Manifesto of International Combat Social Action



Comrades, our common task, together with other real forces of the revolutionary resistance of the 21st century, is to give rise to a new revolutionary paradigm by isolating it from the tactics and strategies of the existing and emerging political radical left, socialist, communist movements on the periphery of a “prosperous” capitalist of the world having the character of a national liberation struggle against neo-imperialism (with an emphasis on the word “liberating”, and not on the word “national-”, otherwise, one cannot avoid a roll in nationalist editorial swamp). We are the International Combat Social Action SOUTH-EASTERN STAR International, representing the ideology of world resistance to the Capitalism System, developed by our common revolutionary efforts in the name of the opportunity to realize the hopes of the majority of the masses. We set ourselves the task of confronting the world with the priority of the interests and hopes of ordinary people, for decades dutifully demolishing the use of their labor, professional skills and abilities by the ruling capitalist elites. To put their eternal, human interests and aspirations, hopes for a decent life, their real social needs - over the momentary and globally murderous for humanity interests and benefits of those 2 - 3% of the "chosen" who consider themselves to be national and international elites.
The ruling capitalist social stratum imperceptibly, in shadowy ways, but confidently and consistently promotes the strategy of subordinating to itself and the transnational corporations representing its interests - all human and natural resources of our planet, which threatens the very existence of the Earth. CONSCIOUSNESS of thousands and thousands of people belonging to social strata living in a world parallel to the ruling elite, where for decades creative potential and abilities have been suppressed, are aimed only at surviving by selling their labor, abilities and professional skills on the market - MUST become, with our and your help, a powerful and multifaceted tool that will allow you to go beyond the increasingly subtly imposed false values by capitalist manipulators, implicated in alienation and extreme individualism. This tool of CONSCIOUS UNDERSTANDING, if you like, CLASS CONSCIOUSNESS is the only possible way to achieve the ONE GENERAL GOAL set - victory over the class enemy. Goals for which it’s only worth joining together.
Empirically, we came to a firm conviction: any protest practice without first studying the classics who give a basic fundamental scientific theory of a dialectical understanding of the world, the laws of Capital, and, most importantly, understanding the levers and starting points of the social revolution aimed at a radical change in social political structure of our countries is doomed to failure. For almost 30 years, sad and shameful defaults have occurred on illiterate "left" formations, whose activists seemed to have no idea what was stated in the fundamental works of Marx and Engels. It makes no sense to litter our manifest by listing hundreds of such organizations in the recent political history of Europe. As volunteers of an internationalist network organization that has been practicing the entrism strategy for many years, we do not exclude that among apologists and activists promoting the conceptual project of the next “socialism” in the European Union countries - “Socialism 2.0” - there are our potential associates, like-minded people, with whom we are ready to enter into a constructive comradely dialogue. However, we, as an international revolutionary movement of people who call themselves Social-Communists, faithfully follow the paradigm of basic classical scientific Marxism, which serves as an "X-ray" for identifying true comrades in the struggle, temporary fellow travelers, or - opponents. And - criticizes such an artificial bourgeois hybrid as “democratic socialism”, various versions of which proclaimed as their goal the “progressive” political parties of the capitalist countries of Europe, starting from the nineteenth century. and to this day.
We are committed to active scientific and practical communism. Marxists - without any "neo" and "post" ... WE ARE REVOLUTIONARY INTERNATIONALISTS, SOCIAL COMMUNISTS. And we have the courage to consider ourselves to be the ideological followers of Vladimir Ilyich Lenin, who, through his struggle and theoretical work, was the most consistent implementation of scientific Marxism, being able to apply to every situation arising in the revolutionary struggle of Russia XX, the only correct one, based on the creative refraction of the ideas of Marx and Engels, worked out based on them decision. Being a brilliant thinker of our time, in practice, he was able to convince his associates, and sometimes even former opponents, of the scientifically verified correctness of the next step he had chosen, taken by his party in the current period of the revolutionary struggle. That is why in many countries of the Third World, where the oppression of the proletariat is most intense, revolutionaries define themselves as followers of the Marxist-Leninist doctrine. The followers of Lenin, as before - and his contemporaries, all in the same party cohort, after his death to one extent or another were guided precisely by his revolutionary and scientific instinct, from which the experience of the Great October Revolution was born, and then the first in the world the experience of building a socialist country. This experience can now be evaluated in different ways - it went through different periods of its existence, right up to the crisis, dead end, when the Communist Party self-confidently proclaimed the complete creation of a society of developed socialism, and - after a certain number of years - the formation of Communism in the USSR. But it is difficult to deny that this innovative, revolutionary experience in the first decades of its existence - was an incredible spurt in the social creativity of the masses, which allowed them to win the Second World War, and then - changed the world balance of forces, allowing the masses in other countries to find hope and the courage to fight for their rights with capitalist governments that feel competition and therefore meet people's demands and are forced to invest in the development of the social sphere.
Further ideological followers of V.I. Lenin, practitioners, experimenters of fundamental Marxism, such as Rosa Luxemburg, Trotsky, Stalin, Mao, Gramsci, Lukacs, Marcuse, Enver Hoxha, Tito, Ho-Chi-Min also acknowledged the priority of the scientific development of the leader in their writings and practical actions party of the Bolsheviks. Their names are of serious importance to us, but we understand that, in addition to their unique theoretical and practical contribution to the development and promotion of the revolutionary theory of the struggle of the oppressed classes against Capital, they brought personal priorities, sympathies and antipathies to their political activities. Being complex, living people, with their own achievements, but also with mistakes that introduce controversial moments into attempts at practical revolutionary implementation of the theory of scientific communism; some of them, becoming political leaders, could not cope with serious political ambitions.
    We believe that every current and future volunteer of the Combat Social Action International Southeast Star needs to study the scientific theory of Marxism. We are close to the works of Gramsci, his ideas set forth in "prison notebooks"; as well as the books of Trotsky and Lukach, the early articles of Stalin, the texts of Georgy Dimitrov, the ideas of Rosa Luxemburg, a number of theses by Mao and the practical literary heritage of Carlus Marigella and Ernesto Che Guevara. Today we can and should use the partial aspects of the unique experience of the revolutionaries of the past, for further theoretical developments in the field of scientific Marxism, and their application in those created today at the height of the 21st century. socio-political and technological conditions. We take for ourselves the most faithful of their theoretical heritage, created at a particular moment in history, but, but - relevant until now, because History, in many ways, is cyclical. After all, Marxism is unique in that the political and economic developments of its founders, who studied the capitalist historical cycles and their laws, secured the knowledge of them for subsequent revolutionary fighters and thinkers, are incredibly modern and relevant for the modern world, which is recognized by most modern intelligentsia. Thanks to the colossal work of K. Marx and F. Engels, and then - V.I. Lenin, we can determine today the meaning of each movement of the capital world, its goals and the meaning of rhetoric, behind which these true goals are hidden.
We have a clear idea of the past difficult and fiery twentieth century, we clearly realize that everything is true for the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. the laws of development of such a political and economic formation as capitalism, despite the fact that he has now built a much more developed world system, together with insoluble contradictions, have passed into our twenty-first century. And those THINKERS AND REVOLUTIONARY WRESTLERS who fought and worked in the twentieth century, in monstrous tension, leading in different parts of Europe and the whole world attempts to seize power from the oppressors - the ruling bourgeois elites, who, under the incredible pressure of revolutionary resistance, resorted to their last outpost - fascism; Those who were mistaken and sometimes had, and sometimes had no more opportunities to correct their mistakes, but nevertheless, thereby, in their defeats and victories, informed us of their valuable and diverse experience of the revolutionary struggle to their ideological descendants. But they are dead, and we are alive, and bear a huge responsibility for the future of mankind. Therefore, we should not be divided by their names into fractions and opposing currents. We must leave in the past the division into Trotskyists and Stalinists, and other oppositions that no longer make any sense, and, we repeat again, we must unite using points of contact, not division. Seeing in practice the international solidarity of the countries of Europe, America, Asia and Africa, in which we themselves took part, we believe that unity without disputes and clarification of the sources of contradictions is possible, you only have to rely on what we agree on and annul the contradictions, realizing that they were determined in the teachings of our predecessors and reflected in our partisan opinions only because of those complex and unique political situations in which each of them found itself at one time or another in the revolutionary struggle or is repressive reaction.
The name of our common Enemy is known to each of us: it is world capital represented by the ruling classes of Russia, the USA, South America, the European Union, Great Britain, several countries of Asia and Africa. And we are sure that the last word is ours, dear comrades. The logic of recent history shows that the people behind these ruling elites, like behind some screens, the owners of large Capital, are gradually losing their vigilance. The ruling world elites, often shared by internal contradictions due to the constantly ongoing redistribution of geopolitical property, are still globally united by a common bloody business; however, they are currently in an extremely difficult situation. The neo-liberal theory that they have chosen, which they determine as the development of capitalism, is gradually failing, in front of the working people of the whole world. And today we have a clear knowledge of the patterns in the behavior of the ruling capitalist elites, even if they almost managed to unite in a capitalist interstate scheme. For us, thanks to the invaluable contribution of our ideological predecessors, their weaknesses are obvious, we know now - it’s obvious how natural was the appearance of a modern theoretical and economic impasse in front of the capitalist class, because markets must constantly expand in their hands to accumulate capital sales, and expand them - nowhere to go. We know that neoliberalism is blind and deaf to its weak points. The neo-imperialist elite, again, as in the 20th century, is ready to retain its right-wing ideologies - nationalism and fascism, which is already raising its head in many countries of the world, to preserve its global influence in the world, to preserve Capital. However, there are more and more people like us, those who understand this as well as us, every day in different countries.


1. Our main task is to overcome the multiple national-state isolationism and fragmentation of the new left, who are on the right track, as well as those old Communist Parties that have not slipped into opportunism, like some others, and have retained their identity - conscious, true communists. It is necessary to overcome the split between the new left and them, and at the same time to put an end to the internal divisions that have continued and multiplied over decades. The fragmentation and split of the revolutionary forces is a “gift” to the class enemy, which, by now, unlike most of us, has already created its own capitalist “international”, which makes it much stronger, despite the economic collapse and the failure of neo-liberal theory. We must not underestimate the strength of the class enemy, in whose hands a huge number of developments, political technologies and the material base with the latest technologies that allow you to track and often prevent the emerging popular resistance.
To unite all the forces of resistance, which are still scattered, we can offer and - designate, for they are - common views and starting points of contact, on the basis of which there is a real opportunity to work out an optimal, common for all revolutionary forces, programmatic strategy, based on a social communist scientific base. That it should become the single basis for the Internationalist revolutionary resistance to the Capital System, for no other way is given.

2. We must, being rapidly changing in modern conditions of multi-level harsh reality, maintain a correct idea of it, not succumb to the “charm” of simulacra, abundantly provided by the “performance society” imposed on us. To do this, it is necessary to become a united force, mentally and nationally historically diverse, and armed - not only with socio-political Marxist teachings - this is the only sure way to victory, to the global defeat of the world of Capital. To a change in the current socio-political formation - global capitalism, which, as has long been proved by social-communist dialectical science, has come to its degeneration, leading to a dead end Mankind, exposing it again and again to the risk of being on the edge of its existence, organizing profitable Capital conditions for the emergence of a new, disastrous world war.

3. We have worked to impose on the basic basis of the sociopolitical Marxist dialectics the corresponding strategic and tactical methods of modern resistance, which must be extremely flexible (to a certain extent - without changing the basic platform), adapted (in the natural scientific sense of the term) ) to the complex, insidious and changing every year, the conditions of the "information revolution" of the XXI century. Understanding today's Scylla and Charybdis, between which we have to maneuver our expanding, already numbering 17 Network Bets in the world, resistant movement, allows us to avoid shady, veiled dangers and risks in each new case. We have developed a tactical programmatic approach to creative, resistant human potential, leading it out of politicized social strata to understanding, realizing the class approach, clearly defining “friends” and “strangers”, oppressors and oppressors, protagonists and antagonists. Awareness, as in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, of the class nature of the world, leads to an understanding of the need for its revolutionary transformation, which is impossible without a class struggle.

4. Strictly speaking, this conceptual theory is not designed for the average person. If the Bolshevik Party at the beginning of the twentieth century. created ideological tools with which a number of people could be armed in an industrially backward, almost agrarian country, then our new ideology will have to proceed from the fact that we, its bearers, will not be able to rely on the “average person” from the people, without first tearing them out total physical, economic and intellectual enslavement by the System of Interstate Capitalist Elites. We are also convinced that our common programmatic strategic ideology of INTERNATIONALISTS REVOLUTIONARY SOCIAL-COMMUNISM should not only avoid the populist, eroding Marxist approach of egalitarianism, but it has no right to be intellectually elitist, which has distinguished the entire left wave in recent decades. At present, the consciousness of a new man emerging in the bowels of society, who is essentially a representative of the class of the oppressed, is only beginning to realize his present situation, equal to that of modern workers, proletarians, whose number in the world is also constantly increasing at present.

5. We and Our associates must acquire the ability, even in a state of total isolation, to continue to remain the unit of Resistance and to keep in consciousness a general, true picture of reality, with its laws and cause-effect relationships; a common task, a common sense, matching its steps with a common task. That is, to always remember that the goal and task of our resistance is to change the socio-political system on the whole Earth, that is, the planetary Revolution.

6. Our common programmatic strategic ideology of the INTERNATIONALISTS REVOLUTIONARY SOCIAL-COMMUNISM - should clearly and clearly raise the main questions, arming the members of the movement with the ability to give answers. Moreover, the answers to these questions - for so many years consciously and unconsciously were sought after by every person boarded up in individualistic social cells. Our ideology and its carriers must have powerful creative potential in order to be able to open a person’s eyes to the real state of affairs in life, to give answers to cardinal questions not to a person at all, to an abstract person; - to this particular person, with his individual experience, regardless of whether he has already become an active member of the Resistance, or does not yet know which way to apply his activity. Many people do not fully realize that their life has no value in the eyes of the state and the ruling elite. Every year, social segregation more and more divides people into worthy representatives of society, and people of lower grades. Although those and the other for the true capitalist "masters" of life have the same price. In some US states, for example, the game of the ruling elite in the existence of a decent middle class is already ending: until recently, capable, many middle-class Americans are forced to move out of their homes, no longer able to pay mortgages. Their children, the so-called "millennials," no longer have any illusions about their social status or about the "American dream": in order to survive, they are forced to look for any job, regardless of their education.

7. Our program strategy for the INTERNATIONALALISTS REVOLUTIONARY SOCIAL-COMMUNISM is class-based. But we must take into account that social divisions, which make it possible to isolate the advanced class, which the proletariat used to be, were no longer working in our supermobile society, class divisions do not proceed exactly as they did 50 years ago. Some political analysts with a “leftist mindset” invented and isolated from different social groups the bearers of a new class, identical proletarian ideology, calling them a precariate. These are not fully serving the ruling elites intellectuals and “techies” who sell their work “intellectual day laborer” to a capitalist customer. It is believed that the “precariat” will very soon gain class consciousness, and its representatives, joining the protest movement, will also, like the representatives of the proletariat a hundred years ago, have impeccable class instincts.

8. Our program strategy for the INTERNATIONALALISTS REVOLUTIONARY SOCIAL-COMMUNISM is class-based. But we must take into account that social divisions, which make it possible to isolate the advanced class, which the proletariat used to be, were no longer working in our supermobile society, class divisions do not proceed exactly as they did 50 years ago. Some political analysts with a “leftist mindset” invented and isolated from different social groups the bearers of a new class, identical proletarian ideology, calling them a precariate. These are not fully serving the ruling elites intellectuals and “techies” who sell their work “intellectual day laborer” to a capitalist customer. It is believed that the “precariat” will very soon gain class consciousness, and its representatives, joining the protest movement, will also, like the representatives of the proletariat a hundred years ago, have impeccable class instincts.

9. All the previous attempts, let’s say, of a conditionally common “left” to spread their ideology among the masses, were broken up by their own group individualism, which led to the fact that one batch of innovative theorists, one movement individually began to corpuscular and inevitable integration into the System of Interstate Capitalist the elites that they were called to break. This loyalty to the System of Interstate Capitalist Elites, to enter - representatives of the "left" wave of each new stage came from the fact that only their group (party, movement in a locally taken country or region) is the only true, the only right, and if everything is done correctly, for example, to seize political power, then later this ideology can be instilled into everyone. This stage must be overcome. It must be understood that a new revolutionary ideology cannot be instilled in everyone.

10. We must learn to make very high demands on ourselves and our comrades-in-arms: both in matters of constant political and cultural class development, and also in developing the core of a strong-willed personal sphere. One of the main tasks at this stage is the gradual education in oneself and in like-minded people of the ability to meet with readiness every new life and combat risks that arise before them. If we expect a revolutionary situation, dealing only with theory, conversations and disputes, albeit “giving birth to truth”, we will not be ready to “saddle the wave” of a new, spontaneous rebellion generated by the revolutionary situation - “when the lower classes do not want, but the tops cannot ...”. That is why it is necessary to focus on the possibility of participation in the urban "guerilla", or in a large-scale battle against the forces of capitalist reaction. In our internationalist revolutionary social-communist movement - part of the Network Stakes, based in the South Caucasus, Lebanon, Nicaragua, Honduras, Peru, Indonesia, Slovakia, Greece, Austria and Ireland - have the opportunity and organize training field military camps. We need to be guided by their example, preparing ourselves as a unit of the revolutionary combat movement. At the same time, we need to remember what our comrades from the South Russian network rates of the SOUTH-EAST STAR suggested to us: in training situations, we “fight” with comrades. Our "opponents" and we are conducting a "battle" according to a single tactical scheme. It's unavoidable. But in a combat situation, we will encounter a different tactical scheme. The combat situation poses a new, sometimes unexpected opening, for the future revolutionary volunteer fighter. First of all, we are talking about tactics. It is necessary to unravel it, understand any balance of power of the enemy, and, having found a counter-technique, impose its tactics on the enemy. Because it will be a deadly battle, and in the class battle that has begun, one of the parties will either defeat the other or die. Therefore, every revolutionary fighter must understand that his task is not only to take part in this battle, but also to survive, if possible, to move on. And this prospect - either to win or die - will require a very high level of personal, intellectual development, and a very high level of self-sacrifice, since everything is at stake in class battles: either we will not be able to stand up to the gradually weakening in the constant pursuit of profit, but still a very strong capitalist ruling elite armed with ultra-right-wing defensive forces, crushing us all the forces of repression that are in the arsenal of each state, and then everything will be over. Or we, the new revolutionary forces, the Forces of the Future, will still win, even if the struggle is very long and bloody. As they spoke about the representatives of the collapsed imperialist and fascist reactionary forces helping the Franco rebels to fight with representatives of the Spanish Republic, NO PASARAN!