Comrades Eastern Europe

Pavel Katorzhevsky

Gomel, Belarus.

Member of the bureau of the Minsk Committee of the Belorussian Left Party “Fair World”, social and political activist, political scientist, publicist.

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“I express my best wishes to the staff of the information portal “” and I wish successes in the development of the discussion platform of the left forces and the promotion of integration processes at the international level”.


Interview with Pavel Katorzhevsky


1. Comrade Katorzhevsky, do you think that in the current situation in Belarus and Eastern Europe, in general, – today they require major social and political changes?

Sociopolitical changes in Belarus and in Europe, as a whole, are an urgent necessity and do not depend on the desire or unwillingness of individual political forces. The authoritarian-bourgeois regime of Lukashenko is in a state of profound stagnation and exists in spite of both objective and subjective conditions and common sense. In general, the economic policy of the Belorussian authorities today is in line with the recommendations of the IMF, hence we have frankly draconian economic measures that are combined with the authoritarian practice of their implementation. Only a radical socialist alternative can help save our country from neo-feudalism, which will solve the question of power in favor of the working people, and not in favor of a new grouping of the bureaucracy or the bourgeoisie. Of course, we look with hope at the struggle of the left and communist parties in Europe, since the victory of the working people in the European Union will denote the liberation of the working class in our country.

2. Do you consider effective the continuation of the policy of internal and isolationist opposition of organizations of the left-wing type in the countries of Europe, Asia and America? Or is it a way out, an alternative, even, to create an independent anti-capitalist International that really works? … If so, is it possible, from your point of view, to create today an International so independent of a new type? In what ways do you see a real international consolidation of left-wing political formations? And what is concrete, first of all, hinders this process, and what can help?

I believe, that international left-wing associations are in abundance today. At this stage, I consider it more relevant to accumulate by the left forces of different countries their own experience of struggle, which will become a condition for the subsequent integration of the left. But this does not deny the need for discussions and exchange of the experience.
The isolationism and the dogmatism must be overcome!


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