Today, more than ever, the Venezuelan people are facing the danger of a military invasion of the Bolivarian Republic. An invasion of Venezuela from the territory of Colombia could lead to the defeat of what the revolutionary and socialist Commandante Hugo Chavez created. Especially if the United States succeeds in Brazil becoming able to use its border with the Bolivarian Republic as well…



Even during the first ten days of April, a serious contingent of the Colombian army and the American military from the mixed contingent of the Southern Command of the United States was pulled into the Colombian territories bordering Venezuela. In the districts of the departments of Arauca and Northern Santander, a connection is made between the Venezuelan armed Bolivarian forces of SEBIN and the Colombian partisan detachments ELN, with which official Bogotá could not agree, declaring them terrorist groups. The editors of the site received footage shot on a smartphone by Venezuelan and possibly Colombian comrades (this amateur video highlights what is happening on the Colombian side of the border). The video clearly shows the moments of the landing of the US military from helicopters in Northern Santander and Arauca. North American military training camps are based in these Colombian border departments. This story is not new – Colombian terrorist groups across the mountain borders of Colombia and the United States have been practicing sabotage for more than 10 years.

After a thorough scenario of the oppositional overthrow of the popularly elected President Nicolas Maduro from the inside out a year ago, and the figure of Juan Guaido was not so serious that official Washington could continue to rely on it, at the moment, others will be put into action, contingency plans for CIA political technologists and Pentagon military strategists. Open intervention, as everyone understands, is the latest option, as it can adversely affect Colombia’s reputation in Latin America, and also reveal all the maps of North Americans. Then it is hardly possible to use the rhetoric about the anti-people government of Maduro, which violates basic democratic principles and rights. However, it is clear that they exist in the United States.

Or, in the international capitalist business elite, forces that are extremely interested in returning to Venezuela’s “free democratic” world, with its richest oil production and oil refining complexes on the American continent. We all witnessed the events in 2019 in the South American state – Bolivia, where the people’s government was overthrown under the leadership of President Evo Morales. The Bolivian scenario clearly demonstrated that now the forces interested in the riches of South America (in Bolivia it is lithium and gas, in Venezuela it is oil and gas) will stop at nothing.

The landing and basing on the borders with Venezuela of the North American and Colombian military contingents also cannot yet be regarded as a fact of imminent open intervention. Still, official Washington should “keep a face” in front of the international community. However, what happened may mean that a variety of provocative moves will be undertaken that are convenient especially during the international quarantine of Covid-19. So, for example, because of the announcement by N. Maduro – “mobilization of all citizens in the face of an external enemy”, and the concentration of the Bolivarian armed forces SEBIN, MRT and popular volunteer units to the Venezuelan-Colombian border – it can lead to the fact that, using some or a provocative excuse, official Bogota will declare a violation of the border by Venezuela. This will mean the beginning of hostilities between Venezuela and Colombia, that is, the military intervention of the armed forces from the US military bases in Colombia. Thus, the Pentagon will be able to legitimize all the military operations it is preparing.

Representatives of the headquarters of the branch of the international human rights organization Human Rights Watch, present in Bogota, have repeatedly reported on unacceptable violation of the rights of civilians by armed groups. To this, the leadership of Colombia each time stated that the rights of civilians in Colombia in the areas of Arauca and Northern Santander violate the guerrilla units of the National Liberation Army – ELN (Ejército de Liberación Nacional) and representatives of the newly revived FARC, as a result of a violation by the Colombian government of the terms of the peace treaty , partisans … Paramilitaries ultra-right-wing formations, of course, have nothing to do with the oppression and insults of peaceful Colombians. However, civilians for the most part support the partisan combatants who are waging an armed class struggle for social justice, and it is completely impossible to imagine that representatives of the ELN or FARC could pose a threat to the Colombian peasants. The “handwriting” of the revived FARC is glasnost: that the FARC guerrillas are once again entering the class struggle with the puppet government, said Ivan Marquez, one of the leaders of the Front, Luciano Marin Arango, a popular video on YouTube. The partisans laid down their arms as a result of peace negotiations with the administration of the Colombian president Santos, who proposed instead of military action to create a party and political struggle. Marquez played a key role in negotiations with the authorities of Colombia on the conclusion of peace, but now – he has radically changed his mind about it. The reason was a violation of the conditions for the peaceful settlement of the long-standing civil war in Colombia, the responsibility of which is borne by the government armed structures, and, in fact, President I. Duque himself, who won the 2018 election and immediately positioned himself as an opponent of reconciliation achieved in several stages, over time. Ivan Duque called the ceasefire a “deal” with the FARC, considering its conditions too lenient with respect to former rebel leaders. After that, over two years, more than 100 former FARC representatives who laid down their arms were killed by unknown people, and paramilitarist ultra-right-wing formations began to “restore order” in territories that the Front had control not so long ago, in which there were a lot of its supporters. Marquez, who again made the decision in 2019 to fight with government forces and the “death squads”, again placed “under arms” about 3,000 experienced rebels. But first, he read out a message from which it became clear why one of the oldest Latin American rebel groups was reborn: “This rebellion does not rise from the ashes, like a Phoenix bird, to continue to operate in the more often distant jungle. No, he will fly through the crystal of these foggy distances to embrace with all the power of love the dreams of ordinary people about a worthy life and good government.” But in Arauca and Northern Santander, the armed people are representatives of the Private Military Company, hired by the business elite of the Transnational Corporations to protect the oil pipeline running in those places.

The reason for the outrage of human rights defenders is that peaceful Colombians living in Arauca and Northern Santander suffer from repression by paramilitary AUC armed groups. And also – the extremely unpleasant neighborhood with the contingent of the Armed Forces of Colombia, as well as – US paratroopers from military bases in different parts of Latin America, which are currently there on a permanent presence status. The military contingent, which President Duke allegedly does not know about, besides the U.S. marines and military experts from Israel, includes: 2 FUDRA special quick reaction groups, a territorial brigade, 15 tactical units of the National Army, and a marine battalion of the National Fleet. The composition of the Colombian armed forces in the Department of Northern Santander is approximately 1,500; and if the representatives of Human Rights Watch had interviewed the residents of these departments, they would have heard interesting information that the US military special contingent landed on large Boeing CH-47 helicopters around the clock, from April 3 to 6, 2020 … Their purpose? The fact is that the Colombian departments of Arauca and Northern Santander are located in close proximity to the border with the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela. And it’s almost no secret to anyone that the military contingent of Colombians, North Americans, and representatives of other neighboring countries, whose armed forces are closely intertwined with the Southern Command of the United States, is pulling together.

In Venezuela, in which the CIA pursued a “soft blow policy” for a long time, the local opposition was funded in the same way as Nicaragua and Bolivia. The “President,” Juan Guaido, is recognized only by the National Assembly of Venezuela, in which the majority of revenge went to the neoliberal opposition; USA and some of the OAS member states. Representatives of the far-right elite of Colombia, led by I. Duke himself and Alvaro Uribe, who have close contacts with US advisers and a group of hawks of the North American Congress led by Marco Rubio, an unofficial adviser to President D. Trump in Latin America, pursue goals that are far from defending democratic ideals. Of course, the military “fist” being prepared on the border with Bolivarian Venezuela is intended for other purposes – the plans of the USA and official Bogotá include armed intervention in Venezuela, as the implementation of the final, or backup, plan to overthrow the “Maduro regime.” Official Washington has little to suffocate the country’s economies of sanctions, US advisers set up against Venezuela, which they call the “illegal pro-Cuban regime”, the countries of Latin America, members of the OAS, and representatives of the Lima Group are practicing who will pour more dirt on the Bolivarian Republic.

Military preparations are conducted under the guise of USSOUTHCOM tactical military exercises, and are coordinated by the special headquarters of the Venezuela Affairs Unit (VAU) located in Bogotá, in the context of the multi-step military plan Unitas Lix. Colombian Army Colonel Carlos Castro Pinzon, Commander of the Colombian Armed Forces Joint Operations Group, as well as the US Army Colonel, take part in “military training exercises” aimed at coordinating forces on the Venezuelan border and diving across its border into the territory of an independent Bolivarian state. Stephen Barry, commander of the Bravo Joint Task Force. They discussed the course of tactical exercises in early March 2020, at Fort Buenavista, Colombia. Officially, the exercises are aimed at coordinating and uniting the US contingent located in Colombia at military bases – “to carry out humanitarian actions against civilians. The focus of this exercise is on strengthening long-standing relationships and enhancing the participants ’general preparedness, while at the same time demonstrating the steady promise of the US Southern Command to the Americans. Compatibility training allows participants to develop critical skills, benefiting the Colombian people.” But those who, over the years of “peaceful coexistence” with their North American neighbor, can read between the lines.

In the La Guajira area, the Bravo Joint Task Force US pilots from the Dyess air base in Texas from where they transported materials and equipment for the Vita exercises to the C-130J Hercules, took part in tactical training exercises, first to the Soto Kano Air Base, to Honduras, then – they were transported to Colombia, providing reinforcement of 1 battalion of the 228th aviation regiment in Fort Buenavista. It is known that among the new military equipment, which Fort Buenavista replenished, are M102 howitzers and CH-47 Chinook helicopters.

The Brazilian general said last year that he refused to use his country’s borders for possible intervention in Venezuela. But the neo-fascist clan Bolsonaro, ruling in Brazil, who leads internecine strife with some of the generals, creates and supports special terrorist armed groups aimed at sabotage operations in the Venezuelan territories bordering Brazil. In particular, the Venezuelan state of Bolivar falls under the Brazilian threat.



The neo-fascist groups, which are very radical, are being created again and again in Colombia. For example, the far-right terrorist organization Soldados de Franelas – Flannel Soldiers, which consists mainly of Colombian immigrants who have undergone special training before in Colombia – at the School of the Americas and in camps at military bases, under the guidance of instructors from the USA, Israel and the British PMC G4S. Led by Venezuelan combatants from the Lopezidos group, the right-wing organized crime group of opposition Leopold Lopez, they uploaded a video to the network where people with camouflaged persons claimed responsibility for setting fire to a warehouse with electronic voting machines used by the Venezuelan Central Election Commission. Then the group destroyed most of the voting machines (according to some sources, up to 99%), but the CEC of Venezuela said that this would not interfere with the holding of the parliamentary elections scheduled for this year.

The main human ordinary combat skeleton of Soldados de Franelas is Colombian youth who have Venezuelan citizenship and, accordingly, live in the Bolivarian Republic. These right-wing radical groups are in one way or another connected with the Colombian ideologized military drug cartel Los Rastrojos, the integration of the combat youth potential of which into the structure of Soldados de Franelas took place in the process of presumably, in the process of socio-political unrest and the attempted coup of the winter-spring of 2019.

The founder and first combatant of a terrorist opposition organization (at the beginning of 2018 consisting exclusively of recruited criminogenic Venezuelan youth – “white t-shirts” or lopezidos, known for their active participation in anti-government riots in 2017) was Oscar Perez, a former police officer from the state of Merida. O. Peres, who voluntarily left the ranks of the Venezuelan state law enforcement agencies, first – from 2015 to the end of 2017 – headed the Leopoldo Lopez Voluntad Popular party’s own security service of the right-wing liberal political party. However, since 2017, he leaves the sphere of legal political activity in order to start organizing the illegal armed ultra-right terrorist formation Soldados de Franelas.

Since 2018, the forces of this organization have committed a number of sensational terrorist acts, such as: attempted assassination of Nicolas Maduro using drones; a series of armed attacks on administrative institutions in the states of Merida and Tachira, after which it was eliminated by the presidential intelligence services along with most of its militants. Thus, until mid-2019, the legal leadership of the country was confident that the uninhabited remains of Soldados de Franelas no longer represented problems for the country’s security. But when he returned from temporary emigration to Colombia to Venezuela, during a coup attempt, the 27-year-old Juan Guaido brought to the case of Augusto Ramon Otero, the nephew of the murdered terrorist combatant Oscar Perez. Perez initially took an active part in organizing and coordinating anti-presidential rallies in Carcass in February-March 2019. Then he left, being in an illegal situation, reanimated and led Soldados de Franelas, whose military personnel was expanded and sealed on the federal wanted list of Otero groups of unemployed and marginalized youth from among the Venezuelan Colombians. In anonymous networks signed by the “flannel soldiers” correspondence was found dated March 15, 20, in which there is a discussion about the expediency and methods of possible acts of sabotage at military enterprises located in Venezuela. SEBIN has averted terrorist attacks.



The sovereignty of the Bolivarian Republic today is threatened not only by the newly made “left” opposition. Inside the country, there is an active ideological and military-tactical training of the youth masses living in the border state of Tachira and who are ethnic Colombians who are already hostile to the ruling “regime” of N. Maduro, and are adherents of the right-liberal ideology. A large number of them are directly or indirectly related to the armed informal groups of Colombia, formed by the leadership of President I. Duque, with the active assistance of the United States and Great Britain.

While the world community was closely watching the next February “provocative circus” of Guaido, events were taking place in Venezuela that were politically much more important and threatening the Bolivarian government – most of the international media ignore the information about it.

During the return of Guaido to Venezuela on February 17, 2020, under the cover of this informational occasion, an armed detachment of paramilitaries fighters was made across the Colombian-Venezuelan border, whose purpose, apparently, was to “carry out reconnaissance in battle.” This is reconnaissance and the vanguard of forces gathered near the border with Venezuela, among which are those infiltrated by the Colombian drug cartel Los Rastrojos. New Los Rastrojos troops today are actively recruited from unemployed Colombian youth, undergo accelerated paramilitary training and are trained by US Army Intelligence Support Activity instructors at new military bases located along the border zones with Venezuela: El Ramal, which is located in the Colombian region Pamplona, ​​and Palogordo, located in the foothills of Northern Santander.

Los Rastrojos is a newly formed military unit that has the capabilities of an army (and is fueled by PMCs) of the same name as a drug cartel. It is a tamed CIA armed organization that also controls it through people from the Mexican Sinaloa cartel. The latter, in turn, with the support of individual higher-ranking officials of the United States Drug Police (DEA) controls, according to various sources, from 60% to 80% of drug trafficking coming from the countries of South and Central America (drug caravans are located in Colombia, Brazil, Mexico and other countries, for example, in Honduras, precisely to ensure the operation of the Colombia plan, which includes drug trafficking, in 2009 the US paratroopers overthrew the government of Mel Zelaya, now an anti-people puppet regime in the country equipped with the revived Squadron . Mi Death “Honduras It is an important link in the chain of the plan” Colombia “- deep in the jungle, there are numerous medium-sized helipads for “special cargo”.

The leaders of the Los Rastrojos armed army, Sintio Somigliana and Raul Jorge Alape, were seen in a photograph with Juan Guaido during his recent visit to Colombia. However, the flow of money from CNN and other media giants made it possible to quickly “hush up” this slippery topic, and J. Guaido answered the accusations of the press and the Venezuelan public that it was “just the guys from the street came to take pictures, I don’t know them.”

The border guards of the Bolivarian Republic are always ready: it is not known what surprise they can expect from Colombia. On February 17, 2020, the border service of the Bolivarian Republic successfully neutralized a group of armed terrorists who were thrown across the Colombia-Venezuela border, representing a detachment of paramilitaries. This precedent once again makes sure that the border between Colombia and Venezuela is not the most controlled place in the world (otherwise there would be no more and more attempts to transfer armed groups of people led by experienced curators). For one caught group, there are 4-5 uncaught, like Los Rastrojos, who have tremendous experience in sabotage sorties and illegally crossing the border with Venezuela. They smuggle drugs and finance their representatives among the nearly 4 million Colombian diasporas living today in the border states of Venezuela. The main states of compact residence of Colombians are Tachira, Barinas and Apure. In early February 2019, it was precisely the representatives of the Colombian diaspora, the most prosperous and prosperous, from the states of Tachira, Barinas and Apure – in the amount of about 80 thousand people – who carried out the most active support for the candidacy of J. Guaido.

During January-February 2020, there was a sharp increase in mass trips of Colombian youth (Venezuelan citizens), aged 18 to 25 years, to Colombia, where they spent about 2 weeks and returned in groups to Venezuela. Thus, the Colombian diaspora is an “internal time bomb.” Venezuelan opposition media have already dubbed those detained drug cartel militants “freedom fighters who have suffered at the hands of the dictatorial regime.” And this is an excellent confirmation that sabotage transfers across the border are not only part of the criminal schemes of drug cartels. This is part of the drug trafficking control plan, and it is part of the US plan, carefully verified by the political technologists of the Pentagon and the United States to change power in Venezuela, which are held under the informational “cover” of Media companies.

D. K. Montenegro
Partido Socialista Unido de Venezuela,
(Caracas, Venezuela)
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