Comrades Eastern Europe

Vladislav Ryazantsev

Southern Russia. Journalist, human rights activist, columnist of internet portal «Caucasian Knot», coordinator of Social Movement «Left Block», joining activists from Russian left and ultra-left organizations.   Greetings to the site   “Let me congratulate the comrades from «South-Eastern Star» on launching their own internet portal! I am sure that the portal will open new […]

Comrades Southern Europe

Vassilis Makridis

Greece, Athens. Journalist, Russian language translator. Λαϊκή Ενότητα – Front Organization “Laiki Enotita” – briefly LAE (en. People’s Unity). More specifically, belongs to organization Αριστερό Ρεύμα – “Aristero Revma” (en. Leftists, the largest organization from LAE), member of Central Committee of «Aristero Reuma». Internet portal administrator “ISKRA”. Which reflects the political positions of Front of […]