Already 7 days as the strike continues at the Komsomolskaya mine. It became known that the debt for March was fully repaid. The miners will continue to fight until their requirements are fully met:

– full repayment of wage arrears;

– release of all abducted comrades;

– speeches by the head of the LPR on television with guarantees of immunity for all participants in the strike and their families.

Also, the editors received information that the abducted Yevgeny Mikhaylichenko and Yuri Voronin were released (this information is being specified).

At the moment, they continue to illegally hold Igor and Vitaly Efanov, as well as another 10 miners.

The editors received a statement of solidarity from the New Type Party. The Interregional Trade Union “Working Association” expressed its support to the struggling miners. The editorial office of the “Worker Control” and the internationalist web portal Resistentiam – thank everyone who today remained indifferent at this moment!

It also became known that on June 11 at the Krasnolimanskaya mine (the city of Rodinskoye, Donetsk Region), the labor collective, which had earlier launched a protest against the semi-annual wage arrears, occupied the territory of the state enterprise Krasnolimanskaya UK. The strike committee and the Pokrovsk Labor Protection trade union stopped the shipment of coal and demand the immediate resignation of the mine’s general director Sergey Pydyk, acting general director Vladimir Kovalenko, as well as the full repayment of wage arrears.

“The strike committee will now inform the chiefs of the plots, the management of the mine, the chief engineer and all other services that we are taking over the management during the absence of directors. This will continue until the appointment of a new leadership”, -Yevgeny Kostennikov, head of the strike committee, told the miners.

The editorial office of the “Worker Control” calls on all class-conscious workers to support the miners and join their struggle! Only workers’ management can stop the collapse of industry and stop the advance of capital on our rights! After all, this is not an accidental, but quite logical process – the bourgeoisie of the CIS countries is weak and purposefully integrated into the system of transnational corporations. It purposefully for the opportunity to rob workers in the short term is rebuilding the economy to WTO standards and clearing markets for transnational corporations. Leads a policy of temporary workers. And as soon as the last large enterprise of the Soviet era is liquidated, the entire territory of the post-Soviet space will actually become a raw-material colony with cheap labor.

And there is only one way out of this – the solidarity of the working people. Only our joint collective struggle for workers’ power will be able to change the situation! Only the working class is interested in the real preservation and development of production, improving the standard of living! But capitalists – it doesn’t matter, domestic or foreign are only interested in multiplying profits and they look at us as a resource. The same as coal. And we must fight together for our future!

Editorial Office “Worker Control”

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