This morning, February 16, 2018, all colleagues and a huge number of network subscribers of the International Combat Social Action “SOUTH-EAST STAR” were sent out release-notifications on the resumption of work of the independent internationalist Information and Analytical Internet Portal RESISTENTIAM.COM!

I guess I was especially lucky: the person on whom life activity and safety depend RESISTENTIAM.COM I got in touch with him and, as a result, at dawn, we met in my hometown of Gyumri, at the monument to Charles Aznavour and, not finding a single open cafe in the district, crossed to the Sanait bridge full of ancient history, and the wonderful city outskirts, starting immediately behind the bridge. Where we spent the long-awaited conversation with the Commissioner of the International Combat Social Action “SOUTH EASTERN STAR” on the issues of network cyber security and Director of International Technical Bureau “RESISTENTIAM.COM” comrade Bogdan Nevejev.


 – In the middle of 2018, the independent internationalist Information and analytical Internet portal was presented in the global network by the efforts of the creative editorial team, whose members are located in different geographical locations RESISTENTIAM.COM ahhh! A lot of preparations were made for its opening, but after a few months of its existence, it ceased to function for almost 1 month. It happened, unfortunately, just against the background of the played out political element, the protest events in the world, where it would seem that RESISTENTIAM.COM could act as a mouthpiece of objective information-from the primary sources… But, for unknown reasons to the majority of its readers (from different countries of the world), the youngest and bravest internationalist web-resource was killed or went underground: there were opinions that this internationalist project – destroyed by cyber – specialists of capitalist information intelligence services-or, for some inexplicable reasons, – the international editorial Board itself decided to cease its existence, which, in my opinion, is still hardly possible. Is the International Technical Bureau coordinated by you RESISTENTIAM.COM in creative interaction with the editorial Board, could be subject to internal contradictions, perhaps, about the conceptual content of the site? Kamrad Bogdan, can you describe in detail the situation-what happened to RESISTENTIAM.COM? Will we soon witness the final and irrevocable revival of the web resource, or will we be able to see its spontaneous disappearance again-at any moment?
– Hello, Kamilla. Immediately answer the second part of the question. There is no, no domestic contradictions in our team there is no, and be, in General something not can. We all do this on a voluntary basis, the idea of our site was ready a lot of time, and all the members of the editorial Board of like minded and share most of the ideas International Combat Social Action “SOUTH EASTERN STAR”. As for the downtime … we had serious problems with the servers, besides the site was repeatedly subjected to network attacks. Attempts to hack the server from Chinese, Russian and other European ip-addresses were noted. But if this is our International Technical Bureau RESISTENTIAM.COM could with some ease (network attacks have been several times since the opening of the site), the DdoS attacks are more complicated. At the moment I have solved most of the problems with the technical part of the site, so we will work. And constantly or not-will depend not only on us. We will do our best, but the reality is that everyone can be attacked without exception, and at any time.

 – Tell honestly, brother Bogdan, as comrade-comrade: revival of our common Phoenix from the ashes-informational project RESISTENTIAM.COM -Autonomous business of your hands? Or, nevertheless, you were helped by companions from the International Technical Bureau in which, as I know, except you, some companions from 4 countries of the world? If the” resuscitation ” of our web resource was attended by your co-ordinated comrades from Ireland, USA, Ukraine and Bulgaria, – then, can you explain in a language accessible to readers – how exactly is such international technical work?
– Of course, without help cannot do. Too many factors and features had to be taken into account in the further work and development of the resource. If I do not have enough of some technical information, the comrades famously are compensated. In General, it was an unforgettable and very useful experience of working together. And it will certainly be very useful in the future, and will be useful not only to us, but also to other social activists and political organizations. We will be ready to share this experience, perhaps in the form of seminars and even meetings. I will not disclose all the secrets, but I will say that we have worked out several schemes of well-coordinated interaction, using a technically well-built network of information transfer from one individual to another. Here and anonymity, and secure encryption, and even steganography.

 – Comrade Bogdan, you probably know that just February 12, 2018-the state Duma of the Russian Federation in the first reading approved the bill “on the Autonomous Internet”? I would like to hear your comments about this… What does this threaten the huge left segment of the Runet? Despite the fact that I, as a citizen of Armenia are back from these processes, the International Combat Social Action “SOUTH EASTERN STAR” – begins on the southern territory of the Russian Federation. And we cannot but worry about the future of our interaction with our, I would say, very important colleagues in the Revolutionary Resistance working from the former territories of the RSFSR. Am I right?
– Quite true. This issue now takes quite a lot of our time to discuss, in particular, what to do in a rapidly changing situation, how to adequately perceive the risks that have arisen for our international cooperation, and what to do with it at all… I will say this: sooner or later it had to happen. Russian authorities knowingly actively adopted the experience and learned from Chinese partner’s methods of blocking and blocking the flow of information. If they adopt this law, it is possible that this means that they will start to move from testing to concrete actions. It threatens that all Russian citizens can stay with the so-called “Fast-Food-Net”: only approved social networks, websites and messengers will work, and there will be no access to the world wide web at all, or” by coupons ” (by political reliability) and by passport. Well, nothing – after all, our comrades from China and Iran have long lived in such a reality, and find ways to circumvent these obstacles, the benefit of technology and creativity allow. However, it will be very difficult if most of the opposition resources from the Russian network simply disappear. Only the most technically competent and well-connected people outside the country will remain. I will tell you a secret, we will get into this developed minority, but again we are a priori ready to cooperate with our ideological colleagues.

 – Could you give a few theses of the main advice to our comrades, scattered across different countries and continents, based on their experience? After all, unfortunately, the world capital has now developed tactics and strategy? – to track down pockets of resistance him, – not to lend us unite. Moreover, information-monitoring of “cyber-machine capital” – acts on pre-emption, and many comrades think that while he is a few steps further than us… that is why every time there is an alarm when at present one of the most powerful means of propaganda and propaganda the Internet resource of the left is subjected to attempts of destruction, and in different ways… we know from our comrades that the revolutionary sites of Venezuela, Argentina, Portugal and Ireland are exposed to cyberattacks almost simultaneously…
In your opinion, this is a professional cyber-revolutionary and a red terrorist with experience, Bogdan Nevejev; today it is necessary to understand first of all us and our revolutionary comrades in the face of capitalist cyber expansion?
– Of course, you can not underestimate the enemy and hope for complete safety, what methods of protection you would not use. After all, acting at our own risk and opposing capitalist propaganda, we are exposed to a double danger: from the supranational capitalist elite, already United in many ways, and-from regional governments, national political elites, hiring highly trained professionals. Therefore, the main thing that I want to advise: encrypt your communication, mail, generally any correspondence. It’s not always convenient and require a bit of a stretch Interaural ganglion, but a skillful, pragmatic conspiracy is worth it, especially because while all the possibilities for acquaintance with the rules of cyber security are in free access. Use openvpn, tor, i2p networks and their combinations, you will complicate the ways to find you. There are a lot of hosts that accept anonymous payments buy virtual servers from them, try to understand and form vpn and xmpp servers on them, so that communication with a trusted circle of people is absolutely safe. We, United in a single international resistance, have one and the most important advantage-we are armed with such an effective way of understanding reality and activity as Marxist dialectics, which allows us to creatively and flexibly adapt our methods of resistance to the changing capitalist reality. In General, on this issue we can talk endlessly. We plan to prepare and publish a number of articles on network security, adapting technological knowledge to the perception of humanitarians, which are very often social activists. But, in order to prepare the “ground”- a specific information basis – for perception, first of all is to hold a series of seminars for all comrades.

 – Comrade Bogdan, you and I are well aware that earlier in our international organization it was not customary to touch upon some personal-biographical aspects in relation to Network Commissioners and other key figures-the principles of our activities were originally built on anonymity. However, since January 2019, each of us network commissioners-has received resolutions From the Coordination International Commission ICSA “SOUTH EASTERN STAR”, according to which we have to change the very foundations of our political organization-in the direction of “step-by-step de-anonymization of Commissioners, Coordinators and Instructors ICSA “SOUTH-EASTERN STAR”. How did you, dealing with security issues, and, in principle, the development of cyber-conspiracy techniques, take such risky steps? Do you allow in our conversation a little bit to present you-a couple of personal and biographical questions?
-Yes, of course, – after all in designing a new tactics together with many co-players participated and I. At the same time, we are well aware that the future of our struggle depends on the degree of personal security of each member of our organization. But in fact-Yes, in many ways it is time to come out of the shadows, it is to ensure that the capabilities, methods and experience of resistance mastered the ever wider masses of exploited, hired workers. And as for personal and biographical questions-of course, ask them, dear Kamilla, and I will try to answer.

 – As far as I know, an ethnic Ukrainian, with a touch of Bulgarian genetics? Are you from Kharkov (Ukraine)? At the dawn of 2012, boiling political ideas of the new world revolution, you entered the General stream of our network of combat internationalist action. Your knowledge and abilities are realized, (except a network way of coordination), – personal yours, as well as other network commissioners, stay that in Bulgaria, in Slovak Bratislava, and as far as I know, the last two years you, companion Bogdan, actively worked on the new effective network program project “RedHummer” tied to the largest functioning enterprises of the Rostov region and Krasnodar Krai. That is, your activities are carried out with an eye to cognitive-revolutionary interaction with the working class. Please correct me if I’m wrong about something, comrade Bogdan. And-the second question: do not you have to cancel the work with the revolutionary micro-cells of the working class of the South of Russia, limited to the context of the program of social action “RedHummer” – for the sake of the most difficult, in my opinion, the post of Director and network Coordinator of the International Technical Bureau “RESISTENTIAM.COM”?
-You’re absolutely right. But as for the second question I want to say that in our time we must learn to act universally, in several directions. Therefore, by expanding his activities with the “RedHummer”, I had no idea that it needs to curtail other aspects of its social and political activity. Of course, like many other network coordinators, it is really difficult to combine these two areas constantly have to adequately switch from one to another. But I am coping with a lot of efforts, and our project, aimed at problems, new social threats – and consolidation of the working class of the XXI century, which is often prepared in many issues collectively, both worked and will work..

 – Bogdan, I would like, as a resident of this particular region of the planet, Transcaucasia (South Caucasus), using the format of our meeting and personal conversation, to finally ask you a question of a somewhat provocative nature. You can, if you don’t feel like it, not answer. So; over the years I met you I remember your move to Ukraine, Russia, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, etc. Tell me, please, as a complete layman in IT-Technologies for some reason, you’re co-ordinating work on RESISTENTIAM it from the mountain vastness of the various republics of the South Caucasus? Are these issues of personal security, or are there any local technical features of network coordination assigned to you over the areas of the European part of our International?
– The realities of the Russian segment of the network are such that, in principle, it is not so important from which specific place you conduct your activities. No matter how many providers there are in Russia, there is one monopolist the Pro-Kremlin corrupt mafia state structure “ROSTELECOM” – and he owns all the bandwidth capabilities, the rest only temporary tenants. Therefore, answering your question, I would like to say that the reason here lies more in my regional preferences, as well as in the possibilities of personal security for work. So far, in one cozy mountain village, we vary in the multi – band French provider “Orange” (whose policy is rapidly moving to a truly open society and communication without borders) working perfectly in these areas, I understand that we have found-a very reliable “digital Bastion”. Frankly speaking, here in the South Caucasus, there are good, open minded people, among whom reliable comrades grow, potential professional volunteers-revolutionaries… and girls well, very beautiful… (laughs)

Though, of course, I won’t hide; native to heart Ukraine, my city Kharkov, its streets sometimes, – dream at night. After all, in the homeland I didn’t manage to visit so far since February, 2012. Such is the chosen share of the volunteer-internationalist.


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