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OUR GLOBAL INTERNATIONAL RESISTANCE   The task, together with other real forces of the Resistance, is to create a new revolutionary ideology, conditionally speaking, a planetary national liberation ideology, with an emphasis not on the word “nationally” but on the word “liberating”. The ideology of the planetary Resistance – a neo-fascist (neoliberal) strategy of subordinating […]

Comrades SouthEast Asia

Sujarno Malaka

Only in the 21st century the CIA declassified documents about their work in Southeast Asia in the 1960s and 1970s, the essence of which is the instructor and economic support for the terrible genocide they have initiated against the Indonesian communists and their families in Indonesia. They carried out punitive operations, which resulted in the […]

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A presentation blitz interview with our associate politician-Marxist Gordan Stoshevich. Macedonian and Slovenian journalist, editor of the website “IL GRIDO DEL POPOLO” , the founder of the Balkan left-wing radical movement “LEVITSA”     1. Comrade Stoshevich, do you think that in the current situation in the Republic of Macedonia and the Balkan Europe as […]

Comrades Eastern Europe

Boghdan Bernadsky

Ukraine, Kiev. Historian, publicist, researcher and teacher of the Kiev Institute of Economics and Law “CROC”. Communist – Leninist, non-partisan.   Welcome to the site   Before the beginning of such a necessary task, I wish the people’s understanding, which cannot but grow into support. In general, I want to wish you – a victory […]

Comrades Western Europe

Alex Schneider

Austria, Grac. The leader of the left-wing group “Union of Communists of Austria” (“Kommunistische Union Österreich”), trotskyist, neo-Marxist.   Welcome to the site   I welcome the new left portal. Today, at the moment of atomization and the endless split of the Marxist movement, it is very important to have a place where communists and […]

Comrades Eastern Europe

Pavel Katorzhevsky

Gomel, Belarus. Member of the bureau of the Minsk Committee of the Belorussian Left Party “Fair World”, social and political activist, political scientist, publicist. Greetings to the site   “I express my best wishes to the staff of the information portal “” and I wish successes in the development of the discussion platform of the […]

Comrades Eastern Europe

Oleg Gutsulyak

Ukraine, Ivano-Frankivsk. PhD in philosophy, Assistant Professor of Chair of Philosophy and sociology. Leading expert of Laboratory of World-Systems Analysis, Foundation «Center of Marxist research». The Laboratory is working on Internet project «For the Truth!Long live the World People’s Socialist Revolution!» in collaboration with initiative group «Political commission of revolutionary communists-socialists (internationalists) on creation of […]

Comrades Southern Europe

Mario Guillamó

Andalusia, Spain. Political Sciences and Director of  “La Gaceta de los Miserables”, communist, member of political coalition “United Left”.   Greetings to the site   “I welcome the new information portal because I think that the working class needs its own means of communication from self-management and class approach. Between so much spectacle, informative […]

Central America Comrades

Dora Maria Tellez

Nicaragua, Managua. Comandante Dora, Nicaraguan politician, participant of Revolutionary Sandinista Movement, historian, founder and one of heads of political party «Sandinista Renovation Movement» (SRM).   Greetings to the site   “My revolutionary greetings to you, my good old comrades from International Resistance! I am very happy to see that, despite disintegration of Latin American countries […]

Comrades Eastern Europe

Dejan Jovanovic

Serbia, Belgrade. Chairman of political party “The Communists of Serbia”, social and political activist.   Greetings to the site   “On behalf of the Party of Communists of Serbia internationalist independent Internet project and its international team – wish you great success in your work and the joint struggle for the victory of the working […]