Fascism is not superclass power or the power of the petty bourgeoisie or the lumpen proletariat over financial capital. Fascism is the power of finance capital itself.
Georgy Dimitrov

Democracy is the last refuge for all renunciations and betrayals, because this is the first hope of those who believe in the purification and development of the modern movement, rotted to the ground.
Jacques Camatt

Dialectics, understood, according to Marx, Engels and Lenin, as Logic, that is, as a conscious set of laws of development in general, laws of development that remain invariant in any private sphere of this development (whether it be “being” or “thinking”), therefore gives the only objective scheme of understanding.
Evald Ilyenkov

The war of a poorly armed army against a modern army, equipped with the latest technology, is like a battle between a tiger and an elephant. If the tiger stops, the elephant will hit him with its mighty trunk. But the tiger hides in the jungle during the day, appearing only at night. He jumps on an elephant, tears his claws on his back, and then disappears again in the jungle.
Ho Chi Minh

Psychological warfare is an aggressive tactic of a revolutionary organization, based on the direct or indirect use of the media and oral news broadcasts to demoralize the government.
Carlus Marigella

Social life, which is based on material production and related relations, will throw off a mystical foggy blanket only when it becomes the product of a free association of people who act consciously and are the masters of their own social movement.
Karl Marx

Socialism has become a necessity not only because the proletariat no longer wants to live in the living conditions that the capitalist classes give it, but also because if it does not fulfill its class duty and does not fulfill socialism, we will all die together.
Rosa Luxemburg

The socialist revolution begins on a national basis. But she cannot end on her. The preservation of the proletarian revolution within the national framework can only be a temporary regime, even a long one, as the experience of the Soviet Union showed … From this point of view, the national revolution is not a self-sufficient whole: it is only a link in the international chain.
Leon Trorsky

The international character of the socialist revolution, which constitutes the third aspect of the theory of permanent revolution, follows from the current state of the economy and the social structure of mankind. Internationalism is not an abstract principle, but only a theoretical and political reflection of the world character of the economy, the world development of the productive forces and the global scope of the class struggle.
Leon Trorsky