Recently, it seems that the Newest History has already prepared a verdict regarding the “left turn” of Latin America. If we apply the method of Marxist dialectics to historians’ debates that continue to this day about the degree of “the role of personality in history”, it will be found that those who defend the first thesis as the main one for historiosophy a philosophical analysis of the causes and consequences of historical processes do not contradict, but develop a dialectical the antithesis of history as a product of the creativity of the masses. So, look at the individual.



There are many common features among modern, increasingly influential and electorate-acquiring politicians in Europe and America, using right-wing conservative populist methods. Here you can name many, starting with D. Trump: Matteo Salvini, Italian Prime Minister, representative of the pro-fascist “League of the North”, which formed the center-right coalition with the party “Forward, Italy” Berlusconi and “The Brothers of Italy” D. Meloni; Viktor Orban, Prime Minister of Hungary; Nigel Faraj, inspirer of BREXIT, ex-leader of the United Kingdom Independence Party; Far-Right Argentine President Mauricio Macri, the son of business magnate Francisco Macri, who studied in the United States; Sebastián Piñera, financial magnate and pinochist, who became president of Chile for the second time (according to Forbes, his fortune is estimated at more than $ 2.8 billion); and finally, Heira Bolsonar, the Brazilian president, who does not hide his ultra-right views (his electorate with a frightening progression was formed over the year from the Brazilian ultra-right movement led by the middle class with the idea of ​​impeaching Dilma Rousseff). When the names of the ultra-right politicians of the world are placed in one row, it becomes easier to understand in which social and political phenomenon, which has a supra-party and supranational character, laid the matrix of political views and platforms that they promote. So, let us ask ourselves the question of who is currently promoting the right-wing ideas, which of the conservative parties or alliances that stand for the national state, these common features are most clearly focused. In our opinion, this role belongs to the recently formed right-populist social and political alliance “The Movement”, led by the man who was behind the Trump election campaign, with “himself” Steve Bannon, one of the big businessmen. USA. He himself has repeatedly, in some European editions of Europe, advocated the spread of political and economic nationalism, stating that he has the ability to help nationalist movements throughout the world. On the visits of S. Bannon to Brazil before the elections, Bolsonaro was informed to us by our Latin American comrades … It is characteristic that the right-wing presidents in Latin America who come to power declare in the media that “they will focus on applying their business strategies to managing and boosting the economy “Their countries. Their appeals for individual accomplishments, as well as the argument that government interventions in market relations are the cause of the economic downturn, became a powerful incentive that has recently led the rapidly growing new middle class in Latin America to right-wing candidates. For example, in Ecuador, the middle class doubled between 2005 and 2017. from 18.58 percent to 37.40%. The middle class falls under the influence of right-wing propaganda for the reason that its representatives in their sociopolitical views are motivated by the fear of communists, migrants and the discontent of neoliberal governments that allow large business sharks to “eat” small entrepreneurs, and do nothing in social sphere. These motives evoke open and radical racism and xenophobia from the mass unconscious middle class, leading to a rapid “correction” of the electorate, and, as we have said, both on the old and the old continent: the growth of ultra-right and nationalist sentiments, inflated by those interested in This political forces, we are seeing in almost all regions of the world. This has already happened in the first third of the twentieth century. But only now, at the apex of the growth of information technologies, the possibilities for social engineering and the huge networks used to form the opinions of the electorate have increased many times. As we know, in Brazil, the ultra-right political strategy deployed through the major media and especially through social networks owes its success to the financing and promotion of S. Bannon, who in Europe is building the “Movement” that is gaining, as he claims, “their tentacles in many countries of the world. “We are witnessing the manifestations of the very same US political game, through their actors using political technology developed by analyst’s dependent on them or the countries they need, with particular emphasis on cyber-technological propaganda media. According to one of the leading sociologists of Argentina, Dr. Atilio A. Boron, who studies Latin American history, “right-wing propaganda began to influence common sense not only of the increased middle class, but also of a large number of workers who were disillusioned with the previous ruling elite. These “overclocking” moods of the working class lead to the fact that he is actually going against his own class consciousness. ” In the countries of the “left turn”, in parallel, continues to successfully swing the situation another of their scenario, created in an NGO called “Einstein Institute”, – “controlled chaos theory”. Combined with large financial flows from the same North American NGOs and business magnates, this scenario, also social engineering, leads to daunting situations in Bolivirian Venezuela and Sandinist Nicaragua.



Under the leadership of the fiery leaders of Cuba and Venezuela, Fidel Castro and Hugo Chávez, the ALBA Interstate Alliance (Alliance of Bolivian States For Our America) for several decades has been a unifying force for countries that have taken the path of independence from Imperialism and have achieved just social change.

ALBA not only united the efforts of leading countries of the “left turn”, like Cuba, Venezuela, Ecuador, Nicaragua, Bolivia, but also not least was ideological support for the entire LA, a guideline directly indicating the right path for other countries, in which the right reaction is strong, under the pressure of which the forces of popular resistance are steadily ripening. They are desperately hard – after all, the ruling capitalist governments in their countries, against which they are directing their sociopolitical struggle, are merely puppet coverings for the ruling international global power elite, representatives of Trans-National Corporations and the IMF, under the cover of the “need for further democratic transformations in Third World countries satisfying their own neo-colonial appetites.

This is the way the world map is redrawn, on which the previously red Latin American countries are painted in a new, brown color. Thus, the Ecuadorian “socialism of the twenty-first century”, led by R. Correa for several years successfully creating a country from the “banana republic” with “Science cities” and serious social transformations, ended after the election of a new president, Lenin Moreno. His name was the cause of sarcastic jokes in LA, as this president in a wheelchair, a former friend of Rafael Correa, betrayed him, giving Ecuador back to the power of TNCs controlled from the United States. Now, the US military bases that have been disguised for several years are being restored there, being replenished with the latest technology and the North American military contingent.
The ALBA Summit, which took place in Cuba recently, on December 14 of this year, was supposed to be held 7 months earlier, it was planned and postponed several times. It is very sad to state that the Bolivian alliance of countries of the “left turn” turned out to be “cracked” from the inside, and, of course, not without the help of external forces, including through the competing organization OAS and UNASUR, which the USA completely or partially oversees. The December agitated ALBA congress in Cuba had a somewhat deliberately bravura character, interspersed with speeches about the “necessary pacifization” of the ALBA member countries. Although, according to the idea of ​​the ex-president, the Bolivian politician with whom the Venezuelan Alliance officials quarreled, the talk was about the need to protect the achievements of the Bolivirian`s countries and support the Armed People’s Liberation Army. Now you can leave a quiet hope for the Cuban Summit, undertaken as an extremely cautious attempt to remove from the crisis over the past 2 years the structure of the Alliance, to protect its sovereignty from being absorbed by the strong economic structure of UNASUR, which focuses on key centers of world Capital.

ALBA has recently confidently acted as the sure guarantor of the numerous economic and political risks that accompany the development of the countries of the “Burning Continent” that chose independence from the “elder North American brother”. At the initiative of representatives of the Bolivian government, who understand the need to support the disparate resistance forces of Latin America, the ALBA Venezuelan secretariat was supposed at the Cuban congress to look for new opportunities that would meet the current political and economic risks, allowing militarization reform of the Alliance, which has a new, new, where will be the place of the “unification of the Popular Fronts of Latin America”. The Alliance Secretariat, consisting mainly of Venezuelan officials, showed the same weakness characteristic of President N. Maduro, under pressure from internal opposition forces behind which external forces stand, they fell victim to endless fears of provoking the United States to new sanctions or even open intervention. They did not take into account the fact that the Bolivian representatives tried to convey to them: sanctions and the danger of intervention do not depend on anything – they will be strengthened a priori; but if the Alliance of the Bolivian States for Our America is not strengthened by new ways, on the radical Bolivian initiative of representatives of the People’s Liberation Fronts, united by Evo Morales, then the neo-colonial pressure can complete its work, and the “Left turn” of Latin America rests on a dead end …

For the time being, Bolivia, headed by comrade Evo Morales, remains the only staunch stronghold of the left forces in the political arena of the region. Perhaps the reason for this is the invisible mark left by Che Guevara’s troops in the mountains of Bolivia, who incarnated through time, giving a revolutionary impetus to the Bolivians. In addition, it’s not without reason that Comrade Evo, who grew up as a political leader from the coca-collecting trade union (without healing action in the mountains, is difficult to tolerate a rarefied atmosphere and atmospheric pressure), he himself is flesh of blood and flesh from the blood of indigenous peoples, whose ancient Indian wisdom steps and shields the right inner circle. Importantly, the Bolivian army is now entirely composed of ardent supporters of President Morales.



However, our respondent comrades from the Network Rates of the countries of South America report today that in a country that has become the fighting left-wing vanguard for many, the “Bolivian boat” is also struggling to rock. The Bolivian opposition, led by the Bolivian millionaire, the main coordinator and investor Samuel Doria Medina, who has been engaged in ideological treatment of middle-class people for several years in a row, especially from urban youth (because many of them came from families who socially rose Morales, after all, even in the conditions of the global crisis, it is now one of the steadily growing ones), in October 2018, the so-called “crusade against Evo Morales” began.

If we talk in more detail, the Bolivian opposition delegation had previously visited Washington, where it had a meeting with the leadership and press staff of the OAS, with a “Round Table” format, broadcast on 2 US television channels. The essence of the extraordinary negotiations of the parties (and the casting of the “founding” meeting in the information space) consists of the proposal received by the OAS Secretariat to prepare a document “for authoritative international institutions” based on the “facts” provided by the Medina opposition group, the final meaning of which is to convey to the world community irrefutable and overwhelming evidence that the “socialist dictator Evo Morales” is preparing a series of domestic repression against the “Bolivian democratic political alt ernatives “, up to the physical liquidation of its leaders.” With the filing of Medina and his political associates, the upcoming “repressive measures” of Evo Morales are intended as a preventive operation against key figures who are preparing a change of political regime in Bolivia. Here the truth interferes with the lie: after all, the opposition leaders and the liberal-democratically-minded part of the middle class are really treating the population in the spirit of preparing a civil referendum to impeach Evo Morales. After all, the program “Bolivia – the Land of Socialism of the 21st Century – 2035”, successfully promoted by its associates, is a “headache” for official Washington and its shadow patrons. He is particularly saddened by the fact that “the neo-liberal international community” is outrageous that the Bolivian president “thus defines for himself a life-long presidential term”. And the countries of the Southern Cone, as North American strategists are called Chile, Peru, Argentina and Bolivia, are especially “chosen” by Trans-National Corporations in order to be independent, they are too rich in resources, which is especially important, through them is access to the promising South Pole. Socialist Bolivia for TNK and the IMF has become a “bone in the throat” …

On the way back from Washington, the Bolivian opposition group of Medina was adopted at a closed informal meeting of “political activists and progressive intelligentsia of Colombia, Ecuador and Peru”, held on October 27 in the residence and under the supervision of Colombian Vice President Marta Ramirez in metropolitan Bogota. Our comrades from Colombia, who told us about this, make important remarks that in the process of preparing for such an unusual informal form of intergovernmental meeting in Colombia, the Bolivian opposition leader Medina also emphasizes the torpedoing of higher organizations (the Washington Conservative wing of the Republican Party led by the senator Mark Rubio), hoping that the ex-president Uribe and Rubio himself, who have long been working against Cuba, Venezuela and Bolivia, will go on in their preparations for “proper soil for social on the South American political landscape with regard to Bolivia – then “just the impeachment procedure for Morales”: the Bolivian opposition knows that the North American far-right senators, together with the military representatives of the governments of Peru, Argentina and Chile, are realizing, as a second option , plans for military intervention in Bolivia, which should be on the part of Chile, which has territorial claims to its Bolivian neighbor.

The power elite of South America, its oligarchs and TNCs with Washington, are extremely worried by the fact that Evo Morales supports the unification of Latin American Popular Fronts, hiding informal unions of partisan left-radical forces from Chile, Peru and even Colombia in the mountainous inaccessible territories. Through the neo-liberal media, the United States and the OAS conduct a widespread treatment of the world community, calling the remaining persistent representatives of the Popular Front of Peru, Colombia and Chile “terrorist criminal groups linked to drug trafficking.” Moreover, it is Colombia in central South America that is currently the focus of the headquarters of the 3 largest international PMCs, and Chile is the country where the NATO military special contingent there is actively replenished.



Mendoza and a group of Bolivian “civic activists” – oppositionists have long enjoyed the support of influential and authoritative in international neo-liberal “conservative” political circles, relying on the “right turn”, a group of people of the spikes “Uribe-Rubio” tactically who are “performing hand” power business elite. And the “progressive intelligentsia of Peru” present at the above meeting is actually nothing more than an active member of the “Progressive Alliance”, led by the leader and Prime Minister of Peru, Cesar Villanueva, who in fact leads the country and is a long-time “hunter” in Maoist Peruvian rebel organization “Sendero Luninoso”. By the way, S. Villanueva also repeatedly declared Peru’s rights to the territorial restitution of the northern territories of the Bolivian region of La Paz, which is the foothill coast of the transboundary Lake Titicaca, rich in oil and natural gas. But the Bolivian shaman Evo Morales is still firmly held in his socialist “shaman ritual” in the ancient land of the ancestors of Estado Plurinacional de Bolivia. However, if sound forces in the Alliance of Bolivian States For Our America do not save the intergovernmental organization from discord from the inside (as geopolitical neo-liberal strategists, apparently, rely on their influence agents deployed in ALBA, provoking a network of internal intrigues), A progressive and effective organization that many people rely on in Latin America may become the imperialists’ expected victim of “confusion and vacillation,” internal disagreements and divisions into groups. ALBA representatives need to understand that if the organization does not overcome its crisis and does not reformat, it will soon become just a formal empty shell, and Alliance members who remain truly loyal to Bolivirianism will fool themselves, and even worse, the hopes of all of Latin America. Who, except Fidel and Hugo, conceived and implemented by the uniting “Alliance of Bolivirian States For Our America”, will be able to support independent, opposing neoliberal “right-wing” forces in Latin America, to ensure the development and safety of Bolivirian and socialist countries in those new challenges that their North American neighbor prepares disobedient to his will “Latin American colonies”?

Alyona Ageeva

Commissioner of the 11th Network Staff

South Russia

Gisela López

Minister of Communications of Bolivia


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