On November 24, 2020, in Wilmington, Delaware, President-elect Joe Biden, presenting some of his candidates for the new government, said: “This is the team that will keep our country and our people safe. This is our young team, and this fact suggests that America is back and is again ready to lead the world, not to retreat from it. She is now ready to take stock of the presidency in the United States of the defeated Donald Trump, armed with America’s renewed fighting spirit.”

Leading key positions in defense, foreign policy, and other key areas of the US government, will the newly elected President’s new, young team stand up for national security interests? Let’s see, who does it consist of? The role of personality in history is a complex but important issue. And history is being made daily, right before our eyes. Joe Biden, the representative of the Democratic Party who won the most votes in the electoral race, presented the whole thing as if America should enthusiastically meet the people represented and chosen by him, who defeated the reactionary D. Trump, the new rulers of its history and destiny. In North American progressivism, there is the temptation to take a moment to breathe by celebrating the Trump administration’s rejection by popular vote, while maintaining the illusion of hope that Biden will herald some of the worst impulses of demonized rule. But a valuable lesson from the early days of the Obama era is that at times like these, a sober assessment is required, not a forecast. It should be remembered that it was Biden, along with Obama, who previously oversaw the intervention in Libya, the catastrophic participation in the war in Yemen, the continued occupation of Afghanistan, support for the bloody coup in Honduras … and many other anti-humanistic global attacks on the Planet. The aged Democrat Biden, who has finally made it to the top of his career, now has an even sharper young team of advisers and influencers who have collaborated and will work with transnational capitalist forces to lobby, maneuver and promote “working” scenarios for large-scale war crimes. Well, we present, after the new President of the United States, the ruling team of “hawks” and, mainly, – spectacular ladies – “predatory eagles” raised in Barack Obama’s nest.

Who are they, the people who will lead America in difficult times, “ready to give it back …”? – further, already according to Biden’s text, it is clear – his people are ready to return to the United States all previously existing neo-imperial ambitions, to strengthen the role of the hegemon in the world. We are ready, obviously, not afraid to get dirty, for our ambitious purposes to get the Monroe Doctrine from the dusty archives and, having cleansed it of adhering dirt and blood, prove to the world that the hawkish, predatory essence of American politics, it turns out, is not alien to either of the two dominant and replacing each other in the political arena of parties?

So, the first person of the new government is Anthony Blinken, who is to become the US Secretary of State. He has already served as deputy secretary of state during the Obama presidency, and, apparently, now his appointment as Biden is natural, as a natural milestone in a career interrupted by D. Trump’s rule. What else is known about this policy? Earlier, when Joe Biden was a Senator from Delaware, Blinken was his advisor, apparently overwhelmingly supporting the chief (or pushing?) When he voted decisively in Congress in favor of the US invasion of Iraq in 2003. And a little later, Anthony Blinken again rendered invaluable services to his boss, helping him develop a super-creative proposal … – to divide the entire territory of the United States of America into three separate regions, – according to the ethnic and sectarian aspects of the identity of their majority. Well, the third stroke from the recent past that characterizes the style of the new US Secretary of State: from 2009 to 2013, as National Security Advisor to the US Vice President, Mr. Blinken actively supported the catastrophic, including for young Americans of draft age, military intervention in Libya, already then causing serious criticism of the American public. Including – and for his participation in the creation of some amended and updated doctrines and strategic methods for upgrading US security, for example, such as the strategy of “humanitarian intervention”. In 2018, Anthony Blinken helped launch Westexec Advisors, a strategic consulting firm that was formally launched as a project “driven by advanced technology and cyber defense”. The developers of Westexec, despite their claims that the project should exist at the expense of state resources, avoided the slightest opening of the veil over the true goals and objectives of their offspring. One of Anthony Blinken’s partners in this endeavor was the civil servant Michelle Flornoy, who today joined Biden’s new team from among the people of B. Obama. It is this little-known creature that is Biden’s likely candidate for the post of defense minister.

Despite the strictest secrecy surrounding Westexec Advisors, a reputable media outlet leaked information that Blinken and Flornoy used their network to build a large client base for the strategic consulting firm Westexec. Secrecy – secrecy, is it necessary to look for a basis for sales somehow? .. Also leaked information (or it was conceived – the winners are not judged, but what kind of advertising) that since its inception, the company’s clients and customers were those who turned to it at various times: the Israeli intelligence company; major US defense company, Google billionaire Eric Schmidt; and several Fortune 100 companies. Incidentally, Michelle Flornoy is the alleged favorite to lead the Pentagon for the next four years. She also sits on the board of directors of defense contractor Booz Allen Hamilton, and is also the co-founder of another monster, the Center for a New American Security (CNAS) think tank, which receives significant funding from the military industry giants General Dynamics Corporation. Raytheon, Northrop Grumman Corporation and Lockheed Martin Corporation. So, what is surprising that M. Flornoy, working in the Obama administration (as Deputy Secretary of Defense for Defense Policy), played a key role in influencing the government on the part of CNAS. Lobbying for personal business interests in government is no longer a crime in the United States. M. Flornoy, who promotes the interests of the companies in which she is a member, was also one of those involved in sponsoring the 2011 military intervention in Libya, was an active supporter of the need to occupy Afghanistan and a staunch opponent of the complete withdrawal of American troops from Iraq.

For the post of Director of National Intelligence, Biden intends to appoint another lady, who also previously worked for Barack Obama. This is Avril Haynes, who served as US Undersecretary of Defense for Foreign Affairs under Obama. Charming Avril has done many “glorious deeds” under her previous boss, and now, apparently, plans to continue in the same spirit. She co-authored the Obama-era Presidential Policy Manual, its infamous chapter on guidelines for using drones for targeted assassination. Since 2013, when Avril Haynes became the National Security Council’s legal advisor, and earlier in 2011, she has worked on a wide range of highly complex and sensitive legal issues. The pro-government media enthusiastically wrote that “Avril’s working day ended well past midnight, and sometimes the legal adviser has to leave home in the morning, because her activities affect the essence of American security interests! If she left the service on time, it happened that in the middle of the night…” A. Haynes was called to work to find out difficult questions, for example, “can a terrorist suspect be legally burned by a drone”.

Avril Haynes developed legal requirements regulating the US intervention in Syria, and also participated in the development of options to disrupt Iran’s nuclear program, and it was her versions that were highly appreciated by the leadership.

During Biden’s presidential campaign, several former Obama aides made a concerted effort to retrospectively portray Haynes as “a voice of restraint and civic reassurance.” This kind of revisionism, obviously, it was difficult to “sell” and hide its participation in the neo-imperialist policy of Washington “By Haynes caused huge civilian casualties in the wars unleashed by the US leadership. Neither Republicans nor Democrats can be accused of frivolity: both political parties, like two hands of one Golem, have been engaged since then in activating the program of targeted assassinations. Already for the Trump administration, there were no problems with the use of this inhuman law in different parts of the world without restrictions: which led to the sanction of numerous killings of civilians. However, it is a fact that the initiator and trendsetter of the “drone game” was precisely the administration of the liberal-looking Obama, who, with the help of the adorable Avril Haynes, normalized such things in the American political landscape, making a lot of efforts to ensure that, based on the “doctrine of security”, turn the whole world into a battleground for Washington. However, Haynes’s track record of the “blond beast” does not end there. She also worked as a consultant for the controversial data collection company Palantir, which was co-founded by a billionaire who also sponsors Trump’s campaigns. It is Palantir that has been implicated in some of the worst manifestations of ex-President Trump’s rule, namely the introduction of mass surveillance to carry out immigration detentions. However, as we know, in fact, little is known about the specific role of consultant Avril Haynes in the activities of Palantir, and she herself removed any mention of her participation in the Palantir project from her resume (just before joining the group Biden consultants). In 2018, the activities of the representatives of the beautiful half of humanity, represented by Avril Haynes and Gina Haspel, caused particular outrage among the left political camp. As well as the fact that it was Abril Haynes who supported the appointment of Gina Haspel as director of the CIA! This means bringing the country under one denominator: hidden or explicit fascism on the part of the ruling and business elite, which decides for everyone and believes that they can do anything. If at the head of an already terrifying intelligence center (although it has already served as the object of ridicule more than once, as in the case of Snowden and Assange), there will be such an odious figure as D. Haspel, already known among the large part of the American public by the nickname “bloodthirsty Gina, “- this means that the ruling class of the United States, frightened of the uncontrolled demonstrations of the protesters, will try to make the norm in the country not only racist, anti-emigrant views and anti-communist views, but also totalitarian measures of government, with almost explicit surveillance of every dissent and – permissible torture for political prisoners. Already, the American public is discussing the terrible role of Gina Haspel – when she served as head of the Office that controls secret prisons, where torture was systematically practiced. And for many Americans it has long been no secret that under the wrapper of old Democrat Biden’s beautiful words about his new positive team, there is a world of revolving doors and face-masks in academic robes; kindling various wars wherever possible, only – for the successful sale of weapons technologies.

By the way, it seems especially interesting that members of the traditional two parties Trump and Biden are equally characteristic of the occasional breaking militant curses against China and North Korea: only Trump, as always, had a much more racist character than his rival who replaced Donnie at the post of President. But in one and the other, aggressive philippics against the Asian leader look equally odious and, at the same time, absolutely false. But Joe is just getting a taste … And, apparently, he hopes to bypass the second most powerful country in the world – China – without a terrible alternative in the form of the Third World War, in which there will be no winners.

Biden’s political psychotype as President of the United States is becoming clearer: contradictions and paradoxes, paradoxes and contradictions. The newly elected president has repeatedly stated in recent weeks that he wants to end “the endless wars in which America is involved” (!), Although hardly anyone in the world knows that he helped unleash several of these wars. people both in the world, and in the United States, cherish the illusion that, having come to old age, Biden has changed his mind – is it not so far away the moment when he will have to appear before the judgment of the Almighty Satan? Well, this is unlikely. Inaccessible deities, all the world’s known religious politicians, including American ones, are accustomed to building a kind of licensed relationship.

Capable only to amuse, but not surprise, Biden’s position, according to which he is now against the conflict in Yemen, absolutely does not go beyond the circle of American lemmings who are ready to believe in everything. Double-dealing is a familiar style of residents of the White House and other interstate ruling bourgeois classes of the EU and the Russian Federation, a priori. Well, who cares now that no one else, namely Joe Biden, served in the Obama administration, with whose approval the massacre in the Middle East began, actively supported it. For the sake of fairness, it should be noted that the aged neo-imperialist, of course, did not put issues softening the accents of American politics at the center of his electoral platform, and did not accompany his “soft pacifist pre-election, thoroughly false statements with concrete proposals”.

Another politician, presented by Biden as a member of the team that will lead America and the whole world forward into a brighter future, is Linda Thomas-Greenfield, who received the modest post of US ambassador to the UN. The last milestone in Thomas-Greenfield’s previous career was with the Albright Stonebridge Group. This global strategic consulting company was chaired by Madeleine Albright, while H. Clinton was Secretary of State. The Albright Stonebridge Group is not that one of the opaque firms with veiled actions, it is a real black hole: it is almost impossible for journalists of the most serious publications to get information about who its clients are. Albright Stonebridge Group officials say their company does not lobby the US government and cannot be held liable under the Foreign Agent Registration Act. However, many members of the group are or have held positions that allow them to influence the leadership of the country at the official level.

It is not extraordinary that Biden has appointed to his office one of the consultants of firms engaged in global strategies, who are trying to be as opaque as possible. The last face of this game that we will touch on in this article is Jake Sullivan, whom Biden sees as his national security adviser. Knows the new President of the United States, or – he is not aware of the fact that J. Sullivan has been an employee of Macro Advisory Partners since 2017 – it doesn’t matter anymore. Most importantly, we now know that run by former British spy executives, Macro Advisory Partners, which had revenues of $ 87 million in 2018, planned to use D. Sullivan’s involvement as part of its consulting strategy to provide “reliable advice in a troubled, dangerous world “… Biden’s new appointments will be announced in the coming days and weeks. We have every reason to expect something similar – the transitional group of team members indicates this. At least a third of them identified think tanks, organizations and companies as their recent employers, which are either funded by the military industry or are directly part of the industry. Many of these organizations, mainly think tanks, are well known and even respected among the global establishment. Their employees are usually not subjected to the same criticism that members of some odious lobbies receive – as long as they have always managed to get out of the water. But their emergence in leading positions of public policy, in the context of their close relationship with the business establishment, will make the most tenacious journalists in the media even more zealous to search for skeletons in the closet of these political werewolves. Moreover, many of the opaque analytical consulting centers from which Biden recruits them as his people have a proven track record of operations that have contributed to the lucrative marketing of certain weapons systems.

The ruling class of the United States, which is struggling to scratch out its role of coordinator over space from the time ahead, – a role that is rapidly slipping out of the clutches of the “American hawks” – has long been rotting from within. And, despite the enormous administrative and financial resources used by the Trans-national capitalist class, the entire might of the TNCs, the military-industrial complex and the Pentagon, if the prestige of the decayed political elite finally falls among the people, it will no longer be able to support and raise “all the royal cavalry and all the king’s men. ” There is no reason for sane citizens of the world, including Americans, to believe that the Joe Biden administration will be more liberal and to the left of the administration of his party partner, Barack Obama, or be more tolerant and fairer than the previous government of Donnie Trump. But it does not seem superfluous to remind us of this once again, especially if we understand that the current political semi-puppet, the old plutocrat Joe Biden, will certainly come to a foreign policy in relation to the countries of the “Third World” devoured by Capital. After all, he has a long and productive political career, during which Joe steadily supported the imperial appetites of the transnational capitalist class, helped organize the massacres unleashed in different parts of the world: in 2003 – the invasion of the US army in Iraq; the long-term occupation of Afghanistan, where, under the guise of fighting the Taliban, military experts oversaw the protection and increase in the number of poppy fields, the war in Syria, and also Israel’s aggression against the Palestinians.

And, no matter how the gullible citizens of the country have inspired a certain chimera of program-restrictive hopes, the declared concessions to democracy Joe in the course of his election campaign, the majority of sane representatives of the American nation, as we see it, are even more than always ready for any re-exposure of the Democrats who came to replacement of “fascist Trump”, and, ultimately, appear before the world as frank, well-trained shepherds of the world Capital.

The real America, consisting of simple strong people with developed critical thinking, should come to the conclusion that the show cannot and should not go on forever; and by bringing together the entire working class and already ready for direct action tens of thousands of unemployed, whose composition is now – a much wider spectrum than in the last century or a century ago – to end this spectacle for the masses in the end. To do this, you need very little: firstly, to clearly realize that their enemy, despite their international connections, is only 1% of all Americans, and, secondly, to try to wake up the sleeping lemmings – the rest of the 70 percent, there is very little effort left. And also – to avoid repetitions of spontaneous destabilizing actions, fruitless “Joker revolutions”.

No matter how much Old Man Joe wants to become the best “Uncle Sam” for the American electorate, judging by his handwriting in personnel policy, it is his rule as President that, whether he wants it or not, will have to remove all the “fig leaves” from secrets, ambitions and passions of the transnational capitalist class. Having shown the whole world that in the one and a half century, but still relevant neo-colonial predatory tasks that make up the essence of the TCC – no matter who they cover it with – the Republican Party or the Democratic Party – together they are united in that they are a multifaceted toolkit implementation of these tasks. The alleged differences between the policies of the two parties ruling alternately from the Capitol Hill are just a tribute to the conditional necessity that has become traditional in the context of the mechanism of the North American political electoral-oriented theater.

The speech and statements of President Biden, made by him at the end of November, seemed to us paradoxically self-revealing, close to showing the world the true, frank grin of the capitalist aggressor. This served as one of the main motivations for writing this article, which let it serve as a signal of the impending danger for our comrades – anti-capitalists from all the vulnerable countries of the world, peripheral to global Capital. The new democrat on the temporary throne, even when he is at his last gasp, will continue to suck the juices from the periphery of the world, killing its land, and, if possible, managing to inflict colossal damage even before his, albeit hypothetical, death. To its real approach, the sane forces of the global Internationalist Resistance, consisting of people who have gotten out of the fetters from capitalist propaganda, awakened people from all countries of the world, must still make considerable efforts in mobilizing and consolidating all their forces, and in order to make them like-minded people, to awaken the still “sleeping” inhabitants.

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Working Revolutionary Socialist Front Boston

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