Many communists in Italy, Greece, Serbia, Cuba, Venezuela, Chile and other countries of the world, who over the past two years have actively supported Russia, which staged a war in Ukraine, consider it a war with Ukrainian Nazism and the NATO bloc. But do fellow communists know that by doing so they support the most reactionary policy of the ideological heir of Augusto Pinochet?..Yes, in Ukraine there are nationalist elements who raise S. Bandera to the banner. But there are now groups of such legal neo-fascists in almost every country in the world, including Russia. 30 years ago, the future president of Russia articulated the parameters of the bourgeois ultra-right dictatorship that he aspired to and which he saw as his political ideal, which should reign on the territory of the liquidated first socialist state. 2 years ago, this man, expressing the interests of the Russian oligarchic bourgeoisie, under the guise of fighting Ukrainian Nazism, unleashed the bloodiest imperialist war in the post-Soviet space, without hiding, he publicly set the Chilean dictator Augusto Pinochet as an example of political rule.



The year is 2024, capitalist Russia has been in a state of external military aggression and internal state terror for exactly 2 years. On March 17, the Russian people, deprived of the right to choose, are almost forced to vote for Putin for the fifth time in a fictitious electoral process. The alternative presidential candidates proposed to the electorate—Davankov, Slutsky and Kharitonov—are system functionaries who fully support the political line of the ruling class and the foreign expansionist policy of the Russian Federation. During the past year, 2023, the round anniversaries of a number of tragic dates passed unnoticed, only on the surface not connected with each other, but having a common basis, a common genesis; focusing on one political figure, whose name in the international left-wing media is often found in anti-capitalist rhetoric – since for many leftists, especially in third world countries, to be against the United States means to be on their side. But this is a big illusion, and at present the Russian Federation, which has positioned itself as an opponent of NATO and the United States, is the same capitalist state ruled by the bourgeois class. It is ruled by a parasitic and predatory Russian oligarchy, whose foreign policy, like any other capitalist state, is determined by interests and cynical benefits. And since foreign policy is a continuation of domestic policy, the Russian political leader, in whose person the will of the Russian reactionary bourgeoisie is concentrated, does not stop at any violent means. In Russia, dissidents are now increasingly being persecuted and arrested, and one can become a political opponent of the current government even for a post on social networks. Thus, on the eve of the next presidential election, the famous left-wing sociologist-Marxist Boris Kagarlitsky was sentenced to five years in prison, just for his post on social networks six months ago, and the leader of the liberal democratic opposition Alexei Navalny was driven to death by the intolerable conditions of imprisonment in a colony for Arctic Circle. At the beginning of 2024, at the stage of Putin’s next elections, there are up to 3,224 political prisoners in prisons and colonies, aged from 18 to 75 years. In the days of this February, we are forced to “celebrate” the second anniversary of the imperialist military adventure unleashed against a neighboring state by the government of the Russian Federation. And these days we want to recall one, not very well-known, event that happened 31 years ago. Remind not those who have long ago, using critical thinking, integral to Marxists, determined for themselves all the results of the current contradictions of the capitalist world, expressed in the post-Soviet space in a bloody massacre already lasting 24 months. And not for those who understand the general, class-hostile nature of both the Russian and Ukrainian political leaders, equating their atrocities, not choosing any side other than the side of the working and exploited majority of Russia and Ukraine. It is precisely this that has become a hostage and a victim in the millstones of the war waged by these two capitalist representatives of their class. V. Putin and V. Zelensky are the same in their anti-people policy, in its most regressive and reactionary side: after all, it is not the children of the ruling elite who are mobilized to participate in hostilities, but people from ordinary families. In the Russian Federation, by the way, there is a high percentage of those who were able to leave the country to avoid mobilization – and this also speaks of the nature of the “military operation”, which does not have such mass support among the population as the media describe it.

So, a factual and significant episode from the biography of President Putin, which we present for our internationalist audience. This story from Putin’s biography is another appeal to the minds of those who, considering themselves communists and Marxists in Europe, America and Asia, have supported or been neutral regarding the military aggression of the Russian Federation in Ukraine for two years. For those who motivate their position with the most seemingly good communist justifications: such as “the fight against NATO” and “protecting the population of Donbass from the neo-Nazi regime of Kyiv.” The archives of the German press have preserved for us something that, 31 years after this statement, explains a lot in the increasingly harsh repressive process of the Russian government, which was turning into a right-wing capitalist dictatorship before our eyes. Here’s a quote: 

St. Petersburg. 1993 Vladimir Putin, deputy mayor of St. Petersburg and chairman of the international relations committee of the city of six million, has made it clear to German business representatives that a military dictatorship on the Chilean model would be a desirable solution to Russia’s current political problems. This was reported by WDR in the TV program “Aufbruch nach Osten”. Putin answered questions from representatives of BASF, Dresdner Bank, Alcatel and others gathered at the former Consulate General of the GDR in St. Petersburg. Putin distinguished between “necessary” and “criminal” violence. Political violence is criminal if it is aimed at eliminating the conditions of a market economy, “necessary” if it encourages or protects private investment. In view of the difficult path of the private sector, he, Putin, clearly approves of any preparations by Yeltsin and the military to establish a dictatorship along the lines of Pinochet. Putin’s speech was met with friendly applause from both representatives of the German company and the Deputy Consul General of the Federal Republic of Germany who was present

“St. Petersburg politicians want dictatorship: Pinochet as a model.” WDR, 12/31/1993

Archival video of Putin’s speech to the Western European bourgeoisie in 1993, when he declared himself a supporter of the Pinochet dictatorship.

Putin turned out to be quite consistent with the Chilean experience: having made his way, like his political ideal, from the camp of anti-communists in uniform to the presidency in order to turn post-Soviet Russia into an autocratic capitalist despotism

As we see, in the 1990s, the future Russian leader admired Augusto Pinochet and openly supported all the initiatives of then President Boris Yeltsin in the field of direct state terror and violence, “if it encourages or protects private investment.” Being the deputy mayor of St. Petersburg, V.V. Putin directly recommends that President Yeltsin’s office and post-Soviet security forces follow the example of the Pinochet dictatorship in order to quickly and effectively overcome the “difficult path of the private sector” by the future bourgeois class of Russia. However, despite the fact that representatives of BASF, Dresdner Bank, Alcatel and others, the statement of the representative of the Russian Federation was met with approval (from some of those present – with enthusiastic applause), Yeltsin’s team, in the process of private capitalist development of the once richest national heritage of the USSR, was still unable to realize There is nothing in the country but criminal chaos. In 1993, Putin’s imagined Chilean-style dictatorship was still many years away. V.V. Putin still had to finish what Yeltsin started and finally establish the dictatorship of finance capital on the fragments of the socialist state.

It is worth noting that at the above briefing, the future president of Russia not only voices his political guidelines, he also directly articulates the justification for the fact that literally two months before this statement, Boris Yeltsin gave orders to shoot from tanks and automatic firearms the House of Soviets in Moscow and hundreds of thousands of citizens who took to the streets to defend it, wanting to show active distrust of the first capitalist government. If anyone does not know this recent page of Russian history, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with it. Then the Chilean comrades living in Moscow, calling us on the phone and telling us about tanks on the streets, gloomily joked that if we established a dictatorship as a result of the bloody massacre at the House of Soviets, they would invite us to their place in Chile…

Let us once again return to the extensive quote and briefing we cited above, where the potential successor to the anti-communist Yeltsin as president smiles and informs representatives of large corporations in Western Europe that both he and President Boris Yeltsin are ready for Pinochetist-type violence. The postulate that state violence is considered “necessary” if it encourages or protects private investment justifies open state terror against anyone and everyone who dares to interfere with the development of the market system and the further emergence of financial capital in the post-Soviet space under the leadership of the current government and behind to the major Russian oligarchs. Putin turned out to be quite consistent with the Chilean experience, having made his way, like his political ideal, from the camp of anti-communists in uniform to the presidency to transform post-Soviet Russia into an autocratic capitalist despotism. Like Augusto Pinochet, the Russian leader is cleaning up all traces of the socialist economy, carrying out liberalization transformations, supporting the large capital formed in a short time as a result of privatization. In another interview, the Russian leader will say that “the results of privatization will not be subject to revision.”

Quite quickly over the past 24 years, the ruling political elite in the Russian Federation has decided on the state ideology. Its elements: the cult of the autocratic leader, patriotism, empire, Orthodox spirituality. The Russian leader also relies on fascist thinkers, and this is, first of all, such a historical figure as the Russian philosopher who emigrated from Soviet Russia at the beginning of the twentieth century, Ivan Ilyin, who admired Hitler and Mussolini in his works. Putin’s image is very consistent in this regard: in the media he is portrayed as a strong-willed man, using vulgar language and aggressive rhetoric.

What exactly impressed the former USSR KGB officer Putin so much about the political figure of the South American dictator Pinochet and his regime? By answering this question, we will be able to better understand how the current situation is developing in the Russian Federation. In any case, former KGB officer Putin now relies mainly on the armed forces, police and the executive branch of government. He balances between classes using nostalgic populist and nationalist rhetoric. And, like every bourgeois autocrat in history, he is trying to create an image of strength by participating in foreign military adventures. What “productive” examples in his future political career did the future leader of a huge country take from the experience of his distant South American predecessor? What was accomplished by Pinochet within 2.5 years, Putin implemented in the Russian Federation within 25 years. Re-nationalization of resources and industry, creation of the largest private sector, attracting investors from capitalist European countries to transfer to them the half-destroyed giants of Soviet industry. The establishment of an anti-communist reactionary ideology at the constitutional level. And now there is a wave of arrests of dissidents, the closure of the media, a gendarmerie ban on any mass speeches – rallies and demonstrations.



Glorifying the “Russia that we have lost,” that is, the imperial, pre-revolutionary Russia, which was once the “gendarme of Europe,” the Russian regime does not yet have the forces sufficient to now lay claim to such a “title,” but within the country it is trying to create its own personal fascist death squads. Such a trial pen was the private military company “Wagner” under the leadership of a certain businessman Prigozhin, who had a criminal record during the USSR period. A former Soviet criminal, a Russian restaurateur, and then the head of a PMC named after the German composer, so beloved by A. Hitler, made a big mistake: in the summer of 2023, he spoke out against his creator, for which he was punished, and the Wagner PMC with its “musicians” was dissolved. But not completely – human resources should not be wasted in a country that is conducting a special military operation, even if this resource consists of criminals who have not served their sentences! Many of them, returning home from places of hostilities, join the ranks of criminal elements in the wild. And the Russian president in his public speeches declares that “the guys who participated in the SMO, who have seen a lot in life,” will become the future elite of Russian society! Since 2023, in order to effectively combat the internal opposition and migrants, fascist militia units of the “paramilitary” type, called the “Russian Community,” have been formed from the “skinhead” subculture under the supervision of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation. The new fascist militia formation “Russian Community” has in its ideological base elements of racial nationalism in syncretism with the chauvinistic ideas of the “Black Hundred” of the early 20th century. Stormtroopers from the organization “Russian Community”, supervised by the Russian special services, are assisting the police in repressive measures against migrants, as well as against any manifestations of protest sentiments.

Contempt for the electorate, cheap manipulations on the topics of spirituality and patriotism, anti-social reforms, police repression, the desire to control the media, pressure on the courts and chronic corruption

How can you characterize Putin’s Russia? The opposition and Western media describe it as a mafia-police state. However, this characteristic outlines only the monstrous form of the modern Russian state, without telling us anything about its class character. Let’s try to cover this issue specifically and step by step. It seems that no one doubts that Russia is a capitalist state. It is controlled by oligarchs who own large industries, companies and banks that they received as a result of the redistribution of the former Soviet Union. Russia’s giant monopolies are closely linked to the state – the bourgeois state – which is run in the interests of the oligarchs. The latter need a strong man in the Kremlin, partly because they are afraid of the masses, partly in order to settle the numerous feuds between various oligarchs over the division of the loot. All these features correspond to what Lenin called state-monopoly capitalism.

At the same time, there is contempt for the electorate, cheap manipulations on the topics of spirituality and patriotism, anti-social reforms, police repression, the desire to control the media, pressure on the courts and chronic corruption. All of these listed features clearly put a sign of historical equality between modern Russia and Chile, led by Vladimir Putin’s political guide Augusto Pinochet. Which is proof that financial capital, in times of crisis, resorts to establishing reactionary authoritarian militaristic dictatorships. By the way, for the public of the Russian Federation in the 1990s, Augusto Pinochet, at the suggestion of right-wing liberal anti-communist circles, was a person who was even used as an example of “restoring order in the country with an iron hand, cleaning up the consequences of socialist chaos.”

But for the majority of decent people in different countries of the world, A. Pinochet still remained an image of the manifestation of the extreme phase of the reactionary, neo-fascist regime. In many countries of the world, emigrants from Chile lived and still live, who themselves suffered during the years of the Chilean dictatorship, or their relatives, friends, and like-minded people suffered, but they managed to emigrate. Having lived for many years in exile – in Spain, Sweden, or Germany – they made great efforts to ensure that the public in these countries learned the details of all the crimes of Augusto Pinochet and his government against the citizens of Chile.

Putin went further than his political reference point, General Pinochet, who did not have enough power to organize a territorial and resource war with neighboring Peru, which Henry Kissinger so pushed him towards.

Here it is worth emphasizing the detail that the motivation for the future president of the Russian Federation in his open Pinochetist sympathies was to explain the position of his then companion, the founder of the largest example of financial capital in post-Soviet Russia – oligarch Peter Aven. This criminal businessman, privatizing the national resources of the abolished socialist country, was the first in the early 1990s to submit to his partner in big post-Soviet business, Vladimir Putin, the idea of such a political reference as Augusto Pinochet. Who was Petr Aven and why was his opinion on ideal Pinochetism required in additional comments by the future Russian president? A “pioneer” of the Russian oligarchy, Peter Aven stood behind the beginnings of financial capital in a destroyed socialist state. He privatized in the year of the collapse of the Soviet Union, founded… and suggested to his companion Vladimir Putin that most effective example from the history of the 20th century, which is perfectly suited for the protection, preservation and increase of the private property of the nascent capitalist class of Russia.



The political elite currently ruling in the Russian Federation is inclined to speculate on its succession to the Soviet Union, and after the start of the invasion of Ukraine, it is dirty to speculate on the memory of the struggle and victories of the Red Army over the German Nazis in World War II, turning this topic into simulacra and gadgets. In this way, a postmodernist hybrid was also formed, like Russian social-patriotic opportunism for export. Speaking about modern Russian “red opportunism for export” and its adherents in various countries of the world, we deliberately omit direct quotes, names and names of parties/organizations, since we do not pursue the goal of betraying anyone to political disavowal, hoping for enlightenment and awakening of the objects of this agenda.
We see no difference in the types of opportunistic renegade to Marxist ideas when it comes from left-wing apologists of the pro-Ukrainian side of the European Union and the United States, who declare that President Zelensky is waging a national liberation war against the Kremlin aggressors, who are the heirs of “bloody Soviet totalitarianism.” This is also a symptom of the same order as that of Putin’s apologists – the “fighter against NATO.” But in this publication, dedicated to the significant anniversaries from the political biography of the figure of the right-wing neoliberal and anti-communist Putin, we speak precisely by focusing on this vector.

Putin is the world’s richest representative of the transnational capitalist class with all the signs of an internal fascisator and an external imperialist. Putin is the same constant class enemy of working people and oppressed peoples as Ukrainian President Zelensky and US President Biden are

In communication with communists in different countries of the world, one can still come across opinions that President Putin carries within himself the hereditary traits of a socialist state, which are automatically transferred to his certain “anti-capitalist”, “anti-fascist”, “anti-colonial” camp. But this absurdity is once again blown to dust when we hear about a political ideal (dictator Pinochet) from yesterday’s KGB officer and yesterday’s member of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union. Vladimir Putin makes this statement literally a year and a half after the liquidation of the country, which for decades supported the Chilean resistance. The Soviet Union was a state whose political leadership and population, at the deepest social and cultural level, showed support and complete compassion for the people of Chile, oppressed and repressed by the Pinochet dictatorship – from its miners and political activists to representatives of culture and art. The Soviet Union became a second fatherland for thousands of Chileans for decades, not only providing them with socio-economic conditions for life away from Chile, but also supporting the struggle of the Chilean Resistance to the inhumane fascist dictatorship of Augusto Pinochet using a variety of methods at a remote level. And, therefore, the articulation of his political figure as an ideal and guideline for building developed capitalism on the backbone of the Soviet Union was a complete renunciation of him on Putin’s part, having once and for all placed him as a political figure in complete opposition to socialism and communism. This is the final verdict of history and no further populist rhetoric of Putin, speculatively using the templates of socialist anti-capitalist discourse, can become a conviction to the contrary for conscious Marxists. Putin is the world’s richest representative of the transnational capitalist class with all the signs of an internal fascisator and an external imperialist. Putin is the same constant class enemy of working people and oppressed peoples as Ukrainian President Zelensky and US President Biden are. We do not deny that the President of the Russian Federation has entered into a conflict with the capitalist West – with the United States and the countries of the European Union, but this is an exclusively temporary conflict between the Russian business elite and the bourgeois transnational conglomerate of countries.



I would like to address representatives of leftist movements, members of communist organizations in Italy, Greece, Serbia and Latin America. Really, even two years after the start of the bloody war in Ukraine, do any of you still believe that the current Kremlin regime is some kind of neutral force that can rebuff NATO’s capitalist expansion? Do you really think that a passionate admirer of the Chilean neo-fascist General Pinochet, who acts as a single flank with such openly fascist, ultra-right ideologists as I. A. Ilyin, who approved of Hitler in exile, is Putin’s favorite and most quoted philosopher, a figure of the 20th century. , and A.G. Dugin, a like-minded person of the far-right “heroes” of the 21st century. (both, by the way, for some reason that are not entirely clear, are considered philosophers by modern conservatives) – may have recipes and antidotes against the capitalist war machine today? Having subjected Lenin’s historical role to filthy slander three times (in 2019, 2021, 2022), the President of Russia and the guarantor of the realization of the interests of the post-Soviet parasitic bourgeoisie, Vladimir Putin, is a conscious and consistent anti-communist. In this we find a characteristic similarity between his political figure and all right-wing bourgeois leaders of the 20th and 21st centuries, from Augusto Pinochet to Vladimir Zelensky. Or maybe the communists of the world, rejoicing at Putin’s “anti-NATO” and “anti-fascist” victories, believe that the right-wing neoliberal dictator, whose regime is based on the wildest form of capitalism, has within his structure recipes for the fight against fascism and an antidote to the NATO occupation of the global world? It is sad to see, instead of left-wing solidarity between the working people of the countries of the world, which is the only effective strategy alternative to involving the peoples of the world in an imperialist war, the solidarity of representatives of some communist parties with the ruling bourgeois class of Russia. This misguided solidarity has developed only because its economic interests have entered into territory where the neighboring ruling class supports internal fringe neo-Nazism and seeks support from the NATO bloc. The infantilism of the political (communist) minority in countries where they do not even have a single parliamentary seat or, being outlawed, persecuted for their views by the reactionary classes, continues with hope and lack of critical thinking to see in the bourgeois, right-wing and neoliberal president of Russia – “big brother” “or a support that will protect the oppressed peoples from the tyranny of NATO. The inertia of small left-wing countries such as Cuba, whose defenseless position after the liquidation of the Soviet Union forces the ruling Communist Party into the most absurd forms of inter-opportunism. Thus, the revolutionary newspaper Granma, founded by Fidel Castro, the central ideological organ of the Cuban communists, counting on the patronage of official Moscow in its blocked position, starting from March 2022, from its pages expresses direct support for Putin and his oligarchy in their imperialist military ambitions in Ukraine. Did those who took to the streets of European cities under red banners and banners with communist symbols see the results of “Putin’s victory over Ukrainian fascism” in the 730-day massive destruction of women, children, old people, energy and other social infrastructure? Did the pro-Russian anti-capitalists with red flags in the destroyed houses, the infrastructure of life of peaceful Ukrainian citizens destroyed over the course of a year – any damage caused by Putin to the NATO bloc?.. Two years later, pay attention to those who see in Putin’s policy an illusory “fight against NATO and neo-Nazism,” to the fact that the same working and oppressed people become victims of a special military operation in Ukraine every day, while neither the ruling bourgeoisie of Kiev nor the leaders of Ukrainian neo-Nazi political formations suffered one millimeter, and also not a single -no damage was caused to NATO forces and its military infrastructure by all the mighty Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, and no such attempt was even made… The Russian bourgeoisie, on which Putin’s right-wing regime relies, during 2022-2023, more effectively than before, continued to trade Russian oil products, gas and uranium with dozens of NATO member countries, profitable for its class. It is relatively cheap Russian crude oil (this once nationalized non-renewable resource of the socialist state, which has become the private sector for the international business of Putin’s bourgeoisie), is becoming a constant source of fuel and lubricants for medium and heavy military equipment in service with NATO countries.

The solidarity of the communists of Europe and America with the Kremlin’s foreign military policy is nothing more than the result of political illiteracy, which was defeated by an emotional, non-critical impulse

The communists of the EU and America, who publicly support Putin’s war, must ask themselves why their initiative began to phenomenally coincide in 2022 with the tendencies of the far-right political organizations of the EU and America. We must remember the statements and speeches in defense of Putin’s war in Ukraine from the National Front of France since March 2022, the Northern League of Italy in April 2022, Fidesz of Hungary and the AfD of Germany in June 2022. And also – a number of small non-systemic parties, movements and organizations supporting Putin’s war, who see in Putin’s regime a clear and pleasant image of the revival of a conservative solidarist form of state proto-fascism in the largest country in Europe. Do communists and the ultra-right in Europe and America really have common ground? The solidarity of the communists of Europe and America with the Kremlin’s foreign military policy is nothing more than the result of political illiteracy, which was overcome by an emotional, non-critical impulse; with the result of many years of work by the Russian special services, implemented through the supervised Russian diplomatic corps…. This is one of the forms of strengthening at the international level the insatiable interests of Russian financial capital in your countries.



Do the communists of the EU and America, who are shouting about the right of Putin’s Russia in its military policy, which is supposedly designed to protect the peoples of the former USSR from NATO expansion, know what a beggarly and humiliating state the working peoples of Russia have been brought into by Putin’s capitalist regime, through the unleashed war for resources and territories? in Ukraine? The militaristic illusions of the Russian ruling class, manifested on February 24, 2022, 2 years later, have caused and are causing heavy damage not only to Ukraine – they have exhausted the working majority of Russia materially, physically and morally. Now in the Russian Federation there is a wave of protests from the wives of the mobilized, who are outraged by the fact that there has been no rotation of the military contingent from the very beginning of the military operation, from the first wave of mobilization in which their husbands found themselves; and the thirst of the Russian bourgeoisie to find new sales markets in Ukraine and replenish their private savings with resources and territory, thereby turned against the population of Russia – its oppressed population, some of whom over these two years lost their jobs and wages, faced an unbearable rise in prices for Food. We, as Marxists, must understand that in this armed conflict, representatives of the common people are “cannon fodder” for the imperialist semi-peripheral ambitions of the ruling classes.

Comrades, when you think that by supporting the Russian side in this war, you are supporting Russia as a whole, as a kind of outpost of the fight against NATO, remember: you support the capitalist minority of Russia, and, without realizing it, you support the repressive neoliberal policy of the Kremlin’s highest class against the working majority of Russia.



In conclusion, I would like to add that support for Putin’s foreign imperialist policy by communist forces in countries far from Russia is not just choosing a side in a sporting game. It cannot be justified by discounting the personal political sympathies and antipathies of some left-wing political leaders and activists in Europe and America. When people in different countries publicly – on the streets or on global networks today – raise red banners over slogans in support of the Kremlin’s military policy, they simultaneously support all the most severe anti-people neoliberal reforms of the Russian regime; supported by financial and industrial groups behind the political figure of Putin. Their financial capital is only the fruit of the plundered wealth of the national economy of the former Soviet Union. Modern communists of the world, after two years of a bloody and destructive war in the cities and villages of Ukraine, supporting Putin as a “guarantor of counteraction to NATO in the countries of the former socialist camp,” in fact, support his Pinochetism, Russian fascist ideology and Orthodox rabid fundamentalism, support the policy of decommunization and destruction of the remnants of the industrial infrastructure inherited from the socialist state by Russia and Ukraine. When today’s true communists of Russia, following the behests of Lenin, raise their voices against the participation of the popular masses in the war for the redistribution of resources between the bourgeois classes of the two former Soviet republics, the Kremlin propagandists prohibit their speeches, persecute them, poking after them with communist slogans of support for their dirty aggressive policy from political activists from Europe and South America. Shouldn’t the communists of the world, having realized how weak and small they are in the local dispersion of their national states, shout to the whole world that they want an end to the war and peace for the working people of Russia and Ukraine and their unity with them? – Instead of blindly throwing their handfuls of gunpowder into the fire of a new imperialist world war kindled by the international bourgeoisie, which today or tomorrow may become a reality for their wives, children and parents. The population of Russia today, like the population of Ukraine, needs your communist solidarity with them, as with the working people of most countries – you have one basic set of problems, no matter what country in the world you are in now, plus to them – a military adventure unleashed and supported by political elites. Now we see how right those comrades were who predicted a long-lasting military conflict in this part of Eastern Europe – because it benefits the companies selling weapons.

The working people of Russia are only harmed by your blind solidarity with the regime of Russian bourgeois forces, which present the limited interests of their capitalist minority under the guise of the interests of all of Russia and the entire anti-capitalist movement in the world.

No to World War! Yes – the world socialist Revolution!

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