Alyona Ageeva, now representative of the political movement “South-Eastern Star”, has a lifetime of political experience in Eastern Europe, has been a member of many revolutionary organizations and organizations and, above all, is a true global militant and acts locally. Alyona collaborates with La Gaceta de los Miserables from the first issue as correspondent of Eastern Europe, and this interview is the product of our relationship.

1.What are really the main objectives of Southern Star and how did you manage to find this?

The original idea originated in 2012 in Cuba, where volunteers from many countries gather annually in the international “Siham” Camp, sympathizing and supporting the conquest of revolutionary Cuba. We held an informal meeting there, which was attended by representatives of Russia, Nicaragua, Chile, Greece, Iran, Lebanon and some other countries where there is a tradition of a leftwing political movement and there are groups and singles who come to Cuba in order to overcome the disunity between people who have Marxist and neo-Marxist beliefs. When we communicated, an extremely important decision arose to create a certain format of stable communication between the countries.
The expansion of the coordinated “SOUTH-EASTERN STAR” of the revolutionary Network to the countries of the European Union was actively held in 2013-2015, having received six new Headquarters in joint semi-secretive, open-anonymous work in Spain, Italy , Ireland, Poland, the Czech Republic and Slovenia. The first meeting of representatives of the international basic structure “Southeast Star” was held in March 2013 in Serbia, in the cooperative campsite that we rented (in the mountain-resort zone). In the process of our “Round Tables” we have started the development of the theoretical base of SOCIAL-COMMUNISM. And first of all, after conducting the communitarian theoretical and empirical meetings, we stated as the basic basis of our ideology: SOCIAL-COMMUNISM does not change the classical doctrine of Marxism-Leninism, but it changes methods strategy and tactics of resistance, adapting them to the complex and insidious conditions of the “information revolution” “Of the XXI century. It is precisely the understanding of today’s Scylla and Charybdis, between which the maneuvering of our movement is still successful (opportunism leading to Menshevik views, and opportunism , But it gave us the opportunity to come to the realization of the need to switch to a format of political underground activity for which conspiratorial methods in South America, Latin America (Colombia, Chile), Greece and Russia are similar, but different are the features of these Strings, their political regimes, equally, however, using the methods of state repress the suppression of left-radical opposition.
For our comrades from Nicaragua, Venezuela, Chile, Greece, Iran, Lebanon, and from the younger Headquarters of the Eurozone (Ukraine, Serbia, Spain, Italy, Ireland, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovenia), we developed a scheme for further joint tactics and strategy, based on the principles of a new type. They can be briefly stated in two theses: we are MarxistLeninists, internationalists trying to fit our socio-political values ​​into the postmodern era. Belonging to the avant-garde, to the most conscious part of the revolutionary movement, gives the right to us and our like-minded people to defend clear social imperatives operating in the new conditions of the information society. They are aimed at the same overall strategy, but differing in detail for all International actors of the movement, with the sole purpose of taking control of the discrete process of the world revolutionary movement with the help of new high technologies, since, at this historical stage, it has come to coordinate and consolidate it, in some moments, adjusting depending on the rapidly changing socio-political conditions. The theoretical justification, along with the proletariat, which entered the historical arena under the pressure of political power elites against a new social stratum, not built into the system-the preсariat, became possible thanks to the realization of this (avant-garde) spontaneously organized and manifested free political force based on a conscious anti-capitalist-antifascist Resistance.

2. What is the Southern Star positioning about supranational institutions? Do you think internationalist movements have to be public and global or have to be first regionalists and “discrete”. I’m talking about the current relations between guerrillas, leftist governments and parties.

Our ideological neo-liberal opponents give us an illustrative example of how important and often underestimated the influence of small organized groups on global historical processes. “Modern political economy,” wrote the Nobel laureate in economics, the liberal American economist P. Krugman, “teaches us that small, well-organized groups often prevail over the interests of the wider public,” and the example of the neocons in the United States in the 1990s visually demonstrates the example of the huge role of small, well-organized groups in largescale historical processes. Auguste Causen, on the example of the revolutionary influence of the French encyclopedic theorists who lived and acted before the era of the omnipotence of the media and network information structures, the control over which increases the potential of such small groups of this type, not just at times, especially if the representatives of this group are in different parts of the world.
Being in the Russian political space as long as closed and anonymous, it can be said, an underground group, the “South-East Star” has become a coordinating network center for new, neo-Marxist groups spreading in different countries, which in essence are both before and for the purpose of co-ordination joint efforts, the International, which existed as an unnamed political force in the world, actively resisting a single banking system, entangling and absorbing a unique multipolar field from Eurasia to the Atlantic.
Our Revolutionary Way is horizontal, and it goes to the most impassable places of the planet, where only international transnational corporations could still reach, in pursuit of new life. Only horizontally adjusted wise revolutionary fury can demolish alabaster foundations of financial supranational pyramids from the face of the Earth. Thus, the world ruling elites as a class, by their pressure, created the processes of social atomization of society reproducing themselves in modern information technologies, together with total alienation in it, is likened to a snake biting itself by the tail.

3. This a more committed question you do not want to answer if you do not want. How does Southern Star work? I mean, your structure and functioning may be an example of twenty first century communist organization.

My answer to your provocative question may, at first glance, seem like an attempt to “pour water” and talk about nothing. In fact, for a number of objective reasons, the structure of the “South-Eastern Star” at this stage can not be subject to discussion, as well as some methods of its functioning. We act in difficult socio-political situations of our country and the modern world. In the context of the situation in our country, our movement can be labeled as ripe within the second protest wave. I think that everyone remembers how the first wave of protests against the capitalization of the post-Soviet space was drowned, showing the inconsistency of bachelor actions, and causing a wave of mass arrests, for example, active members of the National Bolshevik Party. Necrosis and decay of the leftist movement in Russia in the subsequent zero years, the decline and decay of many organizations that initially stood on Marxist positions can not be explained only by the Marxist failure and stupidity of the left. These processes are a reflection of objective changes in the socioeconomic environment in the context of the world capital that has strengthened its position, surrounded by a dense layer of its serving representatives of the so-called “middle class”, a significant part of which is the socalled “office plankton” consisting of absolutely deideologized and distant from the abstract thinking of careerist techies.
My opinion is that in the conditions of propaganda tricks and informational “turnabers”, in few rallies organized by the Russian conventionally “left”, real fighters with the System do nothing: rallies do not solve anything in our favor, they do not bear fruit and results, but they help Russian special services to identify the most active and potential personified protest potential. That is why the International Organization, one of the coordinators of which I am, is fundamentally new, completely different methods, tactics and strategies than the “left” of the media PR, accustomed to hanging out with beautiful flags and slogans in front of TV cameras Just like my like-minded people, I believe that a self-pity in any form is an unconscious suicide; destroying the perspectives of the organization … And those for whom some “methods” that work “on demand” of power and security structures become apparent through blackmailing or “bribing” the leaders of the majority of “protest” leftist parties and movements of the Russian Federation.

4. You were for some time organizing rock festivals and participating in liberation communes. As far as I know, those activities were banned by the government. How do you think confronting prohibitions while fighting for socialism can get together? I know it’s a hard matter.

The fact is that in our country, traditionally, even in the post-Soviet years, an alternative official subculture was formed and acted, with such a unique countercultural phenomenon as Russian rock music. In the 90 years in Russia there was a rapid polarization of the population, which is characteristic of the early stage of capitalism the most predatory of its manifestation. The collapse of the economy, the shutdown of many large enterprises in the country, the subsequent impoverishment of almost 80% of the population and the mass media’s imposition of neo-liberal values, which the new ruling class tried to implicit in the mass consciousness, caused a sharp rejection among the younger generation.
The emerging post-Soviet counterculture again “went to the cellars”, sharply “blushed”, headed the protest youth movements. Many took a close ideological position, such as, for example, Yegor Letov and his follower Alexander Nepomnyashchy, in organizing the concerts of which we have participated in the South of Russia (and it is interesting that the ban on the work of a rock singer from the left radical political views also act after his early death in the past, in 2016, by a court decision of the Kirovsky District of St. Petersburg, one of the songs was listed as banned (“Kill the Yankees!”) … So the skills and skills to circumvent this kind of bans related to censorship and suppression of dissent, I, like many of my comrades in wrestling, are almost at the automatic, subconscious level.

5. After Soviet Union was defeated, how did you manage -the militants, to achieve new objectives, to keep organized?

Our South-Russian (Caucasian) 11th Network Rate, for a number of reasons, connected with the informal Veterans’ Societies of Warriors-Internationalists of local conflicts that took place on the territories of the Republics of the former Soviet Union. These are people of a special type, special life experience, internationalist soldiers, long disillusioned with the social and ideological system, and also in the system of values of today’s capitalist Russian Federation. Among the young generation of former veterans who had passed “hot spots” (most of which were Chechen companies), an illegal movement “Red Cossacks of the 21st Century” that joined our organization appeared in the North Caucasus.
At the present time, young representatives of Cossack public organizations scattered across the territories of countries and republics that once belonged to the CIS (many of them were “baptized of fire”, as volunteers today) are ready to join the “South East Star” . At first, territorial remoteness seemed to us a significant obstacle. However, these representatives of the Cossack communities, by virtue of their experience, gradually abandoning the existing in the Cossacks environment from the beginning of the revival in the 1990s of right-wing views coming to oppositional, socialist views, there is the experience of successful, coordinated actions under the “remote” center -, a network that allows the cossacks as combat units scattered throughout the most remote territories of Eurasia, if necessary, to act in an organized manner. Now unites that all these people are the combat units of the International created by our “Southeast Star”.

6. And consequently with the previous question, which are right now, according to your view, the main focuses of fighting in Eastern Europe? Do you think that there has been a refoundation of extreme right ideologies in Eastern Europe, or is it due to the historic joint that extreme right is needed and supported by Europe, as it is in Ukraine?

Yes, comrades, we can not help noticing at the present time in the political theater of the countries of Eastern Europe and the Balkan Peninsula-an obvious rise of right-wing and nationalist forces (and gaining influence and popularity among the masses) nationalist parties that were still in the sex five years ago -marginal state. Under the upswing, we mean to sharp financial improvement in the state of right-wing, conservative parties, the promotion of their leaders to the parliaments and state administrations of the countries of this part of the European continent against the background of parallel repression by state structures communist, socialist, anarchist organizations that we can observe, starting in 2016, in Poland, Greece, Bulgaria. On the other hand: in Bulgaria the party “Ataka” is in the lead; Romania the party “Great Romania” is in the lead; Slovakia Our Slovakia is leading; Hungary members of “Yobik” represent already in the Government of the countries … In Greece, with conditionally “left radical” SYRIZE as the ruling party, there are active processes of the society’s fascization: The middle class, business elites, began actively investing in finance for a new turn of the “promotion” of the crypto-fascist party “Golden Dawn”. We agree with the New York edition of Jacobin and the columnists of the European information of the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation that the above-described, one process launched by the project of the “European” conservative nationalist international coalition Right-Populism for Eastern Europe -2018 “And modern Ukraine is a victim country, part of this process … Ukraine is an experimental range used in 2013-2014 political technologists and investors from the European Union and the United States, working actively today on the project of the fascization of the countries of Eastern Europe I have already named and these processes are for an obvious signal for a united, structured network of international and radical action, the basic principles of which we will be able to share with you in the very near future!

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