World Capital in a crisis phase of global proportions. The ruling classes write this off to COVID-19. But the virus simply brings to the surface the contradictions that have accumulated within the capitalist system. Mankind is faced with a new situation when the historical crossroads between socialism and capitalist barbarism becomes more and more obvious.

We are not in a hurry with revelations and conclusions, being likened to quasi-left cheap journalists and conservative conspiracy theorists. However, what is happening today before our very eyes, and with our free or involuntary participation, an unprecedented never before, world-wide macabre information masquerade, with the brand logo and the almost fashionable trend name “Covid-19”, cannot be perceived with the usual readiness of ruminants law-abiding but disconnected. “There is nothing new under the sun, even if we get used to looking at it through the closed muddy glass dome of the” transnational “shopping center.” The laws by which modern society is developing did not arise right now, together with the manifestation of the final contours of the “open” information space more than 100 years ago, studied and systematized by the classics of Marxism.

The scientific and technical conditions for the functioning of society are changing, and will constantly change, becoming more and more unpredictable and variable at every turn of development. However, the laws of existence of human society are fundamentally amenable to analytical efforts. It’s just worth choosing the right direction and the right “optics” for their research. Then the turbid veil, densely enveloped in the anti-human circus, now stretching across the entire plane of our planet, exhausted in hopeless and limitless capitalist reaction, will recede, and the true cause-effect relationships will appear before the testing eye.

A highly developed human civilization that has become a homogeneous and unipolar world (a special topic about the social and political system of China) has manifested itself as a closed system that is not ready to adequately face the risks that appear at every new turn. The fact that we are not ready to overcome the threats from the impending consequences of an environmental disaster, while only scientists and scientists of different levels of science fiction and scriptwriters of utopian films speak. Reality is sometimes more inventive than all the anti-utopias created by cinema. And now – we face a new threat, which looks much more real than theoretically possible.

The coronavirus pandemic, announced by WHO officials and widely promoted by the means of mass communication, would seem to be able to completely tear down the so-so-conventional decorations of social solidarity in the “international theater of the absurd.” It is enough that it develops against the background of one of the most severe crises in the world economy. In 2008, economists and political scientists also talked about the crisis, but we were convinced that the socio-economic situation always has lower levels for its “fall”.

Six months ago, everyone was worried that our civilization was irreversibly approaching a global nuclear disaster. However, the risk of the growth of viral diseases, which annually take tens of thousands of people, and the development of one of them as a serious threat to the rapidly impoverished population of megacities, was not taken into account – it turned out to be much more likely. The viral aggression against the human species was “helped” by the impoverishment of the population and the final polarization of society, which occurred everywhere, both in third world countries and in previously prosperous ones. The number of widespread protest movements around the world over the past 10 years has become much more noticeable, and the demands of street protesters are becoming more specific. Sociologists of advanced economies note a constant increase in their protest potential.

Homo Sapiens as a species that has qualitative differences from the world of fauna, discovered the laws of quantum physics and conquers the cosmos, created an incredible cultural diversity, without losing the ability to think and create critically, is not worthy to face a situation where dubious values consumer societies dominate over basic human values, when more than 90% of the world’s population is rapidly getting poorer, and the stratum of people owns the main resources and levers of power. The falling level of purchasing abilities against the background of the global production and marketing market, which has covered the entire planet as a metastatic tumor, leads to the collapse of the capitalist system.

The unsightly and tragic result of the lame “forward” is now before us: to stop the catastrophe of the coronavirus pandemic, governments close borders, stop the functioning of enterprises, send them on vacation or transfer students and schoolchildren to distance education. There is a vicious circle: social institutions in different states, as well as international organizations, in the form in which they entered the crisis, deformed to the extreme extent, riddled with corruption and growing bureaucracy from top to bottom, have extremely few chances to adequately resist the catastrophic the threat of an all-planet viral pandemic.

The constant, obsessively repeated by the WHO officials “maxims” about the need for representatives of the world community to make every possible effort so that the pandemic does not develop into a catastrophe create an atmosphere of panic and hysterical fear of tomorrow in the information field.

However, many specialists in infectiologists in Europe and the USA say that they possess scientific data, according to which this epidemiological situation is the first signal, a “test of the feather” of terrestrial nature, in the monopoly of which is the kingdom of viruses, which has more than 20 known influenza strains in its arsenal , not to mention the other diseases of viral origin. Some researchers believe that after the epidemic threat of the coronavirus finally disappears, the threat of a new pandemic will soon emerge, which will take on even greater proportions – and they remind the statistics of those killed in the world from the “Spanish flu” epidemic.

Mankind, as well as an individual, is characterized by repeating the same mistakes – each time – in a new round of their development. “Virological risks” are a kind of “tests” of human civilization for maturity. Each time she risks not passing them, if she does not learn from her mistakes …

So – it’s hardly appropriate to talk about the progress of humanity, even if we cope with the COVID-19 pandemic. Moreover, the serum against it, which doctors of different countries are working on separately now, may turn out to be completely unnecessary in the short term: for new, still in a passive state and constantly mutating viral strains, the action of the serum against coronavirus will not be able to apriori .

The famous French sociologist and psychologist Emile Durkheim (1858 – 1917) considered the state of the modern world, the state and social institutions of which are in varying degrees of deformation, as extremely unstable. E. Durkheim was not a Marxist, but some of his conclusions – about the contradiction between labor and capital, about the deformation of society, if there is no human solidarity in it – were very radical and unexpectedly progressive for the science of his time. And they are very true – in a temporary projection. The scientist considered different periods of relative social stability, followed by periods of social anomie (lack of normativeness), which occur when social contradictions increase and state institutions finally become unusable. These contradictions are connected into a single “polyphonic orchestra” of cause-and-effect relations, when the quantitative accumulation of errors in the development of society with any violation of economic equilibrium, goes to a qualitatively different level. At this level, society faces a factor of total disruption of social solidarity, without which it is impossible to get out of a long period of social anomie and crisis. We think that we should not disclose the problem of the atomization of human consciousness, extreme individualism, which are inevitable for the closed system of a developed capitalist society, which is capitalism.

In the European Union, freedom of movement, which is one of the pillars of European integration, has been suspended for the duration of the COVID-19 pandemic. However, the closed borders between the countries – members of the European Union, as well as more widely – members of the international community – lead to a violation of economic infrastructure around the world. The movement of Europeans within the “Schengen” zone was stopped, but this did not happen as a result of a coordinated decision coming from the EU center – Brussels. There are completely panicky, rash steps: many European governments unilaterally closed their national borders before March 17, 2020. The European Commission decided to close the external borders of the bloc with the rest of the world.

Comrades of the Resistance, this happens precisely when consolidation, coordination and internationalist solidarity are most needed!

 We have before us the real prospect of the collapse of the European Union, as we knew it before the pandemic, and, therefore, we are in a situation of unpredictability: after the removal of quarantine measures, the outlines of the world that is familiar to everyone can radically change.

The chaos in trying to help public health systems is the result of radical decisions in the hands of 26 different national governments, each of which seeks to defend its interests, under the constant pressure of nationalist and protectionist tendencies within their countries, as well as against the background of hidden a new “redistribution of the world”, to which the actors of global capital, Transnational Corporations and banks are constantly striving.

The business of the north of the European Union (especially Germany) does not intend to reckon with the interests of the southern countries – EU members. Every man for himself. Stronger economies – EU members are trying to save the remnants of their usual hegemony, and, as expected, these countries are easily able to ignore the unfolding more widespread epidemiological catastrophe of their neighbors. To the aid of Italy came … China.

It is precisely on his help that countries that are still “unlucky” to become EU members, now count, for example, Serbia. Her neo-liberal president was very indignant that several more developed EU member states, together with closing their borders and disrupting the movement of goods, had limited, negating, the distribution of aid to less developed representatives of the former Eastern Bloc. Relations based only on mutual benefit will inevitably exhaust themselves sooner or later.

The German government has blocked the export of medical face masks (!) – and of course, such a decision could not but provoke protests from other EU member states. The necessary medical quarantine, caused by the danger of a pandemic of the virus, resulted in ugly forms that distort the already difficult relations between countries with each other. Now the epidemic in the world is setting its borders and quarantine zones, making them generally “plagued” and discarded by numerous migrants as unnecessary garbage.

To date, a parallel chronology of the actions of the ruling bourgeois classes is already indicative in a number of countries of the world. Where they are betting on right-wing conservatives who have come to power, official media use Covid-19 as an informational reason to intimidate ordinary people. The background of general information hysteria is very favorable for right-wing populist governments to seize the last islands of civil liberties, taking steps towards open capitalist totalitarianism. The fascization of the countries of the world community, which began even before the pandemic, now that governments have the right to introduce any measures and restrictions, will occur much faster.

In Hungary, the bill adopted on March 30, 2020 gives Prime Minister Viktor Orban the right to prosecute journalists if there is only a suspicion that their reports are fake or inaccurate. Also, elections and referenda are suspended in the country. The notes of indignation against Orban from Brussels by the Hungarian government are not perceived by his head as a serious threat to the country. He said that Hungary should not be threatened, since the country itself is determined to withdraw from the EU. Exit’s in Europe, it must be assumed, will be increasingly frequent, perhaps Europe is at the forefront of the “parade of sovereignty”. Leaders in many countries tend to view the crisis surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic as an opportunity to gain more power over the nations they control. This is especially true for countries already known for their authoritarian regimes. The Philippine government (the regime of Rodrigo Duterte), which gained the “glory” of the regime in the world, which has the most aggressive and frequently used repressive apparatus, since March 24 has gained even tougher control over Philippine democracy through emergency powers.

The Israeli government, led by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, ordered the Israeli Security Agency (Shin Bet) to monitor the cell phones of people who may have been in contact with infected coronaviruses. Previously, technologies to monitor private cellular communications were used only to combat terrorism.

The introduction of a state of emergency related to the unhindered deployment of a military contingent in cities inevitably creates an atmosphere of fear and panic spontaneous reactions that can provoke criminalization of the consciousness of people living in the “hot spots” of the outbreak of COVID-19, as well as the population of all other countries where there is a pandemic has no serious numbers yet. Quarantine measures, introduced by most governments as preventive measures to stop a pandemic, can also change public confidence. Instead of limiting the pandemic, the emerging situation of socio-political instability can cause a spontaneous reaction of the human masses.

What can we observe in the global economy? What awaits, in connection with the economic recession, a huge number of unprotected social groups of people that have already formed by this time – if the crisis associated with the pandemic promises to be even wider in all countries?

And here the most ugly manifestations of capitalism begin. So, in Italy, where the number of infected people is at the maximum and exceeds 100,000, the problem with the shortage of quickly wearing valves for artificial respiration that arose was almost solved by a person from the bottom. An engineer who has a 3-D printer at home and has contact with doctors fighting for human lives, found the opportunity to manufacture this valve. In this way, he managed to save the lives of 10 people until his “illegal” actions were stopped in court: the engineer was arrested for violating license rights. Instead of supporting his initiative, they sued a person who probably knows what he’s going to and who has done it for the sake of people in his country: since representatives of a company that has monopoly rights to manufacture devices for artificial respiration, they cannot allow the violation of their monopoly rights even when the shortage of an important spare part for medical devices is of great importance in saving the lives of people affected by the effects of coronavirus.

It can be said that the coronavirus pandemic, which has turned into hysteria on the information field, is always bringing new order: stock markets are collapsing day by day, and the economies of all countries are defeated. The main shares of the most important for the economy of London stock exchanges – FTSE and Dow Jones – in the short time since March 18, fell in price by more than 25 percent. And the fall continues. At the same time, the Dow Jones stock exchange was closed, falling only 10 percent. For the first time in 18 years, the world has seen the lowest drop in oil prices – by 25%. Wall Street is no exception, a 6 percent drop is nonsense for them. The IMF’s managing director warned of a forthcoming cut in forecasts for the global economy. All this means that the world economy has actually stopped and millions of people are doomed to unemployment. At the same time, WHO officials say that the virus is not so dangerous for people with a healthy immune system and, therefore, improved living conditions.

There can only be one way out: the correct awareness of what is happening now with us, and the growing on its basis – a calm but utter readiness to change the situation in the world. To direct the international solidarity of all workers to overcome false capitalist values, which are based on private ownership of the means of production, generating inequality and commercialization and increased competition in all spheres of life, increased autonomy of individuals, selfishness and hedonistic attitude to life. destroying human potential.

Today it is impossible to save civilization without changing its paradigm by the common revolutionary efforts.

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