Comrades Southern Europe

Mario Guillamó

Andalusia, Spain. Political Sciences and Director of  “La Gaceta de los Miserables”, communist, member of political coalition “United Left”.   Greetings to the site   “I welcome the new information portal because I think that the working class needs its own means of communication from self-management and class approach. Between so much spectacle, informative […]

Central America Comrades

Dora Maria Tellez

Nicaragua, Managua. Comandante Dora, Nicaraguan politician, participant of Revolutionary Sandinista Movement, historian, founder and one of heads of political party «Sandinista Renovation Movement» (SRM).   Greetings to the site   “My revolutionary greetings to you, my good old comrades from International Resistance! I am very happy to see that, despite disintegration of Latin American countries […]

Comrades Eastern Europe

Dejan Jovanovic

Serbia, Belgrade. Chairman of political party “The Communists of Serbia”, social and political activist.   Greetings to the site   “On behalf of the Party of Communists of Serbia internationalist independent Internet project and its international team – wish you great success in your work and the joint struggle for the victory of the working […]


Ilya Ponomaryov

A well-known Russian and European left-wing politician, a Marxist ideologue. Founder and conceptual generator left radical Russian Movements – “Left Front” and “left Block”. State Duma deputy from 2007 to 2016 years. Comrade Ilya, we are very glad to see you as one of the first guests internationalist Internet portal! You and I – a […]

Comrades Eastern Europe

Vladislav Ryazantsev

Southern Russia. Journalist, human rights activist, columnist of internet portal «Caucasian Knot», coordinator of Social Movement «Left Block», joining activists from Russian left and ultra-left organizations.   Greetings to the site   “Let me congratulate the comrades from «South-Eastern Star» on launching their own internet portal! I am sure that the portal will open new […]

Comrades Southern Europe

Vassilis Makridis

Greece, Athens. Journalist, Russian language translator. Λαϊκή Ενότητα – Front Organization “Laiki Enotita” – briefly LAE (en. People’s Unity). More specifically, belongs to organization Αριστερό Ρεύμα – “Aristero Revma” (en. Leftists, the largest organization from LAE), member of Central Committee of «Aristero Reuma». Internet portal administrator “ISKRA”. Which reflects the political positions of Front of […]