I welcome the new left portal.
Today, at the moment of atomization and the endless split of the Marxist movement, it is very important to have a place where communists and socialists of different countries and meanings could meet.
I would very much like to see that this Resistance has become a real way out – for the international left movement.

Before the beginning of such a necessary task, I wish the people’s understanding, which cannot but grow into support. In general, I want to wish you – a victory in the confrontation with the capitalist International.

The biggest problem in these regions especially the Asian countries is our entire economy and our geo-political system is based on a so called marionette regime or in short a government basically controlled by the US/EU Neo-Colonialist forces who up until today control our government and our economy.

“I express my best wishes to the staff of the information portal “Resistentiam.com” and I wish successes in the development of the discussion platform of the left forces and the promotion of integration processes at the international level”.

I welcome the new Resistentiam.com information portal because I think that the working class needs its own means of communication from self-management and class approach. Between so much spectacle, informative toxicity and neoliberal linguistic smoke, the and the communists need spaces of encounter and fight, formation and conscience and internationalist unit…