“The agreements between the United States and the right regime of Jair Bolsonaru, which were approved in 2019-2020, give World Capital privileges – to the detriment of our national interests, and show complete disrespect for our sovereignty; they are not interested in Brazil from either an economic or military point of view. We can argue that the Bolsonaro project is to bring Brazil to its knees in front of the United States.”

After the impeachment of Dilma Rousseff in 2017, and then the arrest of Lula da Silva, accused of corruption, as the North American political technologists had planned, they “cleared” the place that was immediately occupied by a new figure – the right-wing conservative J. Bolsonaro. The militaristic tandem of J. Bolsonaro and his “right hand” General Hamilton Mourão reinforces the far-right terror in Brazil every week against the dissenters – supporters of center-left, communists, etc. In fact, the Brazilian repressive state apparatus is in a state of permanent war with the people. J. Bolsonaro, immediately after taking office, expressed his ardent desire “to cleanse the homeland of harmful elements”, starting in January 2019, he conducted “purges” in the leadership of the Armed Forces, and especially in the personnel of the state intelligence and counterintelligence service Agência Brasileira de Inteligência – ABIN. An unusual circumstance for such historical practices is that the “personnel update” was carried out mainly not in the top leadership of the security forces, but among the rank and file and the current officers. Mass layoffs affected about 17% of the staff; about 7% were subject to arrests. The director of ABIN, Wilson Trezza, who, paradoxically, held the same post under previous presidents, took an active part in the purges. Currently, the emphasis in society has shifted to the alarming pandemic of the coronavirus, which has already infected about 8,000 Brazilians. The Pentagon, seizing the moment, continues to strengthen imperialist neo-colonial influence in Brazil. Under the veil of the COVID-19 quarantine regime, – in many states of Brazil today, federal and law enforcement agencies work together with ultra-right paramilitary groups … Among the motley representatives of these volunteer armed groups that “help” the police, army and security forces, there are not only “fascist” immigrants from wealthy families, but also “secario” – militants of the drug cartel “Família Norte Tabatinga”. The Brazilians had to make sure of the close “connection” between the ruling class and the drug dealers, having experienced their “efforts” to “restore order in the country”.

Sometimes it seems that the History, which a priori should not stand in one place, at some moments and at some points on the planet refuses to go forward, closes in a ring, reproducing its most ugly pages. The bourgeois elite of Brazil seemed to have embarked on an ugly game of “time machine” – and the country again fell under the regime of the right dictatorship, although many Brazilians have not yet recovered from the consequences of one of the worst fascist dictatorships of Latin America of the 20th century.

The Brazilian Military Police Special Operations Battalion – BOPE, like other special forces – has close ties with the units of SOUTHCOM, the US Southern Command, which is designed to “force protect US military resources … in the region of Central America, South America and the Caribbean.” Coming from a military caste, the first president, after the military dictatorship of 1964-1985. Of the twentieth century, J. Bolsonaro does not consider it necessary to veil too much his extremely reactionary, ultra-right views, for the dictatorship of the twentieth century. was so long ago that only generations of those over 60, and even, perhaps, historians, remember her nightmares. The eldest two sons – support and support of the father in various positions, and the youngest, who took the position of adviser – Eduardo Bolsonaro – is proud of his membership in the local branch of the European fascist organization “The Movement”, in this new, even more ugly Frankenstein of the 21st century, cherished and created by former chief political strategist D. Trump – Steve Bannon.

This politician and financier is very friendly with the Italian League of the North, with the Hungarian V. Orban, more than once he also visited with unofficial visits to Rio de Janeiro, talking with President J. Bolsonaro. S. Bannon also does not hide his political plans and ambitions: in one of the interviews, he stated that “The Movement”, formed in the European Union, is called “to gradually seize positions around the world”. It is curious that although the official analytical center “The Movement” is located in Brussels, the real headquarters of this movement is located near Rome, in a historical architectural monument – the medieval abbey of Trisulti. It is within the walls of this institution, which has a mystical aura, into which they breathed “new life”, that the representatives of “The Movement” organize and operate the so-called “political school of sovereignty”, from which, according to the idea of ​​S. Bannon, “leaders of the new generation” will leave politicians. The ideologist himself and the creator of the neo-fascist-populist “international” calls the political school in Trisulti “the school of gladiators”: teaching there implies, in addition to political and ideological disciplines, psychological and physical training. The Movement Political Club is in close collaboration with DHI, a British organization promoting Christian traditional values, whose honorary membership belongs to prominent Catholic cardinals who are opposed to the progressive and democratic figure of the current Pontiff Pope Francis. Similar interweaving of interests of political forces and clergy has already been observed in history, at the beginning of the twentieth century. when the “new Italy” was built by Benito Mussolini, who, hoping to make the Vatican his support and concluding Lateran agreements with it. Then it ended very unsuccessfully.

Despite the fact that one of the ideologists of the White House and a great friend of the Russian national conservatives has recently avoided direct communication with like-minded people and creatures, the invisible presence of a “right-wing international” political figure is noticeable in different parts of the world, very distant from friend. Where the “dark cardinal” of the neo-fascist movement reviving in the world began his projects, he will certainly return.

“The Movement” and S. Bannon himself personally contributed to the victory of “Brazilian Trump” – J. Bolsonaro, who, however, unlike his “prototype”, brought to the political realities of the 21st century. features of a century of the past – typical for Latin American regimes, caudillismo and clannism. Although, of course, the modern dictator continues to assure the wide world public of his contemporary “broad democratic views.” The goal of his rule, of course, is “for the benefit of economic growth and the well-being of the motherland”. The bet in the economy, of course, is on the economic neo-liberal model, which has cracked both in Chile, where it was once tested, and in the very stronghold of “supporters and defenders of democracy around the world” – the United States.

The neoliberals from the business elite, pumping up a financial bubble, led the world to a global economic crisis. Nevertheless, political technologists, a new social group serving the ruling elite, are struggling to galvanize the political and economic corpse of the economic model familiar to the ruling international elites. However, this is not impossible – not with the help of “cosmetic” changes, nor with the help of any new fashionable theories. The modern ruling elites cannot even admit this to themselves: otherwise, the “sacred cow” of neoliberals will have to be called into question. The Ten Commandments that the masters of life are not willing to transgress are formulated and reflected in their alpha and omega the Washington Consensus. However, for many progressive forces in the world it is already obvious what is causing the economic and socio-political impasse that the whole world has found itself in: stock exchanges are collapsing, state institutions are undergoing more and more deformation, increasing socio-political instability everywhere.

The ruling business elites of globalized Capital cannot force themselves to admit that it is through their efforts that the world balances on a fine line – for decades, maintaining a shaky semblance of stability against the background of constantly emerging formidable outlines of impending disasters. At the moment, they are “taking shape” of the new virus pandemic – Covid19. A new threat arose before human civilization came from China, which had almost coped with the epidemic. But in the rest of the world, it continues to gain momentum, sparing neither the prosperous G-8 countries, nor the countries of Southern Europe, the traditional EU “weak link” on the old continent. The massive virulence of Sovid19, having flown to our continent, showed the failure of the US Health System, one of the most prosperous and strong countries in the world, claiming to be hegemonic in it. In New York, which has suffered most of all cities, terrible statistics continue to grow, showing a lack of flexibility in the market economy of a superpower: after all, there is a lack of basic medical equipment. It should not be surprising that it was possible for the number of people infected in New York to exceed 90,000. The epidemic only exacerbated the long-standing problem in the metropolis with medical coverage of a huge number of its population. Representatives of the “dysfunctional” areas here have long been deprived of the elementary opportunity to call an “ambulance” on time: an ambulance call, and especially further measures to save health, simply does not fit financially into the ordinary, average medical insurance of a layman in the USA. Medical care in the USA has long been prohibitively expensive and almost inaccessible to most, entering the list of protected privileges of the most wealthy social stratum. The fact that the Health System, at the first danger, began to crack at the seams and begin to collapse, burying the most unprotected sections of the population under its remains, is the result of a systemic failure, characteristic not only for the unalienated neoliberal model of the economy, but generally for capitalism as a whole, as a socio-political formation. Globalized capitalism, losing its last markets, is doomed to failure. However, it is very painful to see when, together with his rotten “scenery”, he drags hundreds of thousands of people into the abyss who have never had the opportunity to make a conscious choice in the direction of a particular socio-political formation.

It is possible that the gigantic scale that the threat of a new virus has taken in today’s world has become possible precisely because of the existing negative psychological mood that has swept the masses around the world – because of the global economic crisis, accompanied by an increase in unemployment, inflation, and the impossibility of the previously provided people get out of mortgage and other debts. It is well known that in the years of relative economic stability, modern civilization has developed mass immunity over the years – if it fails, you need to take a closer look at the reasons. And they are not in the migration collapse that swept Europe (then what does New York have to do with it), and not in the terrible nature of the new epidemiological danger. Experts will answer you (if you want to find out) that exacerbation of acute viral diseases occurs annually in the spring and autumn: about 20 strains of viruses are constantly present in our environment.

US President D. Trump, who at first did not believe in the magnitude of the pandemic, is now busy raising his image on speculative combinations of the image of a caring “father of the nation” demanded by the overwhelming majority of the electorate. In New York, there is an increasing number of deaths from coronavirus complications – ships with the latest medical equipment are sent, and the owner of the White House announces considerable financial benefits to the families of the victims.

The ideological followers of D. Trump’s conservative management style, the puppet rulers of the Latin American White House domains, behind whose screens are influential representatives of TNCs, also “play” this performance for their average people who hope that their lives are important to someone.

Here we can observe the coincident vectors of several cause-effect relationships. Even before the “viral element” rampant, serious people behind many of the processes taking place in the world decided that “hour X” had come again, when the last “unbroken” map of capitalism “the sacred brown bull of fascism” would feel most comfortable on the world stage “. Neo-fascist, nationalist sentiments that spontaneously arise in certain social strata of most countries affected by the crisis (especially the underdeveloped ones) are beginning to fatally seize the masses. They are assisted by sophisticated manipulations of public opinion, found in the presence of “political technologists” and the media of the modern information society, the arsenal of which could be envied by the propaganda machine of Adolf Hitler. People tired of economic instability no longer see any other salvation except a strong personality in power, relying on feelings of nationalist patriotism.

Apologists for neo-fascism of the 21st century, which, after a “reset” and adaptation to new conditions, replaced the previous neo-Nazi formations, are struggling to look smiling and democratic, as it should be according to the script. But they are not able to hide what they perceived from their swastika infernal predecessors that have sunk into oblivion (after all, besides the “Nordic” temperament and the psychopathic essence hiding behind him, ostentatious humanity was also characteristic). Behind the smiles of D. Trump, S. Pinier, J. Bolsonaro, I. Duke and the like are inhumane acts that are “economically profitable” both for themselves (for the class of the big bourgeoisie, always ready to follow their own heads), and for global Trans-Corporate business elite.

However, the Brazilian president has the innate, apparently, ability to surprise and “amuse” the public even in such a gloomy time: with his own, atypical remarks and “tricks” even for the “Trump mini-clones” that arose in different parts of the world. For example, the thoughts expressed by J. Bolsonar on March 30 in front of the media, in the spirit of the Nazi Lebensborn program, that “… healthy and athletically built people have nothing to fear. Well, someone – yes, have to die. You can’t stop the automobile conveyor due to traffic accidents, ”the president and his“ courtiers ”backed up with a massive performance in front of video cameras: nation leaders gathered in a friendly circle of sports lovers, despite the fact that they were dressed in perfectly sitting civilians suits, made at the expense of journalists sports “spin” from the ground.

Similar to the above, statements full of historical allusions are traditional both for J. Bolsonaro himself and for his current adversary, the former “right hand” Hamilton Mourão. However, the head of the ruling clan considers himself too burdensome to practice these platitudes and non-binding populist statements. The powers to conduct information battles were transferred to their youngest son, Carlos Bolsonaro. Now the emphasis in clan clashes has been shifted to cyberspace, and the younger representative of the clan, who was unlucky and did not receive a military education, valiantly “holds the blow” for his father in cyberspace, competing in informational battles with his father’s opponent – H. Mouran. On the pages of social networks there is an opportunity, in addition, to diversify the poor set of stamps, traditional for the ultra-right, in the form of maxims that “Fatherland is above all”, and “… traditional religiosity is an obligatory component for every true patriot of our beloved country.” But many ordinary Brazilians knew on their own skin what the demagogic balancing act of both sides is worth: on the favelas (dysfunctional quarters of Brazilian cities, approx. Ed.), Military units carry out tough “law enforcement operations”, the purpose of which, as sounds in official Media – “appeasement and protection of civil society and the fight against drug trafficking.” But this “good goal” for the right-wing reactionary regimes is always tempting – at the same time (or instead of protecting people from the atrocities of drug dealers) to “clean up” the streets from dissenters. Now, this will be supplemented by measures that governments are resorting to in connection with the COVID-19 epidemic, and D. Trump set an example for his “clones”: recently, on his orders, military forces were introduced on the streets of New York and other major US cities, in support of physicians, police and security forces who are not coping with the pandemic. In Brazil, where there are already more than 8,000 infected with COVID-19, now the military (as in many other countries of the world) will be completely free and uncontrollable in its anti-human policy. The conscious anti-capitalist opposition has long understood that in this way the interests of only a small layer of the most prosperous citizens, consisting of representatives of the ruling and business elites, are protected from possible panic and lawlessness of the remaining 90% of the citizens. The power structures of governments are on their guard: the most terrible signal for them is if these chosen ones feel uncomfortable surrounded by “unreliable elements”. Here the fantasies of conservative ultra-right rulers end, which, for all their desire to look as before, “democratic,” are forced to resort to forceful measures. Naturally, under such conditions everyone who has views that are different from the worldview of the ruling party is proclaimed “unreliable elements”: these are both ideological opponents who have leftist, socialist, communist views, and sympathize with them. This “ballast on the body of society”, according to the deep conviction of the representatives of the bourgeois, “it would be nice to just” write off “, as was done during the Third Reich in Germany.

In modern Brazil, in the midst of the twenty-first century. For this purpose, the far-right Death Squadrons have been revived and are again operating, which have a very distant relationship with the country’s regular army and its power structures. However, as historically developed in Latin America, far-right paramilitary cope with their tasks much more efficiently than any power or official army structures, because they are armed with neo-Nazi ideology. Sowing horror among the townspeople and the poorest people in the country, Death Squadrons of the twenty-first century. act in a classic mode for fascist dictatorships. Their “assortment” includes political killings of opponents of the regime and public activists, kidnapping and intimidation of their relatives. In parts of Brazil, federal and law enforcement agencies work together with these far-right groups. Sometimes – they act on their own, but always – by a tacit order “from above”, when the necessary and most inhuman anti-people’s “operations” are necessary for the regime, but for a number of reasons they cannot be performed by regular police or army units. One of the reasons is the “unpopularity” in the modern world of such steps that can cause justified indignation among the widest circles of local and world public. Another reason is that paramilitary voluntary units “in deed”, as a rule, manifest themselves more efficiently (are insured against “failures”) than ordinary representatives of army or police structures, often representatives of the very poorest layers recruited into the army to feed themselves. Moreover, the Death Squadrons are partially staffed by professionals from Private Military Companies, and the voluntary ultra-right representatives of the young “Brazilian patriots” undergo accelerated but high-quality military training in their ranks. Their informal leader, Carlos Bolsonaro, devoted much of his personal time to shooting training, under the supervision of experienced mentors from the BOPE community (Batalhão de Operações Policiais Especiais).

By the way, the motto and mission of the representatives of this specialized military structure is available on the BOPE website, which is slightly camouflaged as a group of fans of the Call of Duty war games. The blatant existence in the social networks of a group with such a frank propaganda of anti-human views is most likely caused by the need to replenish the ranks: they can be recruited only among narrow circles of “connoisseurs” of the old school, who like such slogans as “Our mission: to enter the favela and leave the body on the earth! ”,“ What we do: we do things that scare even Satan! ” Sign up for BOPE! Live a military life as one of the best armies in the world.”

The criminal drug cartels in Latin America are connected by different ties with the “powers of this world”, so the Família’s willingness to provide its most promising Sekario, lower-level criminals to the Death Squadrons, used, as you might guess, is not surprising defending the interests of Brazilian and international business elites. Volunteer paramilitary detachments armed with the latest military equipment – this “fist” of the far-right Brazilian ruling elite, and mainly consisting of PMC professionals and neo-Nazis trained at US bases – most often send to places where possible unrest may lead to violation activities of large Brazilian and trans-national corporations. The Brazilians had to make sure of the close connection of the ruling class with drug dealers, having experienced their efforts to “restore order in the country”: military operations carried out in entire cities and favelas are carried out “on a tip” from ABIN civilian agents, which. Were previously cleaned. Entire territories controlled by the armed and trained detachments of the “secario” thus turn out to be unaffected by military operations that are officially directed against drug dealers. At the same time, only those suspected of illegal underground activities are subjected to arrests carried out through military operations at the risk of life for peaceful groups of women and children.

Today, more than 160,000 virtually legalized slaves are working in Brazil: the working day of a low-paid agricultural worker lasts up to 20 hours. A five-minute break needs to be earned. The ranch is guarded by armed people (from the already mentioned far-right criminal groups) that suppress any attempted escape.

Under the Bolsonaro government, the tools to suppress the will of political prisoners, from the time of the military dictatorship of the 80s, are returning from oblivion to the arsenal of repressive bodies. XX century Daily beatings and regular torture became virtually a daily routine in Brazilian prisons crowded with people. Beatings are used even in pre-trial detention cells, while they are traditional for the twentieth century. sophisticated prison torture, degrading human dignity and capable of destroying a person – replenished with modern “ideas” of the new “doctors Mengele.”

It is the rule of the Bolsonaro clan that Brazil will be “obliged” to one of the bloodiest pages of its history in the 21st century …
   … suppressed at the cost of dozens of human lives, the uprising of prisoners in the Altamira prison block: People who could not stand the terrible conditions of imprisonment took extreme measures – they rebelled against their torturers. During this uprising, as a result of the actions of “government forces” – 57 people died. In the media, information about what happened in the Altamira prison block was turned upside down: – The reason for the confrontation of political prisoners against government structures, it turns out, was “an internal conflict between criminal groups.” Apparently, those who died in Altamir were the victims of the righteous attempts of J. Bolsonaro to solve the problems of the prison system crisis.

Our journalist from the socialist publishing group of São Paulo described the situation in this way, speaking of the prison administration (and those who stand behind it): “it seems that they made a choice of psychopaths. Where torture used to be, they were segmental and isolated. Now, as a result of the government’s strange response to the apparent problems of the country’s prison sentences, torture has taken on an industrial scale. We see that this is a banalization of evil.”

Around the same time that 57 Brazilians were killed in Altamira, fires began in the Amazon. It seems that the president’s statements, like “these fires are no different from those that occur in the Amazon from time to time, are local episodes that occur as a result of annual cases of spontaneous combustion of forests,” they only say that this happens the barbaric destruction of the forests of the Amazon with the knowledge of J. Bolsonaro. As always, business interests are involved in this: in accordance with them, indigenous peoples living in the forests of the Amazon region interfered with TNCs with their “actions” against the barbaric deforestation. It is difficult to conduct military operations of a repressive nature in forested, inaccessible areas: the inhabitants, who knew perfectly well how and where to hide in the wilds of the Amazon, “disappeared” when the Death Squadrons approached.

When representatives of local and foreign media outlets asked the President for the tragedy of Amazonia, where flames broke out in huge forests, Jair Bolsonaro assured them every time that Brazil was not facing a terrible environmental threat. So, at a press conference in Rio de Janeiro, in response to the bewildered questions of journalists about the fact that the government did nothing when, in 2019, the number of forest fires reached an incredible stage, many times higher than the forest fires of previous years, – the Brazilian president only … once again called on the citizens of Brazil “to peace and harmony.” It seems that the threat to the national heritage – the Amazon Green – worries only the indigenous peoples, left-wing environmentalists and representatives of the world community, who are struggling to draw the attention of the government to this threat. The backstage of what is happening is quite clear – it’s not in the president’s interests, as an explicit protege of the “shadow lobby”, who has his own motives, to reveal the true maps of what is happening (unless, of course, the ruling international elite devoted J. Bolsonaro to these plans).

As always happens in puppet regimes, among the two groups in power in Brazil there has long been no unity. By the beginning of 2020, it manifested itself in a confrontation between the clan of President Bolsonaro – and General Hamilton Mourão with his people. On the side of J. Bolsonaro was the division’s general of the Brazilian army, Otavio Santana do Rego Barros, who holds the post of presidential spokesman who commanded in Rio de Janeiro the units of the “pacification forces” that carried out the “law enforcement operation to protect Rio” in Alemao and Pena, from which many residents suffered.

It was with Barros’s knowledge that the Brazilian federal agents of the Penitentiary Intervention Task Force (FTIP) carried out the daily practice of torture and ill-treatment “on an industrial scale” in prisons, as released and family members of detainees constantly reported, complaining to the prosecutor’s office.

The incumbent President, whose main occupation has long been the use of all administrative resources available to him to support his image as a “strong leader of the country,” capable of saving Brazilians from all threats, has hardly appeared in public recently. This behavior, against the background of the fact that J. Bolsonaro has been tested twice for the COVID-19 virus, seems highly suspicious.

It is possible that Brazil is currently facing another “reform of the ruling elites.” It’s enough to recall and follow how the former “right hand” of the President, H. Mouran, leading an active personal political line, showing himself as a populist politician, keenly interested in the problems of the country’s economy (solving them surrounded by representatives from the business circles of Brazil), at the same time – “Taking an active part in the protection of civil rights,” acquires the necessary connections for influencing the electorate: if he did not manage to buy a large news agency, he buys the loyalty of individual representatives of the mass media pecifications at home and abroad. The advantage for the President that is disadvantageous in public sympathies, even on the part of his own, bourgeois-philistine electorate, leads to a crisis of political power, which is absolutely inappropriate for the regime, for the people behind it. Hamilton Mourao is attractive – co-founder and permanent patron of the country’s influential neo-fascist corporatist party – Partido Renovador Trabalhista Brasileiro. This confrontation between J. Bolsonaro and Hamilton Mouran, the two main politicians in the country who are in power, cannot be hidden from the masses: after all, all the opponents’ moves are clearly reflected in social networks, and they are widely commented on by Brazilians.

“While the right fight with each other and choose dubious metaphors, the left can cheer cheerfully for the fight,” wrote one of the left-wing Brazilian journalists on social networks about this. Another blogger: “However, it’s important not just to watch this depressing sight. The crisis of the right sense will not overthrow the government in itself, and if the conspirators get a chance to overcome this crisis, they will undoubtedly subject the workers to severe repression. Nevertheless, we must take advantage of this crisis in the ruling elite by exercising our right to mobilize against the government, which occupied the country through a coup and is becoming more and more fascist.”

We want to remind our European comrades; On August 21, 2019, Brazil, represented by the Chamber of Deputies and led by the President, reviewed and adopted a new Agreement with the United States. However, there is information that this Agreement was signed in March 2019, during the visit of President J. Bolsonaro to Washington, at his next meeting with Donald Trump. The maritime project, one of the most important parts of the Agreement, which was analyzed by the Brazilian Constitution and Justice Commission (CCJ), as well as the Science and Technology Commission, was not submitted to the Chamber of Deputies for a very long time. Although this, apparently, does not matter: the part of the Agreement approved by the majority of votes of the Brazilian Chamber of Deputies allows the launch of American missiles, spaceships and satellites from the territory of Brazilian military bases. The Workers Party (PT) and the Party of Socialism and Freedom (PSOL) opposed the adoption of the draft agreement in its final form. The Communist Party of Brazil (PCdoB), as well as the Democratic Labor Party and the Brazilian Socialist Party (PSB) – voted in favor of the draft, only demanding that the adoption of the Agreement be legislatively accompanied by an interpretation of the main provisions of its text. Under the Agreement, the United States is allowed to use the Alcantara base, in the Maranh region, in Northeast Brazil, and work is ongoing to expand the Alcantara Launch Center (CLA). At the same time, there is a reinforcement by the special contingent and the latest technology of the Alcantar military-space base. All this suggests that this particular object is a key link in the Pentagon’s global project, since, thanks to the strengthening of the Alcantar base, it is carried out from its most important tactical moves at present, in the interest of creating favorable and unhindered conditions for total control over the greater part of the equator of the planet and over Latin America. Aerospace and aquatorial control, which will be carried out from the territory of the Alkantar new generation naval base. The outrage of most Brazilians in the Agreement concluded with the United States was expressed by Senator David Miranda of the “Party of Socialism and Freedom” (PSOL). He made a statement that: “The agreement, which was approved at today’s session, gives the US privileges to the detriment of our national interests and shows complete disrespect for our sovereignty; it does not interest Brazil from either an economic or military point of view. We can argue that the Bolsonaro project is to bring Brazil to its knees in front of the United States. ” Currently, the emphasis in the interests and anxieties of the public is on the coronavirus pandemic, which has already infected a large number of Brazilians. Meanwhile, the United States, seizing the moment, continues to strengthen its influence in Brazil.

In Brazil, despite the inhumane actions of the state suppression machine, despite the repression, the abduction of resistance leaders and the involvement of the army in suppressing any attempts at rebellion, the people’s resistance and the Latin American progressive community are living and breathing deeply. Rallying around the slogan “Lulalibre!”, The people won their first victory: Lula Da Silva, who was arrested and falsely accused of corruption and “money laundering” by the regime, gained freedom. Regarding the final justice, many well-known politicians of a number of neighboring countries expressed their approval and joy. So, the ex-president of Ecuador, Rafael Correa, noted in his account: “it is no coincidence that the call“ Lulalibre! ” rallied millions in the struggle – in walls with hand-drawn graffiti, in shirts, in the struggle of the poorest on the continent. The current reality – Lulu released. This is a victory – not yet final, you must continue. Lula is free! ”

The final victory and the consolidation of all the resistance forces necessary for this victory may still be a long way off. A criminal clan in power, serving the North American empire, despite the lack of stability and monolithic in its ranks, will not easily release power from its hands.

According to statistics available at the end of the first year of J. Bolsonaro’s reign, the credit of trust among “his” electorate – the Brazilian middle class and the townsfolk, who recently chose J. Bolsonaro as a strong leader – is almost exhausted. The feudal feud between the people of H. Mourão and representatives of the Bolsonaro clan, constantly monitored by the layman on the pages of social networks, where the confrontation of two parts of the Brazilian ruling elite looks like a squabble of master cooks, does not contribute to the popularity of the ruling president. However, the almost cooled feelings of Brazilian fans of the “strong hand” paradoxically did not allow the coronavirus pandemic to fade to the end. In a period of danger and instability, those who are almost disappointed in the ability of J. Bolsonaro to be a strong and full-fledged political leader of the country are ready to give carte blanche to the Brazilian military, for whom the situation with epidemiological quarantine is very beneficial today, as we all see.

However, the way in which a wave of popular wave is being prepared and born from the bottom, which has already caused the release of the beloved leader of the workers, S. Da Lula, gives a lot of hope for a better future for New Brazil. But this is one of the most difficult and crucial periods in the life of the Brazilian people. Inflated by the media and needed for some purposes by global Capital and WHO officials, the “passions” on the coronavirus have shifted political accents in many countries. But, when the danger of a deadly virus threat passes, when the informational foam swells by the media around the pandemic “threatening the whole of humanity” subsides, the northern capitalist giant, instead of the obedient southern dominions, can once again find the red-hot lava of popular anger.

But this will only happen if the Brazilian resistance at the right time takes shape as an active and organized force that will allow all oppressed sections of the population to gain class self-awareness. If this happens on time, the struggle against the Brazilian ruling bourgeois elite will be facilitated by its own internal contradictions and confrontations.

Now, in the wake of recent popular indignation at the fact that the government has ignored the votes from the House of Deputies, the intelligentsia is increasingly turning into a radical opposition wing. Clan Bolsonaro, trying to hysterically maneuver between Scylla of the US political elite, which relies on the strongest “gladiator”, and Charybdis growing as a snowball, internal problems, will continue to escalate repression in the country. But we must not forget that the stronger the pressure, the closer the moment of the explosion. One of the important upcoming tasks of the moment is to prevent the interests of local oligarchs dissatisfied with the clan’s actions from coinciding with the desire of US political strategists to reformat the ruling elite of Brazil.

The regime, which managed to show its weaknesses to the majority of the country, will only continue to accumulate its own mistakes, increasing the speed of the repressive apparatus. Each new unpopular step in the losing position of a weak government, in response to pressure from repressive bodies, will receive in response to the increasing pressure of the masses who are resisting the regime.

Qualitative changes in the Brazilian resistance, leading to the unity of the people, are happening before our eyes. Not only the most oppressed came into the movement: whole social strata of Brazilians shifted in solidarity. The rallying of the Brazilians against the Bolsonaro regime is facilitated by the parliamentary “Party of Socialism and Freedom”, led by one of the most authoritative leaders of the left forces – Senator David Miranda.

Recently, the Brazilian ruling elites have been implicitly making preparations for the repatriation of the large Afro-Brazilian ethnic group quilombola from the historical place of their residence. Even reactionary political analysts estimated this step in advance as extremely unpopular, having undesirable consequences for the government. Obviously, not so obvious interests of the local oligarchy can be traced here as the benefits for individual transnational corporations. Otherwise, what reason can cause the regime to take steps that cause more and more indignation of the world community. The deforestation of the Amazonia, which is becoming increasingly widespread, is also most likely the result of privately-conducted exploration and exploration work that gives hope for enrichment for world sharks. As for the place of residence of quilombol – former slaves on the plantations of white latifundists, there have long been “legal” battles between government officials and numerous public activists from the quilombola communes. With the advent of the ultra-right government, the chances for activists to achieve the legal status of independence of their historical habitats are becoming less and less legitimate, legal means. At the same time, there is growing indignation among the people that the regime, with the help of ultra-right militarist forces, “punishes” representatives of this racial-ethnic community who decided to take active actions. Now, after the liberation of Lula da Silva, people have gained hope and faith in their strength. Quilombola is increasingly joining the main resistance forces in Brazil, because they, who remember their history of lawlessness and humiliation of black slaves, again have to experience lawlessness and humiliation. When it comes to their lands, the country’s legal field is constantly in the “gaps”, where there may be violations not only of basic human rights and freedoms – the right to dispose of their land, but the very right to life is in doubt: many activists disappear, abducted by paramilitaries. Regarding quilobombo, he was given the right to a racist ethnocide by the current regime – as these popular activists dared not only to level the interests of TNCs and – their desire to dispose of their own land, but also – to “jeopardize” the interests of the US Southern Command in Brazil with their activity. The proximity of the location of the North American military bases to the villages of quilombola forced the latter to experience the whole “charm of North American democracy.” In Latin America, this is familiar to everyone who has to share a similar neighborhood, the Marines, brought up on the idea of ​​US hegemony, perceive the locals as subhuman, not respecting their rights and not standing on ceremony with them. However, representatives of the not so long-established racial-ethnic community (about 200 years) cannot be underestimated: they can endure bullying for a long time, but when the limit of their patience comes, the level of hatred for oppressors in quilombola exceeds all the motivational psychological factors of federal policemen, special forces and, therefore more, ordinary soldiers from the people.

However, the unstable coexistence of the poles separated by the insurmountable social and material abyss in Brazil led to the fact that the ruling political and business elite of Brazil, it seems, is no longer aware of what is happening. The bourgeoisie representatives of TNCs habitually rely on the reliability of law enforcement agencies and security forces, protecting their interests in tandem with professionals from Private Military Companies. They still do not take the Brazilian people into account, considering them reliably isolated in a “social honeycomb”, divided into strata, the middle of which are afraid for their welfare, and the lower ones are intimidated by the military.

But it was precisely in Brazil, when such an outstanding figure in the Latin American and world revolutionary and anti-fascist movements as João Carlos Marighella who once fought and created his books that inspired the fight against the oppressors. In the provincial Brazilian hinterland, invisible to the bourgeoisie of large cities and the capital, the seeds of popular resistance sown by him are ripening, which can take shape in the rebel part of the national militia. Representatives of industrial and agricultural workers are increasingly joining the ranks of the “Coalition Communist Army of Carlos Marighella” – the Coligação nacional “Exército Comunista de Carlos Marighella”, which, under the rule of the military regime, is in the deepest underground regime. Leftist and communist ideas, connected with the name of their own national hero, exert an ever more powerful influence on the masses of the people. The resistance forces growing from below are a clear but unexpected contender for power in the country for the bourgeoisie. The detachments of the “Carlos Marighella Army”, possibly today, are the only developing force that is ready to withstand in the deep provinces of Brazil, as well as in the metropolitan favelas, the raids of the Death Squadrons…

Lucian Salvado
Maria Flor Fidalgo
Grupo Sociológico Independente “NeoPraxis”
Fortaleza, Brazil
Specially for Resistentiam.com

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