Last Friday, May 14, in the Palestinian region of East Jerusalem called Sheikh Jarrah, Israeli police used harsh reprisals against a joint Palestinian-Israeli demonstration organized by peace activists and the leftist political organization Hadash. Demonstrators demanded justice for the Sheikh Jarrah region, where civil rights are regularly violated. The list of demands put forward by the protesters also includes an immediate end to the brutal persecution of residents of the area and a demand to stop the evacuation. Police dispersed the protesters using flash bangs and tear gas. And in the evening of the same day, representatives of the security forces broke into the homes of Palestinian activists fighting deportation. This is not the first case of unprecedented interference of the repressive state mechanism in the political rights of citizens. This year, policemen who broke into his house detained one of the civic activists, a representative of Khadash Saleh Yuiab. Saleh Yuiab spent many difficult days and nights in prison, undergoing attempts to break his spirit. His comrades in the class struggle did everything to intensify their protest against the imprisonment of Saleh Yuiab, who was not officially charged. As a result of the political activity of civil activists, the protest took on a wider scale, the echo went beyond the Middle East region. As a result of a series of protests for the freedom of a political prisoner, a public outcry arose, which made the event not only regional. This week, the Israeli Supreme Court was due to hear an appeal by four families from the Sheikh Jarrah area facing deportation. The consideration of this case before the Court was postponed and set for June. Protests against the lawlessness of the Israeli police in the area are growing, but the pressure from the security forces is also growing proportionally.

Our comrades in the internationalist resistance to neo-imperialism report from East Jerusalem: “The police have now gone to extreme measures, which are most cruel and dangerous in relation to the Palestinian comrades in our movement. In fact, the security forces of the State of Israel are currently acting as an instrument of the ultra-right Israeli forces to escalate the conflict along ethnic lines. ” They are ready to continue the struggle and over the next week to continue mobilizing the population for protest – in order to support the imprisoned political prisoners, demand their release and justice for Sheikh Jarrah.

Meanwhile, the Administration of US President Joe Biden approves the sale of precision weapons to Israel in the amount of $ 735 million. Benjamin Netanyahu is once again trying to publicly justify the barbarity of the state military machine and security forces and in attempts to impose on the world the fact of the neo-colonial desire of the ruling class to occupy the territories inhabited by the Palestinian people, accusing third parties of the exacerbation of tensions in this region. In one of the May statements by the Prime Minister of a state displaying its imperialist chauvinist character, threats were again voiced: “Hamas will pay a high price for its attacks on Israel … The last word has not yet been said in this operation, which will end only when necessary. ” When it is necessary – but by no means to representatives of the people, including their own, who are dying these days from bombing, bullets and burns on both sides of the demarcation line separating the Israelis and the residents of the Gaza Strip.

Fayez Elemar, a Palestinian fighter in Gaza – a member of the Independent Union of Palestinian Workers, a trade unionist committees, which fights for the rights of workers and the Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip at a position independent of both the Palestinian Authority and Hamas. He and his associates live in the Jabaliya refugee camp in the north of the Gaza Strip. In the midst of the Israeli aggression, he shared with the interlocutors of the independent press his thoughts on what is happening in their long-suffering land. The most monstrous, in their opinion, is that, despite the most intense fighting in recent years, following the provocation of the Israeli military, the international community remains blind, deaf and dumb – unable to stop the “Israeli” attack on the still relatively free Palestinian territory. The international community is “hypnotized” by the fear of interfering with the “games of the big and the powerful”, in the vanguard of which is the United States and its Atlantic partners. The United Nations (UN) Security Council is postponing its meeting on the most serious international issue. He was finally appointed – next Sunday the UN Security Council intends to “deal with the Israeli-Palestinian crisis”, although the count goes not for days, but for hours – intensive bombing of civilian targets continues. As of May 17, 2021, it is known that 119 killed Palestinians have become victims, including 31 children and 11 women. Palestinians note that their people are being attacked with chemical weapons: in addition to the victims of the bombing, according to Palestinian sources, a number of attacks were carried out with the use of large quantities of poisonous gases. A number of peaceful Palestinians died from chemical intoxication, the number of which is still unknown.

The fraternal people of Jordan expressed solidarity with the Palestinians, once again becoming the target of a systematic growing genocide. In Jordan, a rally called “part of a historic day in the Middle East,” thousands of Jordanians marched towards the Jordanian-Palestinian border to show the world that they have rallied in solidarity with Gaza.

Genocide in Gaza, genocide in the West Bank … genocide in Palestine. Two peoples who for so many years independently overcame alienation through joint agricultural labor communes that were formed during the first half of the 20th century – in spite of everyday xenophobia acting on national and ethnic grounds – the ruling capitalist elite of the Israeli state machine that emerged on one side Over the years, they have made many efforts to embroil them, to destroy the nascent class socialist consciousness among the peoples. To convince their citizens – Jews, that the Arabs, who even in ethnic and linguistic aspects belong to the same Semitic group with them, are not worthy of them, that they are enemies. That the “promised land”, which the Jews, by the will of fate for centuries scattered around the world, managed to obtain in the middle of the 20th century, was not the result of the efforts of the international community, and could not be realized, among other things, thanks to the tolerant attitude of the fraternal Arab peoples. As a result, the population of Israel for the most part believed in the image of the enemy, and the Arabs had to believe that all Israelis were occupiers, thanks to the policies of the ruling elite. Former neighbors have become unwitting alien enemies for the citizens of the state of Israel, formed under the influence of the international economic lobby after the Second World War. And the Palestinians, who had to make room anyway, came to the conclusion that this is Israel – a “state of terror” that tramples on all norms of coexistence of peoples and countries among themselves. The official governments of most countries, under pressure from the North Atlantic Alliance and the country that is the world hegemon – the United States, habitually support this image with the help of their media, hushing up the true reasons for what is happening and diligently making it more prominent as the cruelty of the Palestinians fighting for their lands towards ordinary Israelis, so and the crimes of the Israeli people against the Palestinians.

For an ordinary layman in all countries, if he still has an interest in what is happening among distant neighbors on the planet, the usual cliché of Arabs and Jews who are enemies to death forces them to take one side or another in their civil position, depending on how beneficial the ruling the class of this or that country. In fact, a person who still retains and develops a critical understanding of reality understands that “Israel” is nothing more than a designation of the political and economic social stratum ruling this country. The popular forces, which really want peace in the Middle East, are also beginning to understand the true reasons for the military escalation leading to unprecedented brutal events. This applies to every member of the international community: if someone is beaten in the distance, and you remain indifferent, it means that trouble can come to your home. Once again, the Palestinians are ready to declare that, without the support and solidarity of the oppressed peoples of the whole world, they are ready to give up life, which continues in a long-term nightmare.

On Saturday, May 15, 2021, Palestinians were about to commemorate those killed in the Nakba tragedy 73 years ago. However, history in the world of the domination of the capitalist socio-economic formation tends to repeat its most terrible pages. Here, on the blood-soaked Palestinian land, this people has suffered one truth: world civilization is in the bonds of numerous myths and half-truths. True cause-and-effect relationships the political establishment exploits the information field in favor of one or another historical “myth”: it is beneficial for the majority of ordinary representatives of the international community to believe that the conflict between Palestinians and Jews did not arise practically on the modern map of the world, as a result of a new capitalist redistribution of property , which arose as a consequence of the Second World War, which, if not for the heroic confrontation and victories won by the Red Army of the Soviet Union, would have been just another international imperialist bloody meat grinder. So that people, being “irradiated” by the means of mass communications, whose owners are the international business elites themselves, believe, for example, that what is happening now in the Gaza Strip is a consequence of at least a “thousand-year religious conflict”, or that “the chosen people have returned to their promised land, where the ruthless Muslim Arabs did not want to give them the right to exist. ” There are many myths. And the task of honest journalism is to contribute to their exposure, to separate truth from half-truths and from blatant lies. And one, and not insignificant, facet of truth is that Israel, as a kind of necessary for the political and economic international ruling class, was indispensable, although – it could take place as a state, not only on the land, which is promised for the faithful Jews – the elites were preparing fallback options, one of which was the creation of a new state in Patagonia. The latter does not in any way fit into the myth supported by the information space that has dominated the world for many years.

It has long been clear to many Palestinians that in order to withstand the unequal struggle against the occupying Israeli military, it is necessary to draw a clear line between religious values and political realities, which in fact have nothing to do with each other. The Israeli progressive intelligentsia, such as, for example, the Israeli writer and scientist Illan Pappé, who wrote the book “The Myths of the Founding of the State of Israel”, also contributes to the noble cause of information confrontation with the carriers of a picture of the world that is beneficial for the economically owners. In it, the author outlined the reasons for the Arab-Jewish conflict from the point of view of an objective historical picture of what happened. Since 1967, as a result of the second phase of neo-colonial Israeli occupation of Palestinian territories, the remaining free 22% of the Gaza Strip and the West Bank were occupied, and a million Palestinians who took refuge in camps for internally displaced persons were deported, the Israeli state has been holding in the “hot spot” regime of East Jerusalem, where the Palestinians all these years have put up heroic unequal resistance. In addition to the fact that the Palestinian territories are occupied by the Israeli military, part of the territory of the former Palestine belongs to various Arab states. These are such disputed territories as the Sinai Peninsula, the Golan Heights, the Naraba Valley and the Shebaa Farms.

Since then, attempts at further military expansion, ethnic cleansing and repression have become a constant background in the life of the Palestinians. In addition to these persistent tensions in the Gaza Strip, an additional one has been added in recent months: an internal crisis in Israel, where elections have been announced four times over the past two years. The latter were in March of this year, and so far the Israelis have not been able to form a stable government. One of the reasons for this is that Mr. Netanyahu has to face various lawsuits brought against his government on corruption charges. The ruling circles of Israel are ready to resort to any method that can work as the only lifeline for the Netyanahu team in order to stay afloat and avoid being officially accused of corruption. In this case, these are the events of an exacerbation of the interethnic conflict, which is rapidly developing into a military confrontation – against this background, the preservation of the status of the inviolability of the position of the current political leader serves as the sought-after “lifeline.” The ruling circles of Israel are ready to do anything to keep the power in their hands – even if the price of this power will be paid for with new human sacrifices. Moreover, the escalation of the armed conflict, with rocket bombing of the territories of both sides, leads to the victims not only of the Palestinians guilty in the eyes of Netyanahu, but also of his fellow citizens – the Israelis.

Comrade Yuzef Illizarov
Political activist
curator of the joint project “Nuremberg-2022”
Rishon-le-Zion, Israel
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