I welcome the new left portal.
Today, at the moment of atomization and the endless split of the Marxist movement, it is very important to have a place where communists and socialists of different countries and meanings could meet.
I would very much like to see that this Resistance has become a real way out – for the international left movement.

Before the beginning of such a necessary task, I wish the people’s understanding, which cannot but grow into support. In general, I want to wish you – a victory in the confrontation with the capitalist International.

The biggest problem in these regions especially the Asian countries is our entire economy and our geo-political system is based on a so called marionette regime or in short a government basically controlled by the US/EU Neo-Colonialist forces who up until today control our government and our economy.

“I express my best wishes to the staff of the information portal “Resistentiam.com” and I wish successes in the development of the discussion platform of the left forces and the promotion of integration processes at the international level”.

I welcome the new Resistentiam.com information portal because I think that the working class needs its own means of communication from self-management and class approach. Between so much spectacle, informative toxicity and neoliberal linguistic smoke, the and the communists need spaces of encounter and fight, formation and conscience and internationalist unit…

My revolutionary greetings to you, my good old comrades from International Resistance! I am very happy to see that, despite disintegration of Latin American countries of Left Turn, European continent raises its red flags of uniting…

On behalf of the Party of Communists of Serbia internationalist independent Internet project and its international team – wish you great success in your work and the joint struggle for the victory of the working class and the destruction of capitalism. Only the Communists can be combined, to the fullest extent – to take on the role of the working class vanguard…

Leftist movements around the world are still not fully recovered from the shock of the year 1991. Many Western leftist movements have become starry-rights organizations or unprincipled anti-war structure; Parliamentary Party opportunism struck the virus and historical pessimism.