“(…) We are fighting against COVID-19 and at the same time, against injustice, as well as against those who use the virus to increase injustice. (…)

Young people from all over the world,
– While thousands of people all over the world get this disease and, unfortunately, die with COVID-19, is an inexorable reality for thousands of ordinary people, socially unprotected children, women, old people, workers and youth;

– The public health system, even in some powerful capitalist countries, is naked, full of catastrophic gaps and problems, due to anti-human policies that work in favor of the commercialization of healthcare and capitalist profits.
The lives of hundreds of thousands of people are in danger. Urgent and necessary measures that have not been taken should be taken now.

– Millions of workers have already lost their jobs or will lose them in the coming period.
in the following way. Their salaries are reduced, and their working hours are reduced.
Not because of COVID-19, but because capitalists burden workers.

– Even scientific attempts to find a vaccine for COVID-19 are subject to conflicts among the always voracious imperialists. Anarchy in capitalist production does not satisfy the basic needs of man.
Young people from all over the world,

– We express our sincere gratitude to doctors, nurses, hospitals and departments
who fight in this battle, facing great difficulties.

– We express our solidarity with people affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, and
We wish them a speedy recovery from the disease.

– We welcome countries that are developing actions of solidarity with the most affected countries, such as sending protective materials and medical workers from countries such as China, Cuba and Russia, actions that strongly contrast with the absence of any actions in this direction with parties to the European Union.
Young people from all over the world,
In these difficult times, communist youth organizations are already here!
We fight against COVID-19 and at the same time against injustice, but also against those who use the virus to increase injustice.
We are fighting against the global system of capitalism, which has forced workers and youth to bear the heavy cost of the capitalist economic crisis, which today requires us to pay again and again. This once again proves that socialism is necessary and timely, because only it can guarantee primary care and prevention, socially accessible hospitals, medical and nursing teams, medicines, laboratories and tests, thus satisfying the basic needs of people.
We are fighting an anti-people policy that undermines the great scientific opportunities and technologies that exist today and can be used to enhance the health, well-being and peace of people.
Young people wear masks to protect themselves from the virus; but we do not reduce our voice in the face of a global threat and openly declare our demands! We demand:
– strengthening the public health system through public funding in all countries, so that the efforts of medical staff and medical staff have now been maximized;

– that the necessary protective equipment should have been provided free of charge to everyone (for example, alcohol-based hand masks, gloves and hand hygiene products);

– The labor rights of workers in all areas – should be protected today – especially as never before. No – to layoffs and cuts in wages! No – to the reduction of democratic rights under the guise of COVID-19!

– the end to all economic sanctions and measures, which in this situation are even more unfair and criminal, and even more complicate the lives of people in the countries of the Planet;

– That all necessary measures are taken to protect the health and life of people;

– We say “NO” – to imperialist interventions and military exercises, such as those conducted by NATO today, and we demand that public resources be used to meet people’s needs, such as financing public health and social security systems.

We say it clearly: we can win! Nobody is alone – now is the time of solidarity – time to rally!


1. Youth Communation, Argentina
2. Communist youth of Austria
3. Bangladesh Youth Union
4. Bangladeshi Student Union
5. Young Communists in Belgium
6. Communist youth of Bolivia
7. Union of Communist Youth, Brazil
8. The Development of Communist Youth, Brazil
9 British Communist Youth League
10.Canadian Communist Youth League
11. Young Socialists of the Socialist Workers Party of Croatia
12. United Democratic Youth Organization, Cyprus
13. Union of Communist Youth, Czech Republic
14. Young Communists of Denmark
15. Communist youth of Ecuador
16. The Communist Youth of El Salvador
17. Communist youth of the Communist Workers Party of Finland
18. The Union of Communist Youth of France
19. Youth of the German socialist workers
20. Communist Youth of Greece
21. Communist youth of Guatemala
22. Communist youth of Honduras
23. The Youth Federation of India
24. Youth of the Tudeh Iranian Party
25. Youth Workers Party, Ireland
26. Connolly Youth Movement, Ireland
27. Communist youth of Israel
28. Communist Youth Front, Italy
29. Union of Democratic Youth of Jordan
30. Federation of Young Communists, Mexico
31. Nepalese National Youth Federation
32. Dutch Communist Youth Movement
33. Youth of the Communist Party of Macedonia, Northern Macedonia
34. Young Communists of Norway
35. Democratic Student Federation, Pakistan
36. Democratic Youth Federation, Pakistan
37. Palestinian Communist Youth
38. Youth from the Palestinian People’s Party
39. The Communist Youth of Paraguay
40. Communist youth of Peru
41. Youth from the Polish Communist Party
42. Portuguese Communist Youth
43. Socialist Youth Union, Romania
44. Lenin Communist Youth Union of the Russian Federation
45. Revolutionary Communist Youth League (Bolsheviks), Russia
46. ​​Communist Youth League of Yugoslavia, Serbia
47. South African Communist Youth League
48. Anti-Imperialist and Anti-European Youth League, South Korea
49. Union of Communist Youth of Spain
50. Young communist groups, Spain
51. Union of Socialist Students, Sri Lanka
52. Socialist Youth Union, Sri Lanka
53. Communist youth in Sweden
54. Swiss Communist Youth – Jeunes POP
55. Syrian Communist Youth Union – Khaled Baghdash
56. The Communist Youth of Turkey
57. US Youth Communist League
58. Communist youth of Venezuela


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