Our dear comrades of Planet Earth, from the whole revolutionary warm heart – Congratulations to all of you – on our common 150th anniversary !!! We wish all of you – strength of spirit and mind, equal to the great energy of Vladimir Ilyich Lenin, who was born 150 years ago, so that once and for all he lit our lands and countries with the Fire of True Freedom, which could never be extinguished by the dark icy forces of the World Reaction!

We are committed to active scientific and practical communism. Marxists – without any “neo” and “post” … WE ARE REVOLUTIONARY INTERNATIONALISTS, SOCIAL COMMUNISTS. And we have the courage to consider ourselves to be the ideological followers of Vladimir Ilyich Lenin, who, through his struggle and theoretical work, was the most consistent implementation of scientific Marxism, being able to apply to every situation arising in the revolutionary struggle of Russia XX, the only correct one, based on the creative refraction of the ideas of Marx and Engels, worked out based on them decision. Being a brilliant thinker of our time, in practice, he was able to convince his associates, and sometimes even former opponents, of the scientifically verified correctness of the next step he had chosen, taken by his party in the current period of the revolutionary struggle. That is why in many countries of the Third World, where the oppression of the proletariat is most intense, revolutionaries define themselves as followers of the Marxist-Leninist doctrine. The followers of Lenin, as before – and his contemporaries, all in the same party cohort, after his death to one extent or another were guided precisely by his revolutionary and scientific instinct, from which the experience of the Great October Revolution was born, and then the first in the world the experience of building a socialist country. This experience can now be evaluated in different ways – it went through different periods of its existence, right up to the crisis, dead end, when the Communist Party self-confidently proclaimed the complete creation of a society of developed socialism, and – after a certain number of years – the formation of Communism in the USSR. But it is difficult to deny that this innovative, revolutionary experience in the first decades of its existence – was an incredible spurt in the social creativity of the masses, which allowed them to win the Second World War, and then – changed the world balance of forces, allowing the masses in other countries to find hope and the courage to fight for their rights with capitalist governments that feel competition and therefore meet people’s demands and are forced to invest in the development of the social sphere.

Further ideological followers of V.I. Lenin, practitioners, experimenters of fundamental Marxism, such as Rosa Luxemburg, Trotsky, Stalin, Mao, Gramsci, Lukacs, Marcuse, Enver Hoxha, Tito, Ho-Chi-Min also acknowledged the priority of the scientific development of the leader in their writings and practical actions party of the Bolsheviks. Their names are of serious importance to us, but we understand that, in addition to their unique theoretical and practical contribution to the development and promotion of the revolutionary theory of the struggle of the oppressed classes against Capital, they brought personal priorities, sympathies and antipathies to their political activities. Being complex, living people, with their own achievements, but also with mistakes that introduce controversial moments into attempts at practical revolutionary implementation of the theory of scientific communism; some of them, becoming political leaders, could not cope with serious political ambitions.

Coordinating Commissariat

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