At present, Malaysia is a huge technological plant of such international corporations as Samsung, Sony, Toshiba, Acer and others, whose enterprises employ millions of people – cheap labor – in industrial centers such as Kuala Lumpur and Georgetown. Multinational corporations in large numbers invest in Malaysia. A huge income to the ruling class of the country also brings tourism business. It is clear that any internal threat – be it large-scale strikes and protests against low wages, or – the threat of consolidation of the partisan popular movement – will lead to brutal suppression. At the same time, it will be carried out not only by the repressive forces of its own state – power structures and troops – private military companies – PMCs will take part in the suppression, as has happened more than once in history, and most likely the contingent will be pulled from naval bases USA. After all, Malaysia is the largest “piece of the pie” among the countries of the “third world”. Considering that trade relations with China due to the coronavirus epidemic have been suspended for a while and mass export of goods from there has been frozen, the value of the island of Kalimantan, where Malaysia and part of Indonesia are located, is for TNCs, and therefore, and for a number of governments of the EU countries, Canada and the USA, it acquires even greater geostrategic importance. Moreover, most likely, if it comes to “reformatting” the ruling elites in both Malaysia and Indonesia, NATO will not stop there. Indeed, the risk of losing influence over the island of Kalimantan is completely unacceptable to modern imperialism.

Today in the power structures of Malaysia, is an ultranationalist government. According to our friends from this country, it bears some resemblance to the Nazi party of Germany in the 1930s – 1940s: in any case, the nature of the two political parties considered to be ruling. These are UMNO – “United Malay National Organization” and PPBM – “United Indigenous Party of Malaysia”. The government’s emphasis on local nationalism allows the idea of ​​superiority of indigenous Malays over other peoples to be introduced into the psychology of the middle classes of the country, as well as laws that allow indigenous Malays, especially party members, to carry out reprisals against foreigners (mainly local ethnic minorities) , and also – to kill dissidents. In neighboring Indonesia, where a similar ultra-right puppet regime now rules, it has developed historically that in order to be a member of the Communist Party, like any other left or Maoist popular movement, inhuman stamina and courage are required. Both in Indonesia and Malaysia, governments almost officially sanction the reprisals of nationalist militants against popular activists with left-wing political views, especially communist ones.

The terrible massacres in Jakarta in the 60s are known all over the world. The twentieth century, which took on the character of genocide of their own people. It was then that the name “Jakarta” became a household name, and was used in the ideological neo-fascist sense by ultra-right forces around the world: so, before making a military coup in Chile in September 1973, far-right militants left threatening appeals on the walls of the People’s Unity government buildings of Santiago de Chile and other cities, with the inscriptions “Jakarta ?!”
Modern Indonesian far-right revenge-seekers are eager for a repetition of bloody historical pages – for the country’s authorities, in its power structures – a coalition of right-wing conservatives and traditional Islamists, which make it clear to the people that they will not suffer a new “red infection” in the region.
In this difficult situation, the Southeast Asian Communists are training revolutionaries future IPLA fighters the International People’s Liberation Army, with tens of thousands of volunteers from Southeast Asia. The difficulties associated with this training are caused by the extreme conditions for the survival of the militants in the humid tropical jungle, which they overcome with inhuman efforts, equipping partisan life at their base points. Resistentiam correspondents talked about this with the Communist leader of Indonesia, one of the leaders of the IPLA, Comrade Sujarno Malaka.

-We, partisan volunteers from Indonesia, Malaysia and the Philippines, are united by the common ideas of the class struggle against local bourgeois ruling elites and forces protecting the interests of foreign transnational corporations, oppressors of millions of peasants and workers of Malaysia, Indonesia and the Philippines. What is the brief history of our international combat community? Historically, the PKI the Communist Party of Indonesia and the PKM the Communist Party of Malaysia were long-standing allies; their close ties in the 20th century gave rise to a historical relationship between the two struggling peoples, which did not break down in the 21st century. We were together then in our partisan armed struggle, and now we have once again joined our forces. Under the flag of IPLA – International People’s Liberation Army, our common military formations are conducting preparatory and organizational activities. Under the ideological leadership of the communist parties, with clearly elaborated military strategic program settings, thousands of voluntary militants revolutionary fighters, men and women, united in the people’s guerrilla army, established their bases in territories impenetrable to the government special forces of Malaysia in order to prepare a decisive popular strike against the ruling bourgeois class of the region.
Perhaps we can say that the point of the report of the new stage was communication with representatives of the well-deserved old guard PKI & PKM. In our conversations with the last PKM general secretary, Comrade Abdullah KD, whom we met several years ago in Bangkok he was there in political exile we discussed the issue of resuming the joint armed struggle of the PKI and PKM communists in the region, about the fact that the situation is ripe, and numerous representatives of peasant movements are ready to join the new revolutionary ranks. In addition, the workers, who were tired of the ultimate oppression, drawing all the forces from the population of this part of the world, began to form labor movements. And their representatives became one of the first volunteers of our new Resistance. It can be said – at present, we are technically a partisan force in active preparation. More experienced fighters train and train our new comrades daily, teaching them martial art, revolutionary consciousness and the ability to survive on the ground – in order to turn the IPLA into a full-fledged people’s army that can adequately withstand the forces of neo-imperialism. After all, we, the Indonesian Communists, are the descendants of revolutionaries who fought and died from the regime of Sukarno, whose spirit could not be broken. Currently, many of us are not able to legally return and live in our own country, in Indonesia. Therefore, together with our brothers from Malaysia and from some other places in the region, we established partisan camps near the borders of Indonesia, from where it would be possible to send detachments of our revolutionary militants to Indonesia – this makes it much easier, not being noticed. On the border of the two countries (their parts located on the island Borneo) there are “cracks” – impassable and poorly guarded places in the jungle, through which at some time we will have to put on alert and transfer our partisan detachments to island Indonesia.

Here we are in relative safety, and if you have to move around in groups, you have to act extremely carefully. Our main forces are based underground – here we are developing plans for a future mass popular uprising. It is extremely important for us to prepare and start our armed revolution against the fascist regimes of Malaysia and Indonesia in the near future, because otherwise our numerous class enemy will easily cope with the immeasurably oppressed population of each country individually that has decided to spontaneously. That is why we need to act together, leading the international struggle against imperialist forces.
To succeed, we must adhere to a well-thought-out strategy. In accordance with the geographical conditions, our islands are the only right decision – not to endanger our forming partisan army in Indonesia, which is kept close to the borders of our country. The thing is that I have my own funds, and I am sending them to the cities of Malaysia to make strategic purchases. We have already discussed how we begin the first revolutionary attack; – After all, a lot depends on the success of the start of the military operation of the united people’s army.
At present, the forces of revolutionary resistance are not broken so that they realize that we are here.
To the question of what prompts the Malaysian peasants to join the ranks with the Indonesian fighters, Comrade Sujarno replied:
– In Malaysia, as I said, the current inhumane socio-political situation is no better than in Indonesia. In addition, there is a long historical connection between the PKI (Communist Party of Indonesia – approx. Ed.) And the Malaysian Communists, who are motivated by the possibility of realizing their long-held dream of reuniting the island, torn to pieces by European imperialists. Historically, the inhabitants of the island never wanted to join the Sultanate of Malaysia. Therefore, they are driven not only by the common goal of building a just socialist society, but also by the idea of ​​reuniting the people of the island, uniting Malaysia and Indonesia here into one nation. It will be similar to Indonesia’s version of the Soviet Union’s existence in the world. The future socialist island we call Nusantara. Most of our combatants are driven by the idea of ​​creating the People’s Republic of Nusantara.

Some of my comrades-in-arms have family, often international, ties, where in a pair both he and she are militants of our people’s army. So, my new wife is a Filipino, she is a member of the NPA-New People’s Army, based in Sorsogon, and largely thanks to her we have established closer ties with partisans in the Philippines.
Unfortunately, other, more distant internationalist ties, for example, with individual representatives of leftist forces from Europe, calling themselves communist, have not actually justified themselves. Ubiquitous British organization “International Marxist Tendency”, whose representatives came to our region does not deserve our trust: it is on its representatives – responsible for the arrest of several of our comrades. The founder of this organization, Alan Woods, has his own “nourished” puppets in Indonesia and Malaysia, posing as popular activists. In exactly the same way, most of the communist parties in Europe have long ceased to be true revolutionary forces. Having become opportunists, they do not deserve the trust of either their people or the peoples of the Third World countries, with whom the peoples of more developed countries have always been in solidarity. So, I came across a group of representatives of the Communist Party of Greece who did not justify the trust in their help offered by themselves. When a part of our Indonesian comrades was in political emigration to Greece, our office, apparently on the tip of one of the Greek “comrades” who betrayed us, was defeated and plundered by the Greek police. Now I am looking for a way to get our compatriots left there – to a safer place in Europe, and then – to transfer to the bases of our military units.
I, like some of my comrades, political exiles from Indonesia, have lived for some time in other countries of the European Union. We are grateful to those who helped us there. But basically, I had a negative experience with the European left parties, which at first, for some unexplained reason, themselves express genuine interest in our struggle and desire to help, but then they deceive our trust … Perhaps these opportunists wanted to use us for something. Now we trust only the representatives of the People’s Army, our Communist Parties more than any of the so-called “communists” in Europe.
From the photographs that we shared with comrades from the Internationalist Network SOUTH-EASTERN STAR (to conceal the images of faces are blurred on them), you can get an idea of ​​our revolutionary combat formations. However, our armament is far from enough – after all, more and more popular representatives who need weapons are pouring into the liberation army. We also need better military equipment, because we will be confronted by the most experienced forces of international imperialism. Many of my comrades hope in the near future to get the opportunity to work with the wonderful, proven AK-47.
Our international army, consisting of representatives of various indigenous peoples of the region, has one goal – the liberation of the people from neo-imperialism. Each of our activists has common, similar tasks – through a revolutionary organized struggle – to build a just people’s society, both in Indonesia and Malaysia, and in the Philippines. This common goal motivates us to achieve our goal. Since at the moment we are still very busy organizing the masses who are joining our international revolutionary army – looking for means to equip the people’s militants in a common uniform, to be able to concentrate more weapons on our bases, our comrades are being trained under the guidance of members of the NPA – New People’s Army of the Philippines.
At present, one of our strategic tasks is to capture one of the government’s military bases, which is located not far from the locations of our troops, and, as our intelligence has informed us, is not one of the highly equipped and armed foreign military bases, besides they there is an arsenal of weapons. With this action, we hope to light the revolutionary fire in the island region, which is necessary so that our ranks are replenished with new comrades, including from the members of the People’s Army of Indonesia – TRI (Tentara Rakyat Indonesia), whose forces will replenish with captured weapons at the base.
Also, some protection is provided to us by the fact that it was possible, at a shadow level, to campaign some high-ranking military officers of the Malaysian government army. Under the leadership of some, certain groups of our comrades are even trained, who are motivated to throw off the colonial puppet government of modern Malaysia.
There is another organization friendly to us. This is the Korean Friendship Association with legal status. Formally, they should act exclusively to protect DPRK citizens, but they are true internationalists. The association helps us to attract new members to the IPLA revolutionary army, because it is a legal organization that remains behind the “radar” of the agents of the regimes of Indonesia and Malaysia.
In our struggle, we must be careful to be inaccessible to the government special forces of Malaysia and Indonesia. Therefore, we have to open provocations and attempts to infiltrate into our ranks of people collaborating with the ruling puppet regimes. So, for example, in South Sumatra there are representatives of leftist forces – former PDI-P members who previously shared with us Marxist-Leninist political views. But after provocative messages appeared on the Internet on their behalf, we doubled our caution. The task of the bribed people who have joined these organizations is to create a provocation, which is on them of one of the military formations based in the Jungle. With the help of temporary network projects, spreading through their accounts information in which lies are mixed with truth, these “baits” serve to ensure that state security forces identify and destroy the real protest potential that exists in modern Indonesian society, which is so necessary in our struggle. That is why we have our own security forces, weeding out of the ranks of such people who could jeopardize the revolutionary struggle and our further development.

Like all my comrades, I gave a lot of the forces of my life to the revolutionary struggle, and just like them, I am ready to give my life if it is needed to create a socialist Nusantara!

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