Pinochet’s ideological successor, Chilean President Sebastian Piñera, in the extreme affirmative puts before the Senate the extreme urgency of the “Intelligence Act”. Our Chilean comrades told how this could threaten any citizen of Chile: the transformation, virtually without legislative delays, almost automatically any citizen of the country into an enemy of the state. All the more so if someone loyal to the government or friends of the state conveys, in a simplified manner, the data available about this restless citizen, facts of an incorrect, too free way of thinking. All in all, nothing new for Chile; in this area, Sebastianito will be ahead of the rest of the planet, at least in its western hemisphere, progressively returning the too confused democratic Chile of the 21st century format to the same country, but in the 70-80s format. XX century, when there was an iron ordnung and one of the best economies (as the middle social strata feel nostalgic, those who are afraid for their prosperity).

Perhaps this is one of the most cherished desires of President S. Piñera, so that – God forbid – he and his family would never have to hide at the moment of aggravation of the political crisis in a bunker near La Moneda, following the example of an older friend and immensely respected President of the country – the world hegemon. Although, all the same, too obsessive desire to be an example of democracy and at the same time – the hegemon of the whole world, in the blood of the US Presidents – while the states striving for separatism, especially after the recent protest-anarchic events, will not demand everything from the head of the White House, to them according to the Constitution of the Founding Fathers.

Unfortunately, Donald Trump’s junior friend, S. Piñera, does not have military bases around the world (there are only a few USSOUTHCOM – Southern Command bases). They are always operational and on alert, as happened in Venezuela, and “flock” from all over to “rattle arms” at the country’s border with the government disobedient to official Washington.

Apparently, S. Piñera has already realized today that his highly professional representatives of military units, carabinieri services, who have not changed their structure since the time of Pinochet, and other military experts, almost all of whom studied at the School of the Americas, – this number of which, in the event of an even more massive the wave of protest, or rather, let’s put it bluntly, the Revolution, may simply not be enough to suppress the incipient real protest wave. The patience of the Chileans ended in last year’s autumn-winter days, but then finally “Chile woke up”); in which case the carabinieri commanders will be able to have every right to resort to the help of USSOUTHCOM, which will not leave a country in trouble, in whose depths there are still so many undeveloped resource wealth. Moreover, this is precisely the task of the United Southern Command – to serve the transnational capitalist class. For this purpose it is written in black and white: “The Southern Command of the US Army United Southern Command – USSOUTHCOM, was created to conduct operations in Central and South America. The military-political leadership of the United States traditionally pays great attention to preserving and expanding its influence in this particular zone. “

What is officially required in order for the numerous, deployed special forces waiting for their command at 2 of the largest US bases, in the Arica-i-Parinacota valley, and along the rest of Chile, right up to Southern Patagonia – one of the most relevant “tasty piece “of the world – had a legal basis to flock to the revolting Chilean cities? What counter-moment is needed so that, if necessary, USSOUTHCOM’s assistance is a deed and not a “military farce”, as was the case on the Venezuelan border from Colombia? ..

New and Final approval in the Senate of Chile of the “Intelligence Law” (this is a shortened version of the name of the law) and its phased introduction into the life of the country Mr. Piñera, goes for broke: in the second half of July creates a new, multifunctional and unified security service – revived already in a totally universal structural form – Agencia Nacional de Inteligencia ANI – headed, naturally, by Piñera himself. Today, the head of the right-liberal regime, Sebastian Piñera, a former civilian economist who tried on the “Pinochet’s cap”, we will see in his new role – the first president in history to combine the position of the Full Head of the Agencia Nacional de Inteligencia de Chile (ANI) – the Agency for Foreign Intelligence and Internal Counterintelligence Chile.

Mister President S. Piñera, the owner of Araucaria, as well as his influential business friends, leading geo-development in Patagonia Argentina and Chile, is unpleasantly emotional that the Chilean special forces and armed carabinieri did not succeed in still drive the indigenous peoples out of their places of historical residence. Especially – the freedom-loving people of the Mapuche Indians, whose Araucanian border was not violated even by the carabinieri under Pinochet. Now among them there are many organizations of the Resistance of Indigenous Peoples, very not even theoretically, entering into new battles and new battles with the regime of Sebastian Piñera, President and Head of ANI.

There is a lot of motivational political step for this, and a super-powerful “national” intelligence agency is being created, which will concentrate the information emanating from all the intelligence services of Chile, and even, possibly, through similar services USSOUTHCOM. As mentioned above, the head of ANI is supposed to be, apparently personally trained, Sebastian Piñera, who, according to the Intelligence Law, is given the opportunity to maximally expand a team of capable representatives of the Cabinet of Ministers, as well as intelligence leaders from three or four branches of the Chilean armed forces and forces protection of law and order. order.

Let us not forget that after the overthrow of the Government of Popular Unity, Chile is a country where, since 1973, the new economic possibilities of neoliberal theory were tested for the first time – sent specially for this by super-specialists in economics – the “Chicago boys”. Sabastianito, somewhere in their entourage upon arrival from the United States, where he received an economic degree from one of the most influential Chilean families, Sebastiano Piñera, an aspiring businessman with a good family takeoff, who did not even dream of trying on Pinochet’s general’s cap on his soaked neoliberal anemic theories and business plans head.

By the way, the very fact of the creation and thoughtful reformatting of a multifunctional new intelligence. Strengthening of management, which absorbs the functions of all other similar services, does not this innovation resemble the infamous Pinochet’s ubiquitous and omnipotent DINA, which has barely begun to leave the memory of Chileans, which sometimes managed to track down and deliver dissent leftist activists from other countries of the continent? It is curious that in July 2020, a small representative delegation arrived to congratulate Chile on the new “brainchild” of Sebastian Piñera. Among the most prominent figures: Andreas Klein from Germany, an ubiquitous personality in Europe, representing the Konrad Adenauer Foundation (in fact, a political think tank); from the UK professor of political science Mario Alvarez, from the Institute for Communication Research, University of Leeds. The guests, dear to S. Piñera, who arrived, were greeted by the President and the Prime Minister at the Palais de la Moneda, where a 5-hour closed “scientific consultation” was held – as he dryly and succinctly conveyed to the rest of the journalists by the Press Center of the President C Piñeras. In a short briefing to a limited contingent of state-owned local media and countries – mainly members of the Lima group (and – some people who came incognito), various details of cooperation and work of the new intelligence center with great powers were discussed.

It was interestingly noticed by our Chilean friends: even the right-wing political bourgeois public and the politically moderate middle class of Chile were extremely surprised and deceived in their expectations that there were no US officials. Indeed, in connection with the new event in Chile, there were no statements from official Washington at all, despite the more than close and friendly relations between the two countries. It is not just to remind doubters that the real, most important changes are prepared in the quiet of inconspicuous offices and are carried out by inconspicuous people. Antonio Gramsci, Italian communist theoretician and practitioner and theorist of the 20th century. in one of the “Prison notebooks” analyzing the future merging of large monopolies into transnational campaigns, he noted and analyzed in detail that the capitalist class will definitely prepare for itself “service personnel” from the intelligentsia, whose representatives will be doubly prestigious and profitable, under the leadership of the most the enormous power of the transnational business elite to engage in all types of organizational, logistic and other intellectual and analytical work. In any case, everyone knows from his own experience that in our post-informational time, how brilliantly their modern philosopher and journalist Thomas Friedman described it, in his book “Discworld”, where he pointed out the benefits of training intellectual personnel in different parts of the world, in third parts of the planet, which will become a social stratum that creates intangible capital. Such a caste should be attracted (and fed as a separate social stratum) and then massively trained from gifted students who accept democratic principles at face value. The most important planned changes in the political arena of the world must remain in a very dark shadow. And under the spotlights, only what is needed and possible for the majority of the human masses is produced.

Despite public support exclusively from Europe’s agents; The meeting in La Moneda was also attended by the Scientific Directorate of the Interstate Open University of Santiago de Chile, created in the first half of 2019 with the support of the Prasur alliance, which is a direct projection and controlled by the OAS and Official Washington. The Interstate Open University of Santiago de Chile, which has the character of a “quality cover legend”, is a full-fledged networked training and research intelligence center in Chile, under the leadership of the Head of Counterintelligence S. Piñera – an absolute control scheme for Latin America. The very fact that students selected throughout Latin America will study for free, while for almost decades Chilean students have been protesting against the country’s Education Program, which is not accessible to most young people for tuition fees.
At the moment, the Interstate Open University of Santiago de Chile already has 10 of its own DLC (Distance Learning Centers), which actively accepts young people from Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, Honduras, Ecuador, Bolivia, Paraguay, Peru, Panama and Colombia, and the course study at the Open and prestigious university is free. Certified political scientists and economists are recruited openly, actively; and for applicants – a very high competition.

Our comrades who are not fortunate enough to have brothers or former friends among the Chilean Armed Forces often have to listen to complaints that they are “humiliated” by the fact that Chile’s own Armed Forces, as an independent state, are, in fact, subordinate to the U.S. SOUTHERN COMMAND.

At the same time, the official media, reporting on the reconstruction and restructuring, as well as the new state superfunction of ANI, emphasize the ambition of the Chilean military, using such formulations in articles such as “transferring our Armed Forces to a more competent and prestigious level, where they“ acquire a new status and significance “. Judging by the information actively disseminated among the bureaucratic apparatus, the Chilean public, as well as – similar information from journalists, and from them – reaching the ears of those who want to hear, the urgent introduction of the Intelligence Apparatus Integration Law, – the military intelligence commanders are obliged to provide all available They have information to the director of ANI, which, as the Piñera`s journalists write, again, “is the exclusive trust of all the staff of the new intelligence agency ANI. However, things do not look so smooth. Rather, the opposite is true: S. Piñera’s potential image is severely damaged: even among the philistines who had previously sympathized with him – representatives of the middle class. Moreover, the “angry young electorate”, which began the usual peaceful action, more crowded than usual, in the form of mass protests for social rights in the field of pension and educational reforms, and for a new, non-Pinochet, Constitution, but, due to provocations, most likely, disguised ultra-right military groups, which grew into waves that swept through the cities of Chile. Everyone knows that the Chilean “left” youth destroyed metro stations, but who exactly started it is still unknown.

But in the late spring of 2020 again, despite the past brutal rapes, mass arrests and beatings, only to be arrested later, which was supposed to look like a stern “fatherly warning” from the good master of the country Piñera: “sit at home quietly, under quarantine so as not to get sick with coronavirus. ” In fact, all spring, and especially on May 1, the wave of protest was overgrown with new members – relatives of the victims and simply indignant Chileans. Civilians whose relatives, teenage children suffered from repressive measures, having lost their eyes, as a result of the targeted throwing of gas grenades, began to gather mass demonstrations accusing the military, carabinieri and Pinera himself that their young relatives and children had acquired disabilities.

Protesters and now, in July-August 2020, Chileans firmly accuse the authorities of deliberately causing disability to protesters Chileans (more than 500 people are deprived of their eyes, including minors, women, the elderly), demand the freedom of thousands of prisoners, rumored to be tortured. Demonstrations in Chilean cities gather outside the prosecutor’s office, demanding real justice. Numerous accusations are disproportionate for a democratic country that is still one of the most economically successful, which is why in Chile, which can only be compared with the United States itself, migrants from all countries of Latin America, who are now also “angry young people”, are drawn. merging into various left-wing radical organizations that are now consolidating.

Against this background, many members of the intellectual community, previously moderately inclined, are now also criticizing the introduction of the New Bill on the creation of a centralized intelligence center in Chile. The Center is supposed to integrate all intelligence agencies and subdivisions from other departments – and from military intelligence, with its some highly secret departments, as it should be for every normal capitalist country (after all, everyone should keep an eye on everyone)). Usually, well, not so roughly centralized in any other more or less moderately democratic country. Here, it looks quite ugly, in the spirit of S. Piñera’s autumn statement, where he called the protest riots announced to him (or – by him, the ruling elite) people. But already in this alignment of forces, when the regime is strengthening and tightening, while, however, officially not becoming right-fascist. No, no, what are you, – even General Pinochet preferred to sit at least half and half in half a chair, trying to appear to foreign photographers or delegations not so sadistic, but just … a person whom the Chileans themselves forced to make such extreme sacrifices. In general, in Latin America of those years, presidents, well, or dictators, willingly allowed to leave Nuremberg and settle away from Europe, hiding war criminals. But Pinoccio, they say, was so drawn with all his soul to communicate with former Nazis from Germany that he created a colony for them Dignidad (center, community?), Which, due to the geography of Chile, was difficult to find.

Probably, to turn the South American Chile, sufficiently developed by the standards of Latin America, into a country where only the ruling elite, a respectable family, and a social group of the middle class will freely live, but also a huge, almost neglected, social stratum (or maybe a class? ) ordinary Chileans – and this people is 90% unreliable, almost neglected, and for some reason striving for everything left-red in politics, it is precisely from such a danger to save his native country, the decent economist Sebastianito dreamed of in his youth. And, mind you, now he is more than ever close to such a dictatorial dream. If it is possible to track or cyber dossiers on every almost every citizen, then accuse him of something anti-state (and denunciations and torture for what?) passion for Marxism-Leninism, but also for the presence of relatives in Venezuela and just … for seeking help with a coronavirus from a doctor who received a diploma in Cuba. Perhaps it was in his younger years that Piñera began to feed and educate in the spirit of radical, ultra-right “conservatism” a group of ultra-right youth from quite respectable families, perhaps with the intention of arm them, as his colleague Alvaro Urribe did in Colombia. In Chile, these groups were called Death Squads. And now the elderly and not so Chileans are still crying at night for their husbands and children, with dawn again giving birth to a dream in their souls to find their traces, at least abroad.

By the way, the future Intelligence Center, which someone called the Piñera and Espina Project, still cannot be headed by President Piñera alone, given his completely spoiled reputation – he will only be a powerful “cardinal”. He is also very creative – changing the shape of the future superintelligence from time to time, he recently coined the term “national groups” as a new threat. Apparently, they mean the Mapuche Indians, who began to give a worthy rebuff to the Carabinieri.

Dear comrades, in more detail about today’s heroic Resistance of the Mapuche people, in a frank and truthful article sent to us by ethnic leaders persecuted by the repressed machine of Chile – indigenous Indian peoples, read soon on our Internet portal

Alyona Ageeva
the Commissioner of the Russian Section of the
International Combat Social Actions “SOUTH- EASTERN STAR”

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