in the person of the imperialist and neo-liberal President Putin, who heads the anti-popular oligarchic regime in Russia. Today we are increasingly President Putin at business negotiations with Indonesian President Djokovi and at friendly frequent meetings with Filipino President Duterte. Is there a new geopolitical bloc with China – against the countries of Europe and the US? Are these prerequisites for a new Capitalist World War? What is your opinion?

Actually this is a for told shift of capitalist powers into a new coat, that would be more aggressively compared to the old order of the old EU/US imperialists. But none the less we should be cautious towards where the world is heading into, but we do not see a world war unchaining at this moment.

The EU/US is weakening and the money of the old colonialist powers is running out, but this is making way for a greater threat that could come with devastating results with the rise of Russia as the new Imperialist power a rise of the so called neo-tsarism we would like to call this, and we believe that Putin from the time as KGB agent had been one of the main puppets to destroy the Soviet Union.

7. The last question: could you list the battle-worthy communist, Maoist revolutionary armed groups of Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Pakistan, India with whom you have reliable communication and which can become part of the emerging independent Global Revolutionary International known to you?

For now I could say the Philippine comrades are more reliable if on the extent of an international armed struggle they had an ongoing struggle more than 50 years and had not given up, Our comrades in Malaysia are basically connected to our own party into the reunification of Sarawak and the other half of the island Borneo.

2nd we have much trust in the naxalites to be part of this international force against the imperialist forces and we consider them reliable comrades to openly discuss further expansion of a more international armed struggle. We also try to contact comrades in Pakistan to assist our comrades in Afghanistan against the colonial government and support them into rebuilding the once great Soviet Afghan government.

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