The year 2022 has destroyed all illusions and hopes for peace treaties with the ruling classes and inert coexistence with them in our countries. The ruling minority has stopped playing “bourgeois democracy” with us and has moved into a phase of outright terror and violent militarization. Thus, they proved forever that only Marxists are absolutely right. The international bourgeoisie, which finds itself in its man-made crisis, finds no other way out for its fears than to destroy the male capable population in interstate wars, achieves its goals of developing other people’s resources and utilizing those parts of society that are capable of actions to overthrow the government by armed force.

The contradictions of the capitalist world order, which for more than a century has not received any, at least some serious resistance from the masses, entered the phase of barbaric wars, endowed with the technical capabilities of the 21st century. Today it is simply absurd to blame the bourgeois elites, who came to power on our hands and with the help of our collective weak will. And now, in order to retain and expand this power, to increase profits with its help, trenches, cemeteries and prisons are being clogged with our bodies. In order to propagate alienation—as the most important condition for the effective control of their minority over our majority—we were initially led through the vent of liberalized labor, coupled with the struggle for existence. To effectively make “cannon fodder” of us today and tomorrow to solve the private interests of 15-20 united criminal groups that are in power in the United States, in Russia, in the EU countries, in the countries of Southeast Asia. As always, the words of Vladimir Lenin from his fundamental work “Imperialism as the highest stage of capitalism” are relevant now: “Countries exporting capital have divided the world among themselves, in a figurative sense of the word. But finance capital also led to a direct division of the world”.

The year 2022 has revealed both the madness and the conscious renegade of many of those who, either by tradition or by fashion trends, were yesterday called communists and socialists. Many of those whom we could mistakenly consider as comrades-in-arms voluntarily stood under the patriotic banners of the insatiable bourgeoisie, readily agitating for the massacres of civilians in neighboring countries; justifying with post-imperialist rhetoric the genocide of children, women and the elderly, deprived of heat, water, electricity in winter… What steps should we take in order not to miss the last chance, now, in the sober optics of dialectical materialism and active humanism, which is aware of the nature and prospects of current processes capable of to become final for the Man? Let’s try to define here. First, he explained that, for sure, these steps are not to repeat the dead-end, exclusively actionist steps of the past decades, not supported by our unification.

The year 2023 is the time for the start of the movement – already public and mass, which we have been delaying for so long or not finalizing every year – a movement towards the formation of a working internationalist working scheme of communists and socialists, regardless of which country in the world they are in. Today, proposals for the creation of an actual communist International, formed using all the possibilities of the century, are not a pathetic statement and not a utopian abstraction: the International is the only way out. This is the optimal form of survival for those who do not just want to live to the grave, but for those who understand the full responsibility of life on Earth, who intend for it to maximize the level of class political and revolutionary struggle in their own country and in any other country in the world where absolutely a similar set of problems. The program strategy of the Internationalist Communist Mobilization (ICM) has been put into operation through the political representatives of a number of countries in Europe, South America and Southeast Asia. The strategy of Internationalist Communist Mobilization (ICM) that we propose is a basic experimental project that can involve the maximum amount of the resistant Marxist potential of the continents in the final formation of the social communist International.

In the agony of the capitalist system of the world, which can last for decades and take millions of human lives with it, the activity of all kinds of retrogrades, idealists, mystics, champions of obscure, traditional values is characteristic. We understand; they are trying to impose the past on us in order to deprive us of the future. Auto-da-fe, penal servitude, quarries, quarters of beggars and thieves and other romance of medieval novels are already on the threshold.

By 2023, the world will enter that era of already barely controlled chaos, which will not spare either its creators, who divided the world into profitable sectors of private dividends, or ordinary citizens, each of whom is the breadwinner and, unfortunately, a reliable slave of the creators of chaos. The Transnational Capitalist Class (TCC), whose representatives, despite their inherent absolutely marketing paradigm of thinking, are firmly tied to a single goal – to keep the masses in obedience. The TCC, paradoxically as it may sound, is the most marginalized minority, cut off from mass social existence, constituting no more than 7% of the entire population of the Earth. This minority is trying to keep the masses in obedience and unconsciousness, united for this purpose, and overcoming their extreme disunity. Standing on the other side of the barricades, resistant movements of this or that country of the world, being in the isolation of national and linguistic borders, in the isolation of localized regional problems, despite the unified information model of existence created by common efforts, are still not able to solve even the smallest issue. It is futile to attempt to oppose individual, local actions and certain, pinpoint information activities, conducted in line with the class struggle and propaganda, to the more united forces of international reaction at the moment, which have an endless turnover of commodity and economic ties. For decades, attempts to revive the Internationalist systems have encountered obstacles not only of an economic nature that complicate the movement and flights of its activists, but, above all, unfortunately, they have encountered skepticism and misunderstanding of their own, representatives of regional and national political formations of the left wing.

We must understand how beneficial political isolation between the forces of resistance is to our class enemy. Together with the resulting political marginalization, which, if we do not realize it, will be reproduced again and again. Thus, we are not a real counterbalance to the TCC, but only a sluggish backdrop of sporadic outbreaks of popular protest. Such a background, against which any action of the working class does not go beyond the expected, fits into the system calculated by the ruling classes of those countries within which it tries to act. For the post-informational atomized society of the 21st century, moving towards its middle, the principle does not always work: there is a party, therefore, there is a sense of participation in the Internationalist struggle, if there is no party, there is no sense of participation in the Internationalist struggle. Unfortunately, in Russia, Poland, Greece, France, Italy and other countries of the European continent, we have repeatedly had to deal with examples of unsuccessful political work, when local political activists refused proposals for integration into internationalist action. At that time, they did not find any reason for themselves in internationalism, and some time later the same political activists took the most ridiculous and ontologically losing part in bourgeois electoral procedures. Showing skepticism about the relevance and priority of internationalism, they relied only on the factor of a meager chance of integration into a powerful, or near-powerful, administrative resource, thereby wasting their potential. Today we say: primary organizations, cells, can naturally grow to the level of a political party, initially taking shape through the processes of internationalist political work as a section or an associated member of a single international whole.

Around the idea of Internationalism, as an absolute product of the Marxist communist paradigm, there is a lot of bourgeois speculation. For example, the European Social Forum, the ESF, which is organized by the European Parliament, the Council of Europe and other controlling systems, whose accounts are in the assets of the European Central Bank. Each European Social Forum, despite the presence in it of parties that call themselves “radical left”, has a logical report, transmitted each time to the headquarters of the High Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, Josep Borrell. This supervisory body should every time make sure that there are no potential threats of attempts at a revolutionary, real reorganization of the social landscape in the EU countries. Another example is from the bourgeois authoritarian system of the modern Russian Federation: under the supervision of the Russian Foreign Ministry, there are a number of creatures that also perform the functions of foreign intelligence and create the illusion of procedures for people’s diplomacy. In the form of an ersatz of Soviet internationalism, Putin’s Russia creates various “friendship societies”, whose representatives are “red” systemic conformists, licensed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation, and have funding from the Administration of the President of the Russian Federation. People nominally under the control of state departments traveling on formalized “internationalist visits” – today, for the most part, support Russia’s imperialist military aggression in Ukraine. Moreover, their “internationalist events” serve as an exclusively utilitarian application for the Russian ruling bourgeoisie: Italian communists rally in front of the Ukrainian embassy, a Belgian socialist argues that only the great Russians gave everything to the world, and in Latin America they chant “NATO hands off Russia” etc.

The idea of the Internationalist Communist Mobilization (ICM) was formed on June 20, 2022 at the Visiting International Council of our organization. This happened three months before the dictator from the Russian oligarchy, V. Putin, made the concept of “mobilization” scary and ugly, having carried out the so-called “partial mobilization” within Russian society – a criminal procedure for the forcible militarization of civil society and the integration of its male combat-ready part into context of military aggression against Ukraine. It has nothing to do with the mobilization of the Second World War (for the Russians – the Great Patriotic War) of 1941, with which the propaganda machine is trying to draw an analogy. In our opinion, the “special operation in Ukraine” is a radical form of redistribution of private property by the capitalist leaders of several countries.

We, representatives of the Indonesian, South American, Filipino, Iranian, Nepalese, Russian and other relatively young sections of the internationalist network ( International of Combat Social Action) SOUTH-EAST STAR, use the concept of “mobilization” to clear it of everything previously used in militaristic rhetoric different countries. Communist mobilization is a voluntary concentrated active movement of horizontal socio-political ties, carried out by maximizing the use of the external and internal potential of each participant, his abilities, talents and opportunities. The mobilization of creative, intellectual, strong-willed, technical, material resources – which, at the time of an acute political crisis within the ruling class of one of our countries, will quickly require a common physical resource. Like-minded people from different countries, both those who are already involved in the activities of the internationalist network, and those comrades who are politically active in their own countries but are not yet involved in a unified internationalist strategy. And – to do symmetrical actions, each in his own country, but by collective agreement.

At the moment, our internationalist network (International of Combat Social Action) SOUTH-EAST STAR has integrated parties, organizations and movements in countries separated by border redoubts and thousands of miles from each other, such as Indonesia and Russia, Greece and Iran, Serbia and Peru, USA and Nepal. In the ranks of our International there are people of Marxist-Leninist views and Communist-Maoists. At the moment, we have achieved equal coexistence within our structure of representatives of the confrontational left political camps, conditionally divided into “Trotskyists” and “Stalinists”: our unity is determined by common goals that exceed program differences. We stand on the position that today there should not be decisive, serious contradictions between representatives of various kinds of political followers of Marxism, which could not be overcome in a debatable way, in the name of the survival and prospects of human (humanistic) civilization. Every modern communist is right, a socialist who understands that any demarcation within the left political environment is currently an investment in the resource of our common class enemy.

Our real or potential collaborator is any scientifically minded Marxist who opposes the Transnational Capitalist Class (TCC) in all its many manifestations and is willing to take the rational risk of the modern revolutionary. In the present conditions, at the same time, he must understand the essence of all post-imperialist hostilities that break out in different parts of the world, without giving priority to the bourgeois aggressors of Moscow or Kyiv, Armenia or Azerbaijan, Washington or all the countries of the NATO bloc. We will never line up with those social chauvinists who support the military aggression of the ruling bourgeois elites of their countries, justifying the massacres of civilians, using propaganda templates that appeal to the aesthetics of Soviet resistance to Nazi fascism, inciting the pathos of right-bourgeois patriotism.

In our internationalist program, the principle of egalitarian decentralization is currently a priority. This is such a principle that each of the countries participating in the International has, through its representation (section) in the internationalist network (International of Combat Social Action) SOUTH-EAST STAR, the full function of the coordinating center. In this natural way, the countries that centralize around themselves the internationalist social communist movement will themselves acquire leadership by right in the process of common pre-revolutionary and revolutionary action.

Here I would like to recall the paramount words of Comandante Fidel Castro, uttered by him at the closing of the 4th Congress of the Union of Young Communists of Cuba. April 4, 1982: “Consciousness of international duty presupposes the rejection of chauvinism, the struggle against national egoism, since national egoism has nothing in common with Marxism, Leninism, or communism.” And further Fidel summed up: “I am convinced that our country, having limited wealth and a relatively low level of development, has a people who are distinguished by an exceptionally high level of consciousness. One proof of this is its international spirit. It is very important to understand all this, otherwise we will become weaker.”

Below we offer you for your review partial theses of a basic nature from the program strategy of the Internationalist Communist Mobilization (ICM) for 2023-2024.• Empirical interchange, which includes the experience of creating a political organization/party/cell/group and organizing activities in the conditions of total high-tech control of the modern capitalist world. Exchange of experience on priority forms of socio-political interaction with three main social groups: workers of large enterprises and youth groups – students and youth deprived of the opportunity to receive secondary specialized and higher education. The third, the least represented for interaction, are active military personnel: both combat veterans and conscripts mobilized to participate in combat zones.

• Information-political secure network cooperation. Participation and cooperation in a single internal decentralized social network for the International, a secure messenger and a mail server, independent of any external owner, customer or censorship controlling body.
• Interstate social cooperation. The possibility of developing and implementing joint cryptocurrency and other schemes that provide an opportunity for material mutual assistance between the countries participating in the Internationalist Communist Mobilization (ICM) program strategy. Organization of traveling international Councils.
• International technological, methodological, informational and material support for revolutionary cells in countries and regions. Technological consulting of our associates and like-minded people in the field of network security and the basics of conspiracy in political revolutionary action.
• Theoretical and practical program collective work: collegial development of a unified and local program of action, with a common approach to the creation of organizations of revolutionary action. Also – the development of private software solutions, taking into account the regional and ethnic characteristics of the zone of action of our international resistance organization.

During January-February 2023, we will publish brief summaries and contact details of those political organizations of the world that are currently part of our internationalist network and integrated into the strategic program. Each of our readers will have the opportunity to organize a direct connection with the political organizations of the world of interest through our web resource.

We make an appeal not only to the already formed and established small and medium-sized political formations of the world; We call for all conscious and caring individuals to join the Marxist revolutionary struggle in the context of the Internationalist Communist Mobilization (ICM) program strategy, be it one person or a small group of like-minded people!

The final version of the Internationalist Communist Mobilization (ICM) program strategy will be published on our Internet portal on February 20, 2022.

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