Comrades Eastern Europe

Vladislav Ryazantsev

Southern Russia.

Journalist, human rights activist, columnist of internet portal «Caucasian Knot», coordinator of Social Movement «Left Block», joining activists from Russian left and ultra-left organizations.

Greetings to the site


“Let me congratulate the comrades from «South-Eastern Star» on launching their own internet portal! I am sure that the portal will open new opportunities for cooperation of adequate left organizations. I wish all the members of the portal team find new contacts and projects for realization of all the plans worked out!”


Brief interview with Vladislav Ryazantsev


1. Comrade Ryazantsev, do you think that current situation in Russian Federaton and whole Eastern Europe requires radical social and political changes?
In current situation, radical social and political changes are necessary as air both in Russia and in other Eastern European countries.

2. Do you consider «domestic», isolationist policies of left opposition organisations in Europe, Asia and America as effective? Or the exit lies in creation of living, actually functioning independent anti-capitalistic International (Intenational Alliance)?
Unfortunately, left opposition organizations in Europe, Asia and America stay close-minded and even do not know about large events in neighboring countries. Meanwhile, pseudo-left pro-imperialistic organizations regularly hold their international schools, summits and so on. The exit from such a situation is creation of really functioning anticapitalistic International.

3. If you say «yes», what ways do you see to achieve real international consolidation of left-wing political organizations? What is interrupting this process nowadays and what can facilitate it?
Creation of such International must be based on the unity of action, without discussions on «regulations» and other formal cases. We have no time to discuss commas in programs of some classics, so this can only slow down the integration process.

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